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Pork Belly Set (S$6.50)
Can select choice of rice and 3 choices of sides
Brown rice, braised sauce, braised egg, braised tofu, braised cabbage

Sweet & Sour Fish Set (S$6.50)
Can select choice of rice and 3 choices of sides
Brown rice, braised sauce, edamame, pan-seared shiitake mushroom, onsen egg
Kind of like one of those healthy rice bowl.

‘4 Heavenly King’ Meal (S$7.90)
Crispy pork cutlet, curry chicken, braised pork belly, braised cabbage, fried egg, curry gravy

Grandma Homemade Soup (S$2)

Available at @hongsengcurryrice
The curry gravy, braised gravy and sweet & sour sauce were packed in containers. I seldom take brown rice but the version here actually quite moist. The soup was quite flavourful and packed with chunks of potato, but mom remarked why no meat and kind overwhelming of sodium.

Hong Seng Curry Rice
Address 🏡 : 85 Redhill Lane, # 01-74 Redhill Food Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 150 085
Website 🌐 : http://www.curryrice.sg/delivery-2
Note 📝 : free delivery with minimum S$60 order

$4 for 6 xlbs. Despite hearing good reviews on this, I personally do not really like it because of the strong ‘pork smell’. It was abit too much for me. The skin was good though, with a good anount of soup. Ryan likes it but I didn’t so taste-wise is quite subjective. Wouldn’t mind trying out their other dishes next time though!

⭐️ 1/5 for nat, 4/5 for ryan

Had the value set at $4 (pork cutlet, battered prawn, ikan bilis) and 4 heavenly king set at $6.90 (chicken curry, braised pork, pork cutlet) - Value set is more worth it, the heavenly king set seems to be there to scam people like us who wants to try a bit of everything...

Generally quite nice, plate was not too overwhelmed with curry zhap and the curry is aromatic and had a *slight* spicy kick. Cutlet could do better with more meat and the prawn batter was soggy at the time we bought it. Especially loved the ikan billis and peanut side they gave!! Yummy and good portion given.

⭐️ 3.5/5, value set is really value for money

The stall name appeals to me as my grandma was a Lor Mee hawker too.

The uncle only sliced the lor Bak (Braised pork belly) upon my order, ensuring the meat was fresh and moist when served. I like the way he took pride in his work, putting in effort to arrange the ingredients neatly and beautifully, creating a visual element that captured my eyes. (Usually I am the "art director" who arrange the food before I take pictures! 😅 )

The bowl was topped with generously-thick slices of lor bak, Ngoh Hiang, half a braised egg, one deep fried fish nugget and some crispy batter bits. The Lor (thickened gravy) tasted good and I could make out the spices used before mixing everything up but the gravy turned runny too quickly.

Read more: https://www.instagram.com/p/CETJCZQjih4/?igshid=1qyahcupzihbl

Double the beef, double the enjoyment!

Feeds one hungry girl perfectly, @dirtybunsg Dirty Double Meal ($14) is the way to go to quench any burger cravings. Juicy, greasy but oh so satisfying, the grounded beef patties alone were really flavourful and well-seasoned. A tad messy to devour as the best way is to fit all layers in every bite, the freshly made buns were superbly soft and fluffy - great for soaking up all the beefy-flavour. Stacked with cheddar cheese and their homemade dirty sauce, the overall savouriness of the burger was what I enjoyed most. Each hearty meal also comes with hand-cut russet potato fries and a canned drink.

Note that they are limited to 80 buns daily. Open for walk-in daily from 12 pm-6.30 pm or a flat fee of $4 delivery surcharge per location with a minimum $35 order.

The mildly spiced broth leans more towards the thin side but you could add more scoops of sambal chili to add depth to it.

I actually like it this way as I felt laksa is more about its rempah paste than the coconut milk. Too coconutty and the rempah would be overshadowed by the coconut milk so this is actually okay for me.

One thing I noted is that it is not too oily so this may appeal to the health conscious.

Also, I like how the laksa broth come without dregs (eg. dried shrimps) as they tend to make me choke and cough like the famous one from Yishun did to me.
Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2020/01/shun-li-ah-ma-lor-mee-laksa-redhill.html?m=1

Best part of this mee hoon kueh ($4) was definitely its chewy, hand-pulled noodles!! Portion was really generous, with both lean & minced meat. The soup has a natural sweetness and none of the usual thirst-inducing msg!

This porridge stall offers Hainanese-styled porridge ($3/$4) with either pork or fish options. You can add an egg for extra 50¢.
The pork porridge is generous with pork ingredients like pig's liver, sliced pork and minced pork balls.
The pig's liver is extremely creamy while the tenderness divine. It was cooked to the point when it has just turned pink without any visible blood.
The moderately sliced pork was of a good thickness that provided some bite. It has this velvety texture which I believed is achieved with the addition of corn starch.
The well-seasoned pork balls are like little flavor bombs. I think tung choi was added in the pork mixture. I feel they should only add tung choi to either the porridge or the pork balls. The saltiness is a little overkill here.
Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2020/01/redhill-pork-porridge-redhill-market.html?m=1

The duck meat came deboned which make for easier eating however, I find the chewy texture of the meat too lean for my liking.
The yellow noodle is unevenly cooked as some portion felt stiffer than the rest. I suspect they threw the clump of noodles straight into the vat of boiling water without loosening them.
There is simply too much chili oil in my bowl of noodles. Other than the heat from the chili, I could hardly discern any other flavors like the lor. I wondered if the chili oil has drowned out all the other flavors?
A bowl of herbal soup came with my order. I usually finish my soup to the last drop but I guess I did not like it enough to finish it.
Honestly, I am perplexed by the glowing reviews online which was what got me all excited about it in the first place however, seeing the perpetual crowd queuing up for it means they are doing something right. Perhaps, it will grow on me if I have a few more bowls?
Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2020/01/seng-heng-braised-duck-redhill-market.html#more

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The lor mee stall at Redhill Hawker Centre (#01-07) sells both lor mee and laksa for $4. I ordered a bowl of lor mee opting for the flat Hokkien noodle.
The bowl was filled to the brim and packed with ingredients! Not only that, the ingredients were arranged impeccably on top of the noodle.

The ingredients included uniformly sliced ngor hiang and pork belly, half a braised egg, one fried fish meat nugget (which I mistook for fish cake) and crispy flour bits.
The pork belly and ngor hiang are really nice particularly the former which has absorbed the flavors of the lor.
‪Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2020/01/shun-li-ah-ma-lor-mee-redhill-market.html?m=1

The customization for my order includes two soft boiled eggs, steamed bread with otah and a small cup of kopi-o. All these for $4.10.
The combination of bread with otah is not something new as I myself have recreated that at home a couple of times before but somehow, it just felt differently having it in a coffee shop setting.

Perhaps, it is the warmth of the soft and fluffy white bread in my hands or maybe, it is the nostalgic memories of yesteryear in the old school coffee shop?
Unfortunately, the yolks are no longer runny which suggests that the eggs had been left in the hot water bath for a tad too long.
Kopi-o is decent with a rich and roasty aroma and just the right amount of sweetness.