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Portion is decent and the been hoon got smell of wok hey.

Arrived at 1.15pm and there was no queue. Ordered black and white fried carrot cake at $5.00 with chilli.

To be honest I have always preferred white version of carrot cake. But this time, to my surprise, the black carrot cake blew me away. So many layers of flavour, the black carrot cake was sweet, savoury and spicy with a little bit of charred taste. The white carrot cake was savoury and spicy, with adequate chai poh (preserved radish).

Overall a good carrot cake but a little oily.

A gem in the neighbourhood!
Ordered the gua bao, peanut ice cream roll with fizzy ice lemon tea and mentaiko fish!
It was a cozy ambience and we were seated outside. However, it was raining on the day itself but there's shutters that shields us from the splatter of rain so it doesn't destroy the atmosphere at all!

Enjoyed myself and the food was good. Definitely going back again. Price wise was a little pricier than normal coffeeshop but worth it!

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Old school coffee shop at Lengkok Bahru that is hidden from the main road but popular among the residents here.

There’s only one stall in Seng Hong coffee shop that sell fishball noodle. Comforting meal topped with fishball and minced meat.

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Delicious bowl of Lor Mee ($4.80) serves with thick slices of pork belly that is braised to tender, 1 big piece of fried fish nuggets, slices of ngoh hiang, 1/2 braised egg and crispy flour bites, drenched with rich and flavourful gravy. This bowl is gorgeous

Location: Shunli Ah Ma Lor Mee 顺利阿嬷卤面, 85 Redhill Ln, #01-07 Redhill Market, Singapore 150085


My second time back at Abundance after about 2 years and their gua bao still slaps (yas to the peanuts). Apart from their classic braised pork belly bun ($7.90), the Salted Egg Prawn Bun ($13.90) was a surprisingly hit (albeit pricey). The house-minced prawn patty was succulent (think nice chunky bites of prawn) and uber savoury. Love the salted egg sauce, crispy egg floss, fragrant curry leaves, and chili padi garnish - fun textures and taste. I really enjoyed the fact that the taste of the salted egg wasn’t too in the face, was distinct but not cloying, and was complementary to the crustacean sweetness from the deep-fried patty.

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The unanimous favourite at the table was the Beef Noodles Soup ($16.90). Served with smooth bouncy QQ knife-cut noodles, the flavourful beef broth was lip-smacking (and not thirst-inducing, in my opinion). The collagen-rich beef bone broth had a pleasant sweet-tanginess - umami and comforting. The braised beef cuts were good as well. Tender and juicy, the use of premium beef golden coin stewed in their concoction of homemade beef oil and spices for over 3 hours really set them apart from others.

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This is the best pork belly gua bao one can find in Singapore. The bun is light and fluffy, pork belly nicely braised and melts in your mouth. The addition of coriander, peanut and preserved veg alleviated the taste to another level.

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You know, sometimes you run into hawkers who are too nice they don't seem like authentic hawkers. Here they are lol. They tried hard to please, and indeed the food was suspicious. The portion was small. The drumstick was skinny, cold and dry. And we regretted the egg.

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Got this at night. At night it's really horrendous, not much crisp, and very greasy, plus it's cold.

And for the portion, it's quite pricey


Whole ckn drumstick, a tad dry but not bad

Soup was very sweet from the longan, it's got depth and a slight sandiness which was welcome as well

Overall it's good

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Quite good, it's got an umami from dried prawns and was fluffy

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