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Saw this on Food King and wanted to give it a try! It definitely did not disappoint. The texture of the noodles wow-ed us with how chewy and QQ it was. The noodle dish was very tasty and it was screaming “lard” with every bite we took. So sinfully delicious!

The Hakka fried chicken wing tasted similar to harcheonggai but way less salty and strong flavoured - it had a more refined spice taste. It’s marinated for 24h and double fried for that exceptional c-r-i-s-p!

And the yong tau foo, where should I even start. The soup was very comforting and the yong tau foo were all so delicious! It was a nice accompaniment to the strong tasting Hakka noodles.

Overall a very satisfying meal - I liked that there were so many different things to eat in just one meal. For the price, it’s pretty worth it! Location was quite difficult to get to but we thought that it was worth the trip to come and try this precious hidden gem. We visited on a Friday afternoon and there was no queue at all.

Red Hot Chili Peppers? Nope, it’s red hot chili dumplings at @a8undance. Now there are two ways to have them: with noodles, or you could go keto & enjoy a solo show with the dumplings. Yes, these are definitely yumplings, not dumplings. Now that the obligatory dumpling pun is out of the way, we can get to dissecting these portly pork & prawn dumplings.⠀

There’s an ample amount of minced pork that’s been crammed into the delicate dumpling skin along with a snappy, satisfyingly fresh prawn. Each bite gives a deeply satisfying chew due to the massive amount of meat stuffed into each & every dumpling, and these might just be the second most satisfying dumplings in Singapore. They were steamed to perfection, but I can’t comment on the flavour & seasoning of the pork fillings due to the Sichuan spicy sauce. ⠀

The ‘red hot’ component is the main driving force behind the flavours of these dumplings. It’s spicy enough to have you taking intermittent swigs of your beer, but it definitely isn’t viciously violent. It is more numbing that spicy, with the sapid Sichuan sauce providing that familiar, pleasant numbness on your tongue with every chomp of these dumplings.⠀

For nine dollars ninety before an additional ten percent service charge, a plate of these five red hot dumplings at Abundance is a decent return on your investment.

The buns live up to their hype! Signature indeed. Both the gua bao (braised pork belly) and crispy chicken bun are very different - suggest you order both and share. Their fried rice has the comforting wok hei and there are many variations to choose from. But my favourite has got to be the noodles and dumplings. I can have them everyday! Noods were cooked al dente, and the sauce looks so simple but it’s so flavourful. Great selection of craft beers too!!!


Yes, I’m pissed that Singapore’s going into Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo (all you had to do was close the damn borders CJ!). However, I can take comfort in the fact that I finally made time to pay a visit to @a8undance, ‘cause this still new tiny little hole in the wall has some gratifyingly good food.⠀

Sure, at $11.90 before ten percent service charge, the XO Fried Rice can seem pricey when compared to a far more popular fried rice merchant, but the moolah I spent was a solid investment. The fluffy, sensually oil slicked short grain rice was well fried & imbued with little eggy bits and tiny shreds of actual crabmeat within. The XO sauce that has been fried with the rice imparts a deep, umami unctuousness to the delightfully carb-y pile. Sure, there isn’t much wok hei in the rice, but the XO sauce makes up for that.⠀

The additional crispy chicken cutlet ($4.50+ additional) alluringly draped on top of the fried rice is amply appetising. The juicy chicken fillet is expertly battered & deep fried with what smells like the ubiquitous Chinese five spice mix, and the crispy skin is undoubtedly delightful. Definitely a worthy add on for a fantastic plate of fried rice.⠀

Abundance is definitely living up to their name, ‘cause there certainly ain’t no lack of delicious dishes on their menu. Better yet, there’s an abundance of comely craft beers on their taps to wash down it all down.

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A food place that seems like a drinks place - that's how I would describe Abundance. The food is storied, but they're like bar food and get overshadowed by the booze. We were a little late and most food was sold out, so paid $4 for 斋鹅 hahaha.

A food place that seems like a drinks place - that's how I would describe Abundance. The food is storied, but they're like bar food and get overshadowed by the booze. We were a little late and most food was sold out, but this dish was superb. A thick layer of prawn on. thin and crispy toast. Not only was the prawn delicious, the whole square was fried well. I can't identify the sauce but it's equal to the toast haha.

Managed to grab a bag of biscotti over the counter. They are twice-baked to a dry and crunchy texture, ideal for dipping in hot beverage 》$2.50

The delicate crust cracks with a crisp, revealing an airy and soft inside with circular swirls. It is buttery and soft on the inside and flaky on the outside. Other than butter croissants, they also have chocolate or almond croissants if you are looking for something other than the usual plain croissants 》$3.50

A beautiful pastry base tart filled with lemon curd and topped with meringue. It has a good ratio of crust to lemon curd and Italian meringue. The filling was beautifully creamy, not too sweet, not too tart 》$7

Enjoyable lemon meringue tart from a cosy Muslim owned bakery nestled under a HDB block. The lemon curd was rich and tangy with a good level of sourness. The tart base was baked to a golden brown and nicely crisp and crumbly. Have never been a huge fan of meringue as most renditions are too sweet but theirs was just right and a good balance to the curd. If nitpicking, did find that the lemon curd could have been smoother.
📍@maisonsucreesg, 01-362, 63B Lengkok Bahru, Singapore

Insta: cafehoppingkids

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Fragrant. Not much red bean. The worst thing is it's pricier than my noodles!

Located near Redhill MRT, Abundance offers Taiwanese food, and their Crispy Chicken Bun ($7.50) comes with Fried Chicken Thigh, Papaya Slaw, and Peanut Butter Thai sauce. It does sound like a pretty weird one, but the flavours do come together pretty well - the papaya slaw provides a slightly juicy/ refreshing and tangy flavour to the chicken, making it an enjoyable snack overall.

Overall Rating: 8/10