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Pork chop, char siew, cabbage. Stingy with curry, pork chop was dry and char siew looked better than tasted. I've had it better and I respected them.

Satay Bee Hoon
Always been a fan of satay bee hoon but it is not a common dish found at hawkers and even after finding one, I seldom find a good one. This plate from Bak Kee Teochew Satay Bee Hoon at redhill market makes the mark with its generous amount of ingredients (especially the cuttlefish) and its thick satay sauce slathered all over the bee hoon.

In spite of my folk’s grumble on the slightly run-down state of the location, I had a terrific meal at Seng Hong Coffeeshop. We ❤️❤️ their traditional toasted & steamed bread, coffee/milk tea and runny soft-boiled eggs with a dash of dark soya sauce.
Personally, I prefer the toasted bread instead of their steamed version, which was served light, thin and crunchy with a nice spread of kaya & sliced butter. In fact, it’s so toothsome, I ended up re-ordering each item twice.
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Both Ye Shang Hai & Ye Lai Xiang are in the business of peddling tasty, tantalizing Teochew porridge, they’re in the same approximate post code, and they’ve even got similar names! So of course, comparisons will be drawn, and blood will be shed-yeah, maybe not the blood part.

I’m just gonna come out right now and say it: Ye Lai Xiang’s dishes are better. The texture of Ye Shanghai’s meatballs were a bit odd and a bit too loose, and there was less flavor in those balls. The braised intestines were a touch too salty, and the pig liver was overcooked. However, the curry vegetables were insanely indulgent and seriously sumptuous, and of course, one can never go wrong with chye poh omelette.

But the one department that Ye Shanghai has Ye Lai Xiang utterly vanquished was in the wallet department. You see this spread of six dishes with two bowls of porridge right here? Ten bucks. That’s right, one red Yusof Ishak covered the cost of this dinner. I’m gonna be honest here, I did a double take when the cashier told me the price of the meal. Thrice.

So, the final verdict on Ye Shanghai! Good? Eh, a little debatable but I’m going with a yes. Cheap? Oh hell yeah.


A cozy cafe located a bukit merah central
Delicious salmon don. Salmon is fresh! Must try their tori karagee, yaki ika & enoki maki The signature drink are cooling & refreshing...
Staffs are friendly. Prices reasonable. They also serve nice coffee, ice cream & waffles too. Will definitely come back again.

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It’s hard to find old school carrot cake these days and I was lucky to chance upon this store at Redhill Market! The carrot cake is available at $3/$4/$5. It seems like they make their own carrot cake as it has a soft texture. Even tho I ordered the $3 portion, they are still very generous with the portion!✨

PRICE: $14 incl. of 2 bowls of porridge, 1 bowl of rice
Good enough for two adults

WAITING TIME: 2nd in queue when we reached at 9pm on a Tuesday. Ordered and collected around less than 5 minutes later.

Every dish we ordered was good. Nothing to complain.

This stall was fancy enough to attract someone who doesn't usually eat hawker western like me. The slab was generous and decent enough to warrant a return visit. Cheese did nothing much though - it already hardened when I started eating. Onion rings you can count and slaw was mediocre.

Located at 85 Redhill lane, Blk 85 food center, unit 01-66, Singapore 150085. .
Traditional Home-made curry chicken drumsticks + Rice/Bread, $4.50. We love how they served the curry in a claypot keeping it pipping hot at all times even till the last drop!! That fragrant aroma is so irresistible😋 Their curry gravy is da bomb, it’s indeed so comforting, thick and rich in coconut! Potato and chicken drumsticks are fully infused and absorbing that delicious curry gravy! Every bite just brings back good old memories, very enjoyable bowl of traditional curry chicken that we adores! .
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The tricky part, as #soulfoodsg's Gerald explained when he popped up from the kitchen, was to time the sequence such that each seafood cooks just right.

Love the nice ambience, good food, and good people at Soul Food.

Mr bean's tasty taro soy milk! Must try.

I simply can’t get enough of these delectable and affordable dim sum from Zi Yean. My favourites include — ✔️ Golden brown, crispy fried prawn dumpling and fried beancurd skin roll with a whole firm and crunchy prawn within, that goes perfectly well with their homemade sriracha mayonnaise dipping.
✔️Pan fried pumpkin cake that is crisp and moist with added flavour and fragrance from the Chinese sausage. ✔️The highly sought-after mini egg tart (I managed to get my hands on it, on my third visit) with delicate, flaky crust and a good hint of buttery fragrance that melts-in-my-mouth when I popped it in.
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