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Chanced upon this unassuming stall when I was at Redhill Hawker Centre for lunch… Highly rated on Google Reviews, I queued for about 10 mins and boy, it didn’t disappoint.😬

👉Lor Mee - SGD4.50
thick slices of Lor Bak, Ngoh Hiang, half a braised egg, deep-fried fish nugget & crispy batter bits

Long story short, I will be back again for this! Generous ingredients and lots of condiments (chilli padi, sambal chilli, grated garlic, coriander & black vinegar) to elevate this bowl of goodness.😋👍

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

📍Shunli Ah Ma Lor Mee 顺利阿嬷卤面
Redhill Hawker Centre
85 Redhill Ln 01-07, S150085

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🌯 Peanut Ice Cream Roll
📍Abundance (@a8undance)
📌 Redhill
💰 $6.90

I have mixed feelings about this peanut ice cream roll, mainly because coriander is the bane of my existence and imo combining those evil green strands with ice cream is borderline illegal.

This tastes like regular vanilla ice cream wrapped in a thick popiah, I'm not the biggest fan of the combo but i really liked the crushed peanuts added. If youre a coriander fan, I think you may like this.

⭐ Rating: 7.8/10
🤑 worth the price: eh
🦖 would I buy again: probs not
💍 would I marry: maybe

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🍞 Gua Bao
📍Abundance (@a8undance)
📌 Redhill
💰 $7.90

Look at this THICC GORGEOUS SONOFABITCH GUA BAO. ARE YOU PREGNANT???? BECAUSE I AM AFTER LOOKING AT THIS PINNACLE OF PURE BEAUTY. Abundance is a restaurant under a HDB in Redhill serving Taiwanese cuisine, and this Gua Bao is a must try.

The pork meat inside is super tender and melty. There is quite a decent amount of fats in it, which contributes to its melt-in-the-mouth texture, but it may not appeal much if you dislike fat.

The flavours are on point with a bit of crunch from the peanuts. Super good and worth the travel down for.

⭐ Rating: 9.4/10
🤑 worth the price: a lil pricey but ye
🦖 would I buy again: ye
💍 would I marry: ye

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Their succulent poached chicken stood out most for me. Whether if this is the best Chicken Rice in 🇸🇬? Probably not, but it’s definitely above average and worth trying!😬👍

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

📍Hua Kee Chicken Rice
Redhill Food Centre
85 Redhill Lane, S150085
🕙Closed on Mondays

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The baos were nothing to shout about; well-cooked generous portions of meat but lacking dimensionality flavour-wise. Fried rice had that wok hei, but was similarly boring. This ice cream roll, however, is 10000% a hit. Which genius came up with the idea of putting sweet vanilla ice cream inside a popiah roll with peanut and cilantro???

🍰 Kaya Butter Roll Cake
📍Musette (@musette.sg)
📌 Thye Hong Centre @ Redhill
💰 $8++

Part 2 of my Musette review, check out my feed for my review on the Mushroom Orzo Pasta and Dirty Tater Tots because I poured my heart out into that post. Anyways. Once dessert rolled around, the hole in my heart that had been left by the Boy had been semi-filled with delicious savoury mains. The only thing left was to fill the remaining gaps with dessert, which is exactly what I did.

This kaya butter roll cake is made by Musette's in-house bakery, Kobo by Melissa, and its filled with fragrant kaya and a block of butter. Im sitting in the mrt writing this review and the kid opposite me is staring at me. If only the Boy would stare at me like that. If only. The kaya is suuuper aromatic and quite sweet, while the pandan cake is soft and fluffy.

I liked the idea of putting butter into the cake to replicate a traditional kaya butter toast, but it doesn't work because once I reached that part of the cake, it was just mouthful after mouthful of butter. I love butter as much as the next girl but I'm not American so the idea of eating whole butter on its own ain't appealing. Did I still devour the whole block of butter in one sitting? Yes. Don't question an emo girl going through an emo heartbreak.

Overall quite pricey but itd be better if the butter was more well distributed.

⭐ Rating: 8.6/10
🤑 worth the price: eh
🦖 would I buy again: probs not
💍 would I marry: yes

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The Nasi Lemak rice is not fragrant, taste more like plain white rice but for a plate of Nasi Lemak with Gigantic Chicken Drumstick, Generous Vegetable and Perfect Runny Egg at only $4.70, it’s a steal!

Location: Faith Nasi Lemak Fried Bee Hoon / Mee (#01-30), Redhill Food Centre, 85 Redhill Ln, #01-30, Singapore 150085

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🥔 Dirty Tater Tots ($12++)
Tater tots aren't anything new to most of us, but what makes these tots different is the fact that they're covered in chicken floss, preserved radishes and sambal mayo. When I say they're covered, I mean they're COVERED. These tots are as dirty as my perverse virgin mind. We love the generosity! If only he'd be as generous with his attention towards me. The tots are really crispy and the other elements are super savoury and delicious. Is it pricey? Yes. Did i still devour the whole plate while shedding tears over my non-existent love life? Yes.

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🍝 Mushroom Orzo Pasta ($22++)
SO GOOD. I CANT EVEN. I could feel the tears forming the second I had a taste. The orzo pasta is ridiculously creamy and rich in flavour. Its also kinda chewy and pretty nice in texture. The fried kale was bloody BUSSIN I SWEAR. Goes to show that you can put anything in hot oil and it'll taste like sex on a plate. And that egg. LOOK AT THAT SMEXY SMEXY EGG. Its ok that my eggs will remain unfertilised because at least I'll get to eat eggs that are this incredible. Such a good dish. I couldve cried.

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Literally saw this restaurant from the MRT & decided to hop off to give it a try. Love how it had so many textures in just one bite. The meat was very tender. The pickles & peanut gave the flavour more depth. Definitely recommended!