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Top 10 in Redhill

Top 10 places in Redhill, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Redhill

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Redhill, Singapore.

Just like shark's fin soup of old. Hashima was an odd sensation.

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They only do abalone, which we declined. As you can tell, interesting ingredients in their yusheng, making for an interesting taste. But the service here leaves much to be desired. Even the preparation for lou hei and the recital of phrases was half-hearted.

Pity it's sold out! Settled for ayam rendang, sambal goreng and sayur lodeh. So-so only. Must return someday to try.

For $3 this is such a steal bc 1. You get to see the entire plating of the dessert by the students 2. It is yummy??? The cake consisted of a mousse on the outside, and sponge cake on the inside, peppered with small chunks of sweet potato. Surprisingly not too sweet, and the various textures was great :-)

Truth be told, I didn’t know confit=fried so I was a little disappointed when it came because I’m not a big fan of fried food. But this was really good - the skin was crisp and the chicken was not dry, still retained its juiciness!