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Top 10 in Redhill

Top 10 places in Redhill, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Redhill

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Redhill, Singapore.

The dim sum offered is not only affordable, it is unique and delicious.

The skin of Xiao Long Bao is black instead of the traditional white skin. There is lots of meat in it without compromising on the amount of soup in it. Cream Of Yam In Watermelon Bun has the design of a watermelon and the inside is yam is reddish with sesame seed to make it looks like a real watermelon.

The artistic of the Steam Black Truffle Mushroom Bun is on point but I don't taste much of the truffle. It taste just like sautéed mushrooms which is still great but wasn't worth the $5.

Overall, the dim sum is really cheap, delicious and artistic which everyone should at least try once.

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Newly opened cosy little cafe within the Community Centre that serves really nice Ice Teh. Food is decent. Definitely a good spot for lunch/tea under a hot weather.

Pretty good mutton meat and curry.
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Porridge lovers if you haven’t tried this then go there when you’re near Redhill between 6.30 am to 10 am on weekdays. It’s closed on weekends. For $3 you get a medium size bowl of porridge filled with ingredients such as pork slice, minced meat ball and liver. The porridge is old school type not too smooth but just creamy enough. Ingredients are not small pieces nor too big. The liver in particular is not overly cooked hence great to eat. Go early as it’s sold out fast.

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Location: Blk 116 Bukit Merah View, #01-217, Singapore 151116
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We had
1) 1 Prawn Noodles with Pork Ribs
2) 1 Mee Siam
3) 1 Chee Cheong Fun
4) 2 Chicken Wings
5) 1 Lemon Barley Iced
6) Teh Siu Dai
For the above - $17.70

A hard to find quality of food and cafe price 😂
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TOP PICKS (over a period of 3 week)

1) Ba Chor Mee, with lots of sliced pork, marinated minced pork and braised mushrooms. $3.50

2) Laksa, GOT COCKLES, got HUMs. Flavourful laksa soup, would prefer it thicker. But still gooood. Still $3.50

3) Breakfast Set, the usual BUT it has got 2 thick slices of brown bread. Higher value compared to 85 hawker centre and coffee shop ard. Same price everywhere: $2.80

The mix economic rice nothing to fave over, but still reliable for good taste. Also have hot bao's.

Open 7am to 6pm. Daily.

Got toilet. Got fan. A bit stuffy over lunch due to crowding in small space.

Smooth and tasty porridge with generous amount of well marinated mince meat, slices of pork and tender liver.

At $3 for either pork or fish porridege, its hard to find a substitute for it. Add-on an egg for 50cents.

DO NOTE: the opening hours: 6:30am to 10am !!! CLOSED ON SUN & MON

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I tried the salmon mentaiko don today. The mentaiko sauce was very generous but the egg yolk was a little over done. Didn’t expect the tofu to be one big chunk though. Overall it was a well deserving meal. Not sure why the salad base is no Long available, but you can still opt for brown rice for a healthier choice. Yumz. #burpple #letsguide