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Overall, this is a great plate of wonton mee. The highlight was the char siew which was caramelised on the outside and tender. The dark soy sauce was satisfying though the noodle was not springy enough. Wonton was sweet and the soup is good too. $3.50 is cheap for such a big portion

The minced meat noodle tasted better than it looked, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/58-lengkok-bahru-minced-meat-noodle/


The bread was soft and fluffy, the kaya spread was ok but not enough of butter 😅.
The egg overcooked, coz uncle told me to wait till 10 mins 😅.
💰$5.2 ( with one mineral water).
📍Seng Hong Coffeeshop.
58 Lengkok Bahru,#01-152.

Food is mediocre and the lady is dishonest. Chicken meat has stench. Ordered $3 chicken rice but charged me $5.50 instead. Be careful of this stall.

Had a very unpleasant experience with The Living Room located @ Leng Kee CC, despite my prior regular visits.

I was buying lunch for my family on 4th Dec noon time. The buzzer rang and I went to the side counter, saw one plastic of packed food and took it away. When I went out of the cafe, I took a peek and realized it wasn't my order. I quickly went back and returned the food, shocked to receive reprimand from the lady boss and her staffs for taking the wrong order.

It was astonishing! I did notify the lady boss when I was retuning the buzzer and she also acknowledged me taking the packed food from the counter in the first place. Why she did not stop me then. There was also no proper collection system. I was the one who bothered to check the stuff, quickly went back to do the exchange but yet got all the blame / finger-pointing in the end !!!??? And pls note that I was not given any receipt at cashier to check the order # on the spot. This in Chinese saying is 恶人先告状。

ULTIMATE RUDENESS!!! Do we deserve such cocky, arrogant and unreasonable customer service? 😡

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Not many Nasi Padang stalls in SG do it like they do. I present Istimewa Nasi Padang in the Alexandra area, within close vicinity of ABC Brickworks Market.

My standard order would be a 2 meat 2 veg selection.

The meats would be their super lemak Beef Rendang and chewy Beef Paru Goreng(Fried Beef Lung) if it’s up your alley. If not, there are other amazing alternatives like their gigantic Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken) in drumstick or wing versions as well as their Sambal Sotong.

My veggies would be their Sayur Lodeh(Vegetable Stew in Coconut Milk) and their sweet Sambal Goreng. Their Sambal Goreng is really one of the best around.

This is probably my favourite Nasi Padang stall around so far, with its WIDE variety of dishes and ingredients for people of all palates.

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I was here for a dim sum lunch on a weekday.. the place was more than half filled and service was prompt.

The dim sum here is good, as I expected, since it's opened by a Hong Konger. I usually try not to have any expectations, because the more you expect the worst the food can be most times. Zi yean does not disappoint me at all!

We ordered a variety of dishes & I can't remember which one is not as good. As I didn't had the pork ribs myself, I heard that the pork ribs were not tasty.
Can't wait for the next visit!

Quite a good plate of satay bee hoon for only $4. Satay sauce was fragrant and delicious. Ingredients such as cuttlefish, bean curd and pork liver was big and soft.

A simple bowl of spinach soup ($3.50) chock full of ingredients! Impressed with how clear the soup is despite the strong flavours.

Heavy Breakfast. 1 sausage, 1 spam, 1 egg and 2 fried chicken wings ($5.50)
Location: 焱 Yan Fried Bee Hoon, Redhill Hawker Centre, Blk 85 Redhill Lane, #01-19, Singapore 150085

#yanfriedbeehoon #burpple #burpplesg #sghawkerfood #sghawker #hawkerfood #redhillhawkercentre

Pork Belly Set (S$6.50)
Can select choice of rice and 3 choices of sides
Brown rice, braised sauce, braised egg, braised tofu, braised cabbage

Sweet & Sour Fish Set (S$6.50)
Can select choice of rice and 3 choices of sides
Brown rice, braised sauce, edamame, pan-seared shiitake mushroom, onsen egg
Kind of like one of those healthy rice bowl.

‘4 Heavenly King’ Meal (S$7.90)
Crispy pork cutlet, curry chicken, braised pork belly, braised cabbage, fried egg, curry gravy

Grandma Homemade Soup (S$2)

Available at @hongsengcurryrice
The curry gravy, braised gravy and sweet & sour sauce were packed in containers. I seldom take brown rice but the version here actually quite moist. The soup was quite flavourful and packed with chunks of potato, but mom remarked why no meat and kind overwhelming of sodium.

Hong Seng Curry Rice
Address 🏡 : 85 Redhill Lane, # 01-74 Redhill Food Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 150 085
Website 🌐 : http://www.curryrice.sg/delivery-2
Note 📝 : free delivery with minimum S$60 order

$4 for 6 xlbs. Despite hearing good reviews on this, I personally do not really like it because of the strong ‘pork smell’. It was abit too much for me. The skin was good though, with a good anount of soup. Ryan likes it but I didn’t so taste-wise is quite subjective. Wouldn’t mind trying out their other dishes next time though!

⭐️ 1/5 for nat, 4/5 for ryan