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Loved how the sambal goreng has a creamy texture to it.
The ayam belado was good too.

Do pop by as they are also a community kitchen who distribute food to the elderly in the neighbourhood. So you can eat more without feeling guilty because its for a good cause!

6 xlbs for $4! The skin was thin enough and there was enough soup in each xlb. Only gribe was that the meat disintegrated very quickly when chewed/was slightly mushy.

I have never ever see a glowing curry chicken before ✊🏻 A smooth and not exactly spicy claypot curry chicken is the best for a lunch time. They are really generous on their chicken (probably 5 drummlets + chicken wings) with handful of potatoes. This curry is slightly thick with quite a fair bit of milk.

I love having it with toasted bread as compared to rice 😁

Price:$4 (fish curry is $5.5!)
Place: Hock Shun Traditional Home-mad curry

Have caught wind of Maison Sucree at Lengkok Bahru; the Muslim-owned bakery has opened for quite a while by now, but they had recently expanded their space to include a dine-in area with some desserts that are exclusively available for dine-ins only.

The Signature Paris-Brest is one of the items which they had been serving for quite a while now — available for both dine-in and takeaway, but is one that also deserving of the “signature” title that it carries in the name. Deviating from the Paris-Brests that we are more acquainted with, it is worth noting that Maison Sucree’s version comes with a custard cream rather than the usual hazelnut cream that one would associate Paris-Brests with. That aside, we did enjoy the somewhat crisp choux pastry; it’s sufficiently airy whilst not being too spongy — pretty light as well as the pastry was not particularly dense. The custard cream was adequately sweet; also smooth and creamy with a consistent texture, and comes accompanied with salted caramel drizzled for some contrast of flavours and topped with chopped almonds for a crunch.

Saw that there is already quite a crowd at Maison Sucree when we made our visit on a weekday afternoon — thought that they were an interesting addition to this part of the Redhill area considering the lack of cafes here, not to mention that they do serve up pretty decent pastries that is worth making the trip here for. A name to keep a look out for in time to come!


Small coffee shop serving only ba chor mee & toast.

We ordered the kaya toast (turns out they also have otah toast) - the steamed bun was fluffy and moist while the toasted version was done up to perfection. Eggs were also just right (not too runny, not too well done).

Ba chor mee portions are a bit small for my liking and the wait is looong (we waited 30 min), but the noodles and fish cakes/balls were bouncy, pork was juicy and even soup was pretty good.

Would come back again! But given that the seating area is a bit small it might be tough to find a seat during peak hours.

Serangoon Garden Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee - this is the kind of wet hokkien mee that you are looking for. The $4 portion was pretty substantial, and the broth used to make the dish is definitely flavourful!

Bedok 511 Chicken Wings - this is one stall not to be missed as the chicken wings ($1.40 each) are crispy on the edges, and yet smoky. The chicken and pork satay ($0.70 each) are really good as well, as they were tender, succulent and well marinated. Actually better than the ones I've had at Bedok 85!

One of the best beef redang I had. Love how the spice in the redang is chopped coarse enough to taste and the flavor was outstanding. Definitely worth the wait and travel to try this.

Love the curry here as it’s thick and flavourful. I find that some curry png stalls have their curry on the verge of being goopy, but here they do it just right.

Favourite dish of the night. The cabbage was stewed till it was really soft, and the gravy went well with it without being too salty. In fact, soft, full of gravy and accompanied by dried scallops are three things that describe many things on the menu. Everything we had was delicious, and at reasonable prices with no service charge.

Overall, this is a great plate of wonton mee. The highlight was the char siew which was caramelised on the outside and tender. The dark soy sauce was satisfying though the noodle was not springy enough. Wonton was sweet and the soup is good too. $3.50 is cheap for such a big portion

The minced meat noodle tasted better than it looked, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/58-lengkok-bahru-minced-meat-noodle/


The bread was soft and fluffy, the kaya spread was ok but not enough of butter 😅.
The egg overcooked, coz uncle told me to wait till 10 mins 😅.
💰$5.2 ( with one mineral water).
📍Seng Hong Coffeeshop.
58 Lengkok Bahru,#01-152.