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feeds 2-3 pax. $32.90

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Hawkerman is definitely my kind of Superhero!

For first timers to Hawkerman, I would suggest you to order the Bao-Ka-liao platter ($32.90++) that serves 2 to 3 pax and it includes 7 items such as Tenderfresh's Signature Crispy Fried Half Spring Chicken, Hokkien Mee, Popiah, XO Carrot Cake etc. Everything especially the hokkien mee is best eaten when it's hot. Value for money platter that allows you to sample a wide variety of hawker food.

Another fav dish of mine is the Yuan Yang Carrot Cake ($6.90) which is essentially carbonara styled carrot cake with turkey bacon and XO sauce carrot cake. When it's eaten hot, it's really shiok!

Thanks @singaporefoodlisting for the invitation and @hawkermansg for having us!

Teriyaki Chicken Bento
Damage $5 ~ $7 per pax
weekdays 11-5pm have 1 for 1 at compass one
tamago was good , chicken was slightly dry will be better if have more rice

The seemingly harmless Grilled pork neck noodles ($5.90 during lunch hours) will greet you with a kick that will definitely make you gulp that Thai milk tea you would order with it.

Aside from that, the grilled pork neck pieces, although abit tough, are incredibly smoky and addictive. It's a great bowl nonetheless, and can be a place to go when you're around the area!

Tomato, Mozzarella, Porcini, Mushrooms, Pancetta Bacon

Located along the stretch of food joints in Jalan Kayu, @spizzasg is a gourmet pizzeria that serves quality Italian fare; from salads and soups, homemade customizable pastas and desserts, to a wide selection of specialty thin-crusted wood-fired pizzas. Whenever your pizza craving hits, you can order delivery from them too.

Boy oh boy was I pleased with their pizzas 😋. However for their pastas, there is still quite a bit of room for improvement.

P.S. When I’m back again, I’d love to try their Quinta pizza that has Black Truffle paste.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

There are bits of lard, cockles and Chinese sausage but the noodles lack that distinct smoky savoury quality that makes this dish outstanding, with most of its flavour coming from the sweet dark soy sauce. It’s still worth supporting such stores because you might never get to eat them again once they’re gone.

No Go
Can Go👌🏼
Must Go

This is my go-to burger at Mos. The rice patty bun is a genius idea and such a good alternative if you want something filling but aren't into bread. The crunchy lettuce and tender, stringy beef make for a great meal. If only their burgers were a little bigger! 1 is not enough 😂

Price: $3.90

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Though seemingly simple, this common dish is definitely not easy to execute well, but this ticks off all the right boxes, with the beef being meaty and flavourful yet it was so tender I didn't get sick of chewing the meat. The Udon had a great bite to it and the warm comforting broth was flavourful without seeming to be MSG-laden.
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Tasted different from the last time we went. Fried stuff would taste better if they made it hot before serving us.

Located at 1 Sengkang Square, Compass One, unit 01-14/15, Singapore 545078. .
Boneless small $12.90. We were a little lazy today to debone so we decided to choose their boneless🤣🤭. We had the half and half sauce - soya garlic and spicy sauce. Prefers the soya garlic as it’s so well flavoured. Chicken is very juicy and tender and those crunchy crispy skin is just so addictive! .
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