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Every Japanese food enthusiast has probably been to Sakae Sushi at some point! But if you haven’t already tried their Gyuniku Curry Don ($17.10) yet, you should totally give it a shot. This savoury dish comes with a delectable Japanese curry, tender sliced beef, and steamed rice.

Yummy and value worth set 😋
Available all days except Monday.

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Jerry's bbq and grill w the classic spicy wings L3 fire plus ($13.95) pretty gd!

Ordered a few dishes, including dumpling ramen, fried dumplings, unagi don, tofu stew and toppoeki. Decent comfort food, value for money. Only spent less than $40 for 4 pax with so much food. Tofu stew was abit salty, dumpling ramen was good.

Decide to pack this and add a sunny side up. This didn't work well for me. I guess is because I don't like the cheese that comes with it and the whole burger became too packed. You may have a different experience. Beef patty tasted good!

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Spicy Basil Chicken from Magic Thai Kitchen exceeds my expectation. Surprised with a lot of chicken meat on the dish and the taste was superb and amazing. Definitely worth it and will come back again for sure.

Price: $6 ⭐️10/10

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Crispy yet soft Banh Mi combined with tasty chicken, loaded vegetables and generous amount of sauce is very nica and tasty. Never felling bored and portion was just nice.

Price: $5.50 ⭐️10/10


This is chicken chop, with pork chop and sausage with pasta. Every thing is very well cooked and soft and juicy enough. I like the pasta.

I also tried the fries and it's the thick kind but taste great. Well cook not soggy.

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📍Zoey's Diner (@zoeysdiner)
📌 Compass One
💰 $$+

My friend and I have been on a quest to find the best truffle fries in sg. Hence anytime we see a restaurant with truffle fries on the menu, we inatantly make a beeline down. I hadn't previously heard of Zoey's Diner but since we were in Sengkang, we decided to give it a try.

🍔 Umami Shroom Beef ($9.90+) (8.2/10)
I got this burger because the word "truffle" was listed in the ingredients (yes I'm obsessed with truffle and I'm not afraid to admit it). However the amount of actual truffle taste in the truffle mushroom sauce and truffle mayo was pretty negligible and I couldnt really taste it. The burger was served in a paper bowl and had a lot of really watery sauce, which made the bun very soggy. The ingredients were also pretty standard, with mushrooms, a slice of iceberg lettuce and a really soft piece of beef patty. The bun was quite soft but overall the taste is pretty average and i wasnt into the sogginess. Wouldn't get this again.

🍝 Chicken Aglio Olio ($7.90+) (10/10)
I would 100% travel back to Sengkang just for this. The aglio olio is legit the BEST I've ever had. The garlic is super super generous and my friend ordered this extra spicy, and they definitely delivered on that front. I loved this so much that I'd honestly say its converted me to an Aglio Olio stan. Previously I'd never really liked it cuz it was just coated in tasteless olive oil, but these are BOMB.

🍟 Truffle Fries ($7.90+) (8/10)
Not sure if they overcooked the fries, but these are extra extra crunchy, kind of like when you re-fry fries. I didnt mind so much cuz I like crunchy stuff but if you prefer softer fries, you may not enjoy these as much. The truffle mayo taste wasn't the strongest tbh, but I could still taste it. Not the best truffle fries I've had but I would order these again just cuz of that gigantic serving.

🍵 Jasmine Blossom Green Tea ($3.30+) (7/10)
Pretty standard green tea, its a bit bitter and refreshing and you can choose your own sugar levels. I liked this but wouldnt get it a la carte!

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Garden-themed Modern Chinese Restaurant You Won’t Want To Miss!😬

Located right outside Buangkok MRT Station (Exit B), @onechuan.sg is your friendly neighbourhood yet instagramable restaurant that serves a wide variety of Sichuan dishes with authentic rich flavours.😌

Here’s what we enjoyed…
👉Soupy Lamb Spine Pot - SGD23.80
👉Dry Capsicum Stormfish - SGD23.80
👉Special Pork with Bun - SGD18.80

Be sure to complement all these dishes with ParTea beverages, such as Rose Pu’er Fruit Tea & Jasmine Fruit Tea!😄

[Media Invite] @theprsalon

📍One Chuan 望川
277C Compassvale Link 01-13, S543277
🕚11AM - 3PM & 5PM - 11PM Daily

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you can choose to get a spicy or clear base!! but this one wasn’t really spicy, kind of like kimchi level? there was a lot of ingredients!! this was v comforting to eat esp if you sit indoors because the aircon is really strong HAHA

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