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Omelette, sayur lodeh, chilli chicken leg.

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is just the usual chicken with lots of BBQ seasoning.
personally prefer the normal crispy chicken because this was too salty.

Their fish curry is more creamy than the usual. Flavorful but it would be nice if they can remove the scales 😄

picked these up on offer when passing by! nothing impressive but the usual affordable treats for a sweet tooth ☺️

Dim Sum were alright though from ex-Shangri La Restaurant Chef. Two that stand out were the Crispy Shrimp Cheong Fun $6 which adds a new twist to traditional Cheong Fun. However, the batter at one of the edge was a bit bitter from deep frying else overall the Cheong Fun was interesting. Another was the Steam Prawn Siew Mai $4.50 which was tender and juicy. Fried Fish Congee $4.50 was a fine comfort food with the fried fish slice adding flavour to the silky smooth texture.

Although it looks spicy, it does not taste spicy at all. My friends who have zero/low tolerance to spiciness can take this 》$11

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The pork is deep-fried till crispy outside while retaining the juiciness inside. Comes with pineapple and cherry tomatoes then coated with sweet and sour sauce for the sweet and tangy flavour 》$13

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Omelette fried till golden brown with a soft and fluffy interior 》$12

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We usually come to BTK for their famous steamed chicken but we were surprised how good the crispy roast chicken fared. The roasted chicken was served hot from the oven with a glistening finish and a paper-thin crisp skin. The meat was tender and juicy which maybe even better than their steamed chicken 》$13.80/half

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pastamania always gives such generous portions of pasta! first time trying the wholemeal spaghetti (+$0.30). doesn’t taste as good as normal spaghetti but i feel healthier eating it😂

truffle smell was strong but taste-wise quite bland. lots of mushrooms in a nice creamy sauce though!! and ofc i had to top it off with cheese powder🧀

v interesting, can sprinkle crushed chips on top and dip the mozzarella! stuffed! crust! into nacho cheese sauce🧀

but we felt like there were too many things going on, so we still preferred our usual simple classic pizzas with stuffed crust.

📍Jane's Cake Station, 265 Jalan Kayu📍
💸 8" Chocolate Cake (Small): $40
We've had the chocolate cake from Jane's Cake Station often when we were young, and now we are relieving these childhood memories again👭!! A simple looking chocolate cake with layers of chocolate cake and chocolate fudge🍫. We absolutely loved the texture of the cake. It was super moist and soft, even after a few days in the fridge!😱. The taste of the chocolate was also pretty intense without being too sweet, and went well with the slightly saltish chocolate fudge. A simple looking cake that doesn't taste so simple🤔