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The tea is fragrant and is a healthier choice when you choose to have no sugar.

From Ji De Lai Roasted Delights & Double Boiled Soup from this coffeeshop situated a stone’s throw away from Layar LRT Station in Senngkang; have heard quite a bit about the Char Siew here, and must say that I was not disappointed here. The noodles come all springy here with a good bite; slightly alkaline despite being tossed with the savoury and lightly spicy sauce (if one opts for chilli that is, though should be pretty manageable for most), though the alkaline-y flavour was not particularly bothersome in our opinion. The Char Siew is the main star of the show here; the dark, caramelised exterior providing sweetness to the meat, while the meat itself came with fattier parts that is tender, but not too gelatinous — pretty delicious even on its own. Wantons were also pretty decent overall; reasonably filled with meat whilst the skin comes at an apt thickness that does not break too easily, but holds up well to the chopstick. A pretty good find within the neighbourhoods of Sengkang; a hidden gem indeed!


Finally tried this after its second appearance in stores. Was reluctant because I'm often disappointed by these flavoured pie gimmicks. Alas, I have been proven wrong.

I like it! The crust has the same characteristic flaky crispiness as their Apple Pie. The flavour of the chocolate sauce is reminiscent of a molten chocolate lava cake. Think lava cake with a crispy pie crust. It's a yes from me.

Price: $1 (promo now)

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Taste wise pretty decent I have to say, but portion wise too little for me to be satisfied. The pork slices tasted great, but were a bit too thin. At $14.77, I wouldn’t call it as the best value for money.

Have a delicious, nutritious weekday lunch at this casual Japanese restaurant on the second floor of The Seletar Mall. Snag this deal and enjoy rice bowls such as the Salmon Ikura Bowl ($15), Una Don ($15) or Bara Chirashi Don ($15). Supplement your meal by sharing some of their many ala carte options, like the fresh salmon belly or hamachi sashimi, or the hearty saba fish or karaage.
Photo by Burppler Drew Lee

Still abit expensive after eatigo discount as the chicken and glutinous rice was quite little :( Soup was rich and flavourful though! Would get other dishes when I come back again and not this.

So, ‘Spicy’ is an understatement here.
Honestly thought my spice tolerance was pretty good, and ordered the standard zhong la but that led to a purchase of 4 cups of teh peng and adding water into our bowl (ya, i committed a crime)

Taste-wise, thought they did pretty well but could do more on the numbing factor.

Damage: $15.20 for 2 pax with rice, maggi, pork belly, chicken, fishcakes, spinach, oyster mushrooms and more

The idea is not to come here just for the 1 for 1 dons, but supplement it with their star dishes - salmon belly/ hamachi sashimi, saba fish and karaage. It’s the first time I feel full after a meal here! Will be back again.

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Love this flavor, it’s like frozen pandan chiffon cake #sgigfoodies #sgigfood #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgfoodie #dessertssg #desserts #Mcdonalds #burpple #burpplesg #IceCream #Softserve

They have 1-for-1 dons during lunchtime so I didn’t even have to use the Burrple deal, which is good I guess. Nonetheless, this was basically my Chirsashi Don (less the decorative leaf, ginger and pickle) - 5 thin and dry slices of assorted fish, shrimp, and tamago. The dish retails at $15, and with the 1 for 1, it’s effectively $7.50. I mean, I’m not expecting Teppei standard for this price, but maybe at least NTUC standard? Most pathetic Chirashi Don I’ve ever had. The rest of the menu looked overpriced as well, which would be understandable if the food was of good quality (but my experience proves otherwise). They also charge $1 for water, but hey it’s refillable. First and last time at this restaurant.

it was good, but felt that it was abit too pricy!

Ordered 2 truffle mushroom beef burger, 4 pc nuggets, chess fries and 2 ice lemon tea for $24 plus. Even my son who loves anything truffles said it was no good. The Truffle taste/smell was barely there. The words he said "taste like milk". The bun was hard, the meat was hard. Disappointment.