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Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

Price: $8

Can’t really taste the truffle but it was a good and generous portion of thick french fries.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Price: $18 - Crispy Up; $20 - Ganjang

One of the BEST Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore. Thin and crispy chicken skin. Super tender, juicy and delicious chicken meat. Both Ganjang and Crispy Up are equally good. Will be back to try the others!

There is already 1f1 weekday lunch deal for non-Burpple members but the food is relatively affordable (though average) for those craving jap food! Each don is @7.50 before service charge and gst :)

I tried to order the bao burgers, or ‘baogers’ as I like to call em, from @zoeysdiner twice. Unfortunately, @grabfoodsg has a terrible problem with finding drivers to deliver food, so I was left disappointedly starving on both occasions. Well, third time’s the charm, and I was chowing down on the Crispy Ebi Cake baoger after about an hour or so.⠀

At $14.40 for a full set with sweet potato fries and a brilliant black sugar caramel oolong milk tea, it ain’t too shabby. I did add on a little extra for a slice of chicken honey ham, and it was worth it. It was more of a steak than a slice of ham, and yes, it superbly satisfied my inner carnivore.⠀

The un-upgraded Crispy Ebi Cake baoger is decent enough on its own. The wasabi mayo was pretty powerful, with enough wasabi to clear out any sinuses. The ebi cake, while delightfully deep fried, wasn’t very flavourful. It relied far too much on the wonderful wasabi mayo, and could be seasoned a lot better. Texturally, it’s excellent with a nice bounciness with every bite, while the bao buns were a little soggy. They could’ve definitely been lightly toasted or panfried for a little more texture, which would help to elevate the burger.⠀

The baogers from @zoeysdiner are decent enough, but there’s a fair bit of improvement that could be made to the baogers to make them even more irresistibly indulgent.

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Order the mee goreng thai if normal mee goreng is not spicy enough. Instead of the red sauce, mee goreng Thai is cooked in a dark sauce which has an added kick due to the fresh cut chillis. It also has chicken chunks in it for your protein fix.

26 May’19, Sun⛅️⁣
- Kaya Toast🍞⁣
- Kopi’o Kosong☕️⁣
- Half-boiled Eggs🥚⁣

The to-go breakfast...

Sweet pandan coconut taste jam with thinly sliced toast bread, crispy and yummy~

Energy boost from the half-boiled eggs with dark soya sauce and pepper, I eat it like that, but you can choose to dip your toast too, either way, who cares right or not...

Last but not least, black coffee without sugar to give me “start my engine” for the day!

Damage: $0.50 (cos I got voucher, otherwise, $4.80 for a set)
#yakunkayatoastsg #yakun #kayatoast #kopiokosong #halfboiledeggs #亞坤 #烤咖椰吐司 #半生熟蛋 #無糖黑咖啡 #烤吐司 #instafood #sgfood #burpple #burpplesg #singapore

Tong shun is one of the best meat stalls out there in my opinion!
Their char siu has a sweet exterior but a kind of melt in the mouth kind of taste, served warm with rice makes it so delicious!
Their roast pork skin is crispy and the pork is flavourful, corner pieces are always the best!
Another thing I recommend is their signature fried rice, fried with curry powder and curry leaves, this fried rice is aromatic and delicious and the pairing makes it so delightful