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KFC was surely very generous on the amount of cereal sprinkled on each chicken. The only difference from a zi char cereal chicken was it lacks a little sweetness. I felt that if the cereal chicken was made into bite size pieces (eg. cereal popcorn chicken), it would be really addictive! 🐔

Dinner with kids. They serve the dishes extremely fast. Ordered Salted Egg Chicken for my kids. Y no sauce one, almost no taste just that the chicken is very tender. Sambal Petai Prawn, fresh petai n huge prawn. Taste wise, just very salty. Chai Po Omelette. Average. E-Noodle no taste. Paid $33.20, will choose the mix rice over this the next time.

So far this my fav mala, in terms of taste, fragrance, spiciness, freshness n variaties. 2nd time this week. But the queue can be really long. Ordered 大辣with seaweed, black fungus, crispy beancurd skin n Maggi noodle. All for $7.50.

This dessert not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but tastes really good as well. The rice was really fragrant, while the coconut ice cream (drizzled with gula melaka) was sweet and refreshing. It also comes with crispy corn flakes too. Mix everything up together and you’ll get a delectable dessert!



The seafood porridge was delicious with the fresh seafood and spicy tom yum red broth. You can have your porridge in a pot of goodness with seafood such as flower crab, tiger prawns, mussels, flower clams, red grouper fillets and squid (you can also add on a lobster for $16). The tom yum red broth was robust with a good balance of spicy and tangy. Certainly a comforting and enjoyable meal!



The Braised Pork Knuckle here is so good! The taste is pretty similar to what you can find at Bangkok’s Yaowarat; so tender and flavourful with a jelly-like texture. The portion is huge too, so its a perfect dish for sharing.



I liked the Waterfall Deep Fried Pork Belly. The pork belly was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. It went really well with the tangy sauce, having a refreshing mix of sweet and sour. Really addictive!



Good news for mookata fans / night owls staying around north east area! Soi Thai Soi Nice’s Seletar Mall outlet offers their Royal Thai Mookata up till 2am (weekdays) and 3am (weekends).

The Royal Thai Mookata comes jam packed with fresh and tasty ingredients such as seafood, pork slices, luncheon meat and assorted vegetables. Help yourself to the various dipping sauces as well. Recommended if you wanna have mookata in a nice air conditioned space without worrying about smelling bad after.

Thanks Burpple for inviting and Soi Thai Soi Nice for hosting us.



Flavourful Tom Yum taste. The squid were nicely done. Only the mussel is a bit tough.

I loved how this has gula melaka and cornflakes to add to the flavour and extra crunch. The coconut ice cream was pretty fragrant, tasting a bit more rich like coconut milk than the usual refreshing coconut ice cream at chatuchak.

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The Tofu Crystal Prawn was spicy and pretty simple. The tofu was egg tofu so it went with the spicy sauce well.