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From the Malay stall. Maybe it's too late at night, it's so bad.

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This legendary char kway teow stall used to sell at Armenian Street coffee shop, before the place was demolished.

After many years, the founder’s son continue to carry the name and serving their signature char kway teow in the neighbourhood of Sengkang.

Just a small plate of it already very satisfying for me, it was full of flavour and taste.


Came here twice over the past 2 weeks, the staff said they ran out of cups on both occasions. What kind of excuse is this, running a business without cups? Please don’t waste your time coming to this shop!

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For some odd reason, the food court at Sengkang General Hospital ain’t half bad. The soya sauce chicken rice & lotus root soup are surprisingly sumptuous, and the Nyonya food stall there serves up pretty delectable dishes too.⠀

This Chicken Rendang Blue Pea Rice ($5.80 nett) had me doing ‘dang, this is pretty good’. The rendang gravy was rich, mildly spicy and was full of the fragrance of lemongrass. The chicken leg was tender and grilled superbly, with the meat staying moist & juicy. As for the blue pea rice, I was delighted to realise that the rice was coconut rice coloured with the attractive hue of the blue pea flower. As such, the aesthetically appealing rice was also mighty appealing to my tastebuds as well.⠀

Sure, it isn’t the most breathtaking plate of chicken & rice ever put together, but there’s no denying that this is a competently crafted plate of tastiness.


Cold Flings is a cosy cafe serving ice cream till 2am daily at High Park Residences. Indoor seatings are minimal but they do have outdoor seatings too. I tried their oolong osmanthus on a cone. The ice cream was creamy but fell short on the floral/tea flavours and their cones were not crispy either. I expected something better when they charged premium prices for their flavours. 》$5.50 (Gold Flavour) + $1 Cone

A notch higher than your using minjiangkueh, they serve pancakes with modern flavours and the one that struck me was the biscoff. Priced at $2.50 (before Kopitiam payment discount), it may be expensive to some but trust me, it’s totally worth it. The portion was definitely more substantial than the usual traditional ones that are possibly little smaller than half but charged at half price with very pathetic amount of fillings. Munchi’s pancake is thick and with generous fillings that really enhanced the taste and experience!

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From Selegie Soya Bean
Definitely an awesome idea to have.
Serve warm soya beancurd dessert, smooth texture.

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From Thasevi Food
Savoury curry with butter prata and egg onion prata.
The milk tea also not bad.

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It's new flavour under NDP and I felt that its not much pandan taste tbh and still having cheesy aftertaste.

Sukiyaki Karubi Set (100g) ($11.80) w 50% off ala crate for Tontoro (100g) ($4.50) I just tried sukiyaki karubi but it's not bad and not that strong beef taste tbh.

Pork Belly Set ($10.80) w Tontoro (100g) ($4) I did tried pork belly as its quite so good and tender but be cautious as the fat from pork belly ignite the fire from the grill itself.

Decided to try different seasonal sauce for Taroyaki (replaced with laksa sauce already by today) under Chicken & Pork Set (100g) ($10.90). I felt that the sauce really not that bad and mimic with taroyaki tbh but too much mayo inside and also quite thick based sauce. The pork really cooked well and fast compared to the chicken slightly cooked much slow due to the thickness and skin tbh.