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Top 10 in Sentosa

Top 10 places in Sentosa, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Sentosa

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Sentosa, Singapore.

When the dish was served the truffle smell was so strong and fragrant!

On the house! The version here was a tier above those sold everywhere. And I love dulce de leche!

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Very rare you meet chicken that's a tier above other chicken. Incredible. The glaze and the tenderness. I yield.

Coal-roasted for 7 hours with thyme, rosemary chilli and garlic. Underwhelming. Given the oven is the restaurant's centrepiece and this was $50, I expected to be blown away. The cut was just not fleshy. Separately, it came with so much greens we shouldn't have ordered broccolini.

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With chimichurri and walnuts. I've had better ones elsewhere. I prefer it more charred.

Very tomato-ey. Gave it a chance despite not being a tomato fan.

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I think ee-fu with a runny egg is eligible for a last meal. The popiah chui.