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Our favourite go to noodles everytime we're at dintaifung. It looks very spicy but it's not. It's nutty and slightly peppery. Noodle texture is perfect. Love how their standard is the same at every outlet!

We wanted to get a noodle dish that is different from our usual 担担面 or 炸酱面 and we hence decided to get a bowl of noodles with Din Tai Fung's signature pork chop and special sauce. The pork chop was great as usual because the portion was really generous and the meat was really tender. The exterior was fried very lightly and the meat wasn't overly oily as well :)

However, the noodles with the supposed special sauce was just disappointing. The special sauce was nothing much and it tasted largely like soy sauce to me so don't get your hopes up too high! Noodles also felt a little too soggy and they were starting to clump together when the dish was served.

We would get the pork chop again but certainly not the noodles! The dish was around $10++ and we think it is kinda fair given that the pork chop was big and pretty great!

If we are paying a visit to Din Tai Fung, we will be sure to order their standard xiaolongbao, which costs around $12++ for 10 pieces. Pretty standard dim sum and as good as ever because they burst in your mouth and you get to enjoy the flavourful stock hidden in the bao. The amount of broth and pork in each bao is also pretty generous! Din Tai Fung also does their xiaolongbao pretty well because none of our baos burst when we were trying to pick them up. 😁

However, we were very surprised to find that the restaurant was rather crowded even when we visited for lunch at 2.30 pm on a Friday afternoon. We had to queue for half an hour to get a table so do buffer some time for queueing if you are planning to visit!

Gin Khao Special Watermelon Fried Rice served in a watermelon bowl (Only served in a watermelon when buying in 2 pax)

So we all already know about pineapple fried rice in a pineapple, but Gin Khao Fried Rice does us one more unique by placing their house special fried rice in a watermelon. How do I feel about it? Honestly, I have no idea. Aesthetics wise, I thought it was beautifully executed. The fried rice itself was also very tasty, with a generous amount of seafood like fish, mussels, and prawns. However, I just could not put the two elements together to see the point. Both flavours were very separate on its own, and neither complemented one another — so everything here just felt very gimmicky. Also, the rice closer to the edges of the watermelon felt a tad bit soggier due to the wetness of the juice which was not the most pleasant experience for fried rice. Nonetheless, after looking at countless reviews and photos, I was personally quite keen to try it for myself. I am glad to say that it is still worth a shot if you want to see how it is like for yourself — it was decent and in fact pretty good. I just felt like I was expecting something more with how fascinating it looks. Ultimately, I do think Gin Khao Thai serves pretty good Thai food amidst a great ambience and a decent price.


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Tom Yum soup with prawns was pretty good. It was a good balance of spicy and sour, with a good amount of fresh prawns. Quite enjoyed this and thought it was pretty affordable for the quality I was getting and the ambience of the place!


Literally what you would expect, just looking fancier. A watermelon ice blend on a hot day was indeed refreshing! A bit on the pricier side but this drink would completely fit the vibe at Quayside Isle.


Pricey Iced Milk Tea but for the location it was no surprise. Authentic thai iced milk tea that was on the thin side. A tad too sweet for my liking although I requested for less sugar. I would perhaps recommend trying their other more interesting looking drinks to make your monies worth, as one can easily get a thai iced milk tea at a lower price elsewhere.


I was so enticed by the idea of this but little did I realise that I had to be more realistic about what it could have been. I was imagining the coating of the spam fries to be of tom yam flavour— something like a marinade, although I personally do not know how that may be done. However, it really was just spam fries with tom yam seasoning powder sprinkled on it... So there really was not much tom yam flavour within each spam fry, and personally, the powder did not best encapsulate the tom yam flavour, and was not evenly spread out. In fact, the spam fries here was not the most fantastic as well. It was not the most crisp nor flavourful spam fries I have tried. Sad to say I was disappointed, but I think this was a reminder to be more realistic about my expectations.


The very famous cream puff that never disappoints. While yes, $6 is indeed pricey for a cream puff but for the quality, size, and experience, I do think that it is pretty worth it. However, the experience at Sentosa does ruin it a bit. Compared to sitting down in an air-conditioned cafe with a plate and proper knife, his was in a takeaway box and recyclable fork and knife which was quite difficult to cut the puff. Nonetheless, the cold cream puff was crispy, fluffy, and very very creamy. The quality of the cream was also top notch — thick and milky, yet not too overwhelming. Although yes, the cream was a lot, but I don't think anybody is going to mind a bursting cream puff.


Thought this was a bit pricey for what I got. Ice cream was indeed thick and soft. Coffee flavour was adequately strong but I thought the Hokkaido Milk flavour was a bit on the lighter side. Nonetheless, both flavours complemented one another very well and it was not too sweet. However, it was a really small cup and $6 for the portion really burnt a hole in the wallet.


This was a huge plate of hot crispy nachos served with cheese and salsa that was the perfect companion to our drinks and the setting sun 😙 not pictured was the chicken satay that we devoured within seconds

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Aka chilli oil. You can't go wrong with this. Especially at DTF.