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How German chef Benjamin Halat managed to capture the essence of authentic sushi yet add his own touch in this sophisticated single bite that almost resembles a work of art is beyond impressive. And this is just an amuse bouche!

The delicate flavours of smoked eel and cured trout are allowed to shine, sheathed only in gossamer paper daikon, and crowned with fennel flowers tethered by a drop of eel bone emulsion.

Taste: 4.5/5


One of the better ribeye around. Medium well. Tender and juicy.

This grown up version of a childhood favourite doesn’t merely recreate the flavour of a Snickers bar, it elevates it and makes it so much better. When eaten together, the milky dulce ice cream, decadent dark chocolate and rich, almost caramel-like peanut butter mousse tastes like your familiar supermarket chocolate bar, albeit tenfold more luxurious and sinful. A smaller portion would perhaps be just as indulgent and not as belly busting.

Taste: 3.5/5


Breakfast is available, but only on weekends from 9am to 11am, where you can indulge in breakfast dishes fresh from the oven and pan, including Trapizza’s signature pizzas with a breakfast spin.
One thing I really enjoyed on the menu is their Croissant Waffles. They look exactly like waffles from far, but upon closer examination you'll see they actually have the texture of croissants.
If you're heading to the beach, consider this eatery that has finally reopened after a 6-month transformation, presenting a revitalised dining experience for diners of all ages.
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⁣⁣Japanese style hot-stone bibimbap! Bed of premium Koshihikari rice, topped with a mixture of pan-fried and barbequed pork and raw egg. Mixed together upon the addition of a secret sauce. This dish has a sweet, smoky flavour, together with the creaminess from the egg and the succulent marinated meat slices. Yummy!

Double-boiled soup of their signature Tonkotsu and bonito, served with thin, firm Hosomen ramen and seared pork cheek slices. The bonito added a savoury and smoky depth to the tonkotsu broth, a unique flavour to the usual umami base!

Simple classic Tonkotsu ramen garnished with black onion sauce which enhances the flavour to another level. What I really love about their ramen is the broth. Rich but not overly salty, making it so addictive and easy to gulp down the whole bowl of soup.

Sō Ramen’s signature dish! This hearty bowl of ramen contains pork cooked in 3 ways, namely Toroniku (braised pork cheek), Cha Shu (braised pork belly in cha shu sauce) and Buta Kakuni (braised pork belly in special sauce), garnished with black onion sauce to enhance its flavour. Definitely for those who love the meats!

After all the rich food, this refreshing sherbert was the perfect palate cleanser. I normally don’t like the intense floral sweetness of elderflower flavoured food and beverage, but this elderflower cream was well-balanced and complimented the grassy notes of the iced confectionery.

Taste: 3.5/5


Expect nothing less than sheer perfection from the highest quality Wagyu steak – rosy, tender meat accentuated with a concentrated jus. The sides were no slouches either, with melt-in-your-mouth braised Japanese beef cheek hidden under a plume of salty chorizo fumet and multi-layered folds of zucchini.

Taste: 3.5/5


Japanese ingredients married with European technique is a common theme across many of chef Benjamin Halat's dishes, and to his credit, usually executed with much success. The Hokkaido scallop is succulent and naturally sweet, draped with a whisper thin slice of pork terrine for a subtle touch of unctuousness, and while unusual, the sauerkraut works in lending acid and texture to the comparatively mild tasting and soft scallop. As for the parsley oil sauce, let's just say I tried but failed miserably to mop up every last drop with slices of scallop.

Taste: 3.5/5


Experience a small yet essential part of chef Ben’s childhood – a famous German herb lemonade brewed from 38 herbs, spices, flowers and berries, made all the more special because only the finest ingredients were carefully handpicked, dried and sent over to Singapore by his family. Sweet, herbal and slightly fizzy, it served as an ideal refresher and palate cleanser before our main course.

Taste: 3.5/5

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