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Interesting concept, duck was pretty good. Liked that the condiments given were included in the price and generous too. Enjoyable experience, will return

The puff is so good!! Crispy shell filled with creamy goodness. Hidden gem!! Must drop by if you’re at Sentosa.

Ate their delicious durian pizza in Centre Point outlet (closed down) 3 years back and was looking forward to it this trip but it was sold out (they probably just don’t have the ingredients bc there’s no crowd). So was already disappointed bc I went all the way there for it + service from the waitress was bad.

Truffle Pasta: no truffle taste, basically eating carbonara (we returned the pasta bc it was a waste of money) - $20

Pizza: p generous with the ingredients but how can seafood pasta be so tasteless??? bad. pizza crust was thin & crispy tho but that’s about it

Total Damage: $36 (pizza + a cup of coffee)

3 flavours for the snowskin are :
🥮Rose lingzhi Spores with Longan
🥮Matcha with Tangerine Peel
🥮Purple Sweet Potato with Manuka Honey
💰$98 nett per box of six pieces.
The timeless mooncake, Baked Mooncakes set includes :
🥮 Macadamia Nut (夏威夷坚果月饼(低糖)).
🥮 Double Yolk (双黄月饼(低糖)),
🥮Pandan with Yam Coconut (香兰山芋椰香月饼).
🥮Baked Egg Custard with Melon Seeds ( 焗 蛋 挞瓜子月饼 ).
💰$68 nett for a box of four pieces.

To place order :
💕Feng Shui Inn, Crockfords Tower, Level G2, Resorts World Sentosa.
💕 email at [email protected]
💕phone 6577 6599.
RWS Invites members can enjoy a 20% discount, while Maybank and Mastercard® Credit and Debit card holders can enjoy a 15% and 10% discount respectively ( with Terms and conditions apply).

After our mains, we were served with two delightful desserts – the hot chocolate soup and lemon tart. The chocolate soup is actually a chocolate lava cake dessert, accompanied by a scoop of black pepper ice cream and a strip of sesame crisp. Slowly sliding the spoon into the centre of the lava cake beautifully revealed the gooey molten Varhona chocolate, which was super rich and thick! We know many of you might think that the idea of adding black pepper into ice cream is weird and unconventional, but the slight hint of pepper actually helps make the dessert less cloying.

For citrus desserts’ lovers, you might want to give the lemon tart a try. Though the lemon tart was slightly too sour for our taste, we feel that eating it together with the vanilla ice cream has helped balance out the sourness perfectly! Overall, it was a pleasant dessert, but we feel that it would be better if the base of the tart can be slightly crispier to give this treat that extra crunch.

Overall, the lunch experience at Osia was a very pleasant one. The service crews were very friendly and attentive to our needs. Also, the ambience of the restaurant definitely helps elevate the whole dining experience and is a good choice for any special or celebratory occasions!

After enjoying the flatbread and starters, we moved on to the highlight of the meal. For the mains, we opted for the pan-seared salmon and the classic chicken confit. The salmon was grilled beautifully with perfect sear marks on the exterior and juices nicely sealed in the salmon.

On the other hand, the chicken confit’s skin was nicely crisped with the meat perfectly seasoned. The meat was so tender that it fell off the bone without much effort when we cut it.

Although the mains were well-executed, we feel that there wasn’t a wow factor to it. Given the slightly higher price point, we probably would not be going back there anytime soon.

Before heading down to Osia, we already heard many good reviews of their signature flatbread that is freshly baked upon order using stone hearth oven. So, we decided to order it to taste it ourselves.

While reading some Osia’s review on Burpple, we came across a really helpful tip from fellow burppler – we were able to mix up to 2 flavours for every tray of flatbread! This gave us the chance to try both the Garlic Butter & Parmesan and Bush Tomato & Cheddar flavours offered on their set lunch menu.

The flatbread definitely did not disappoint. It was extremely crisp on the edges and airy on the inside with a nice charred flavour. The bread also came with several accompaniments to help enhance the flavour of the dish. We personally prefer butter as it helps add extra fragrance to the bread without covering the flavour from the toppings.

We were actually hoping to see the signature “toothpaste” tube dip but the restaurant seems not to be serving it at the moment. Instead, the dip was served in a sauce dish. Although we were slightly disappointed, we will still highly recommend you to give their flatbread a try!

Breakfast @miskacafe As they ran out of waffles, I have replaced it with Pancakes with Poached Eggs
#miskacafe #sentosacove #quaysideisle #burpple #burpplesg

Cream Puff ($5.50)
⭐️ 5/5 ⭐️
🍴This has taken the spot of my favourite cream puff in Singapore (or at least for now, please feel free to recommend others that I should try!) I can’t stop talking about/ craving it, and would probably be eating it more if it were more accessible 😂. Previously tried it at the tanjong pagar outlet and it became my most viewed & liked post - scroll to see the crazy reach it got 😅. Because of the long waittime at the popular CBD cafe, I could only have it in takeaway form which made the cream less chilled by the time I dug in. So was really happy to chance upon the Sentosa outlet which had 0 people on a weekday. Having the creamy and light custard cold with the balance of crispy & crunchy puff brought a huge smile to my face😃. Actually contemplated not posting again in case it gets too much hype and becomes like donq’s uji matcha bun but decided that good things must be shared 😌
📍@baristartcoffee_sg, Sentosa, 40 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore

Insta: cafehoppingkids

Ordered milkshake. Peppermint + rum & raisin, cookie dough + salted caramel. The texture is abit too runny for milkshake but good deal. Paid $8.90 in total

Of course not so little, this is half eaten. You can tell it's good duck. There's a layer of fat below the skin. Quite gamey. Interesting rice.