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Lucky that we joined the queue right before the lunch crowd came! Picked mee kia and they were done as q as usual. Just can’t get enough of their umami sole fish based broth - it’s super comforting and the depth of flavour is always so impressive!


Salmon soba bowl ($18+)

The mix of the bowl was simply delectable! Salmon was well cooked and you can add the sourish yoghurt to pair. However, even on its own, it tastes good. Didnt have any trouble polishing off the entire bowl.

Since it’s opening, it has become one of my top favorite cafes✨💕since I visited the last time, have been eyeing their cold brew bottles 👀 you can bring it home!!! I tried the cosmos, I love the lightly bittered yet smooth refreshing coffee toned flavor - easily appreciated by even non-coffee regulars 👍 you will definitely see this place few times on my feed🤗
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Love their Butterscotch Banana Pancake but I can’t say the same for the Strawberry Maple Pancake. The thick pancake was generously topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry compote, accompanied with maple syrup and butter. Strawberries helps balance the sweetness but as it was kinda dense, we couldn’t quite finish it.


The beef is tender and flavourful and the onsen egg cooked to perfect runny doneness. The serving size is a little small but for the price and given this location, I think it's appropriate. My only gripe about this meal is that the meat is cut up into too small pieces!

Nothing much to shout about, perhaps other dishes would fare better.

Only $19 for everything pictured above, it fed 4 of us well! Be prepared for long queues though as this is one of the most popular stalls in Serangoon Gardens Food Centre (and for good reason).

The sweet, mellow, soft roasted pears worked so well with the generous amount of crispy bacon and creamy ricotta, and when you put all that yumminess on a really good slice of bread — serious toast heaven. What I found to be an especially great touch, was the fried sage leaves liberally sprinkled over. It adds such a surprisingly earthy, savoury, and wonderfully herbaceous note to the toast, completely elevating it imho. What I didn’t really like though, was how sweet the caramelised onions were. They would’ve been fine in dishes without other sweet elements, but here, together with the roasted pears, it made the entire dish a little too sweet for me.


We visited @apollocoffeebar , cozy cafe at Serangoon neighbourhood.
Feature the Wurst Rosti.
Thick with crispy edges potato rosti,served with cheese frank , organic sunny eggs, bacon fennel pan sauce and charred tomato.
📍Apollo Coffee Bar.
65 Serangoon garden way.

I mean first off the ciabatta’s GREAT. Super fluffy and airy dough, and a crust that’s got just the right amount of crisp (read: doesn’t shred up the roof of my mouth). They’re really generous with the smashed avo as well, which, very surprisingly, works superbly well with the soft, earthy nori. Then you’ve got the nicely salted crispy baked kale chips, and a generous squeeze of lime to pull it all together. So good 🥰 Psst the iced chocolate in the background was the weirdest I’ve had though. Way too much vanilla in there that just threw it all off balance.

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It's fried chicken, and it's good 👍 Service here is great, they even provided disposable gloves should you prefer not to get your hands oily.

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