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Really enjoyable bowl of chilled pasta with the crunch from the sakura ebi and sweetness from the tobiko. Even more refreshing when it is served chilled!

From Atlas Coffeehouse And Columbus Coffee Co. comes this cute cafe that's great for when you're craving a cuppa in the North. For an elevated take on the Egg McMuffin, have their scrumptious Breakfast Burger ($16.50) that sees scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon sandwiched in a broiche bun. Also good is their crispy Wurst Rosti (S$23.50) hidden beneath a blanket of sunny side up eggs. End your meal on a sweet note with the Miso Caramel Soft Serve ($7) topped with caramel popcorn. For coffee, don't miss out on the Cosmos Cold Brew ($7), or Milky Way Cold Brew ($7).
Photo by Burppler Sarah Lim

used beyond 1-1 at fat boy’s for their main dish! overall was pleasant! except for the patty of the cheese burger was slightly on the salty for my liking

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Featuring the following:
▪️Cheesy Beef Rice Burger ($8.90)
▪️Kaisen Nabe* ($16.90)
▪️Oysters ($3 each)
▪️Unagi Claypot Rice* ($19.90)
▪️Salad with Truffle Oil Dressing ($7.90)
▪️Oden (from $0.90 onwards)
▪️Australian Wagyu Beef ($20.90)
▪️Chicken Liver Pate with Toast ($5.90)
▪️Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Sakura Ebi* ($16.90)
Located in the heart of Serangoon Gardens, @yakibabar is helmed by Master Chef Wei with over 18 years of experience with Japanese cuisine, offering unique and delectable twists on traditional Yakitori skewers and a variety of Japanese dishes to whet your appetite using only the freshest of premium ingredients and NO MSG! Pair your food with wide selection of premium Sake to make it a memorable dining experience!
Featuring their lunch sets which serves 1 pax and comes with appetizer, cabbage, miso soup, imported Japanese rice or pasta and dessert. (Dessert may vary due to season). There's also free refill for rice, cabbage and miso soup. Craving for coffee? Simply topup $1 more and enjoy an espresso shot!
Be sure to out their Japanese Yong Tao with choices such as japanese konnyaou, hard boiled egg, deep-freezed tofu, Japanese radish, Japanese fishcake & tsukune. 😋
Thank you @eatsnapsg for the invite and @yakibabar for having us! 🙆🏻‍♂️
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Minced pork noodles ($6)

Normal size is $5 and $6 is a bigger bowl (add noodles and ingredients). Ordered $6 but just add ingredients. There was lots of pork slices and minced meat, together with mushroom slices which were well marinated (I asked for no liver). Chilli was not spicy though. Thought could be saltier so added my own soy sauce. The soup is the bomb. So much taste and has the 扁鱼 taste and bite.

Love it when I can have ice cream for brunch, and a miso flavoured ice cream no less. This sweet-savoury soft serve with caramel popcorn turned out to be my favourite item that morning.

Not too sure what a prench toast (as opposed to a french toast) means, but that was what it's named on the menu. Apart from the name there was nothing very special about this. And assuming its of the same standards as their sister restaurant Atlas, would recommend their waffles or pancakes over this anytime.

Essentially a mini big breakfast - scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon, broiche bun - reconstructed into a burger. This would please fans of brunch. Looks like a small portion but surprisingly hearty. Added a pair of sausages ($3) on the side as well.

Rare off day brunch. Decided to go big and went for the wurst rosti. It was quite bland. The wurst and burnt tomato was nothing special. While some reviews lauded the crispy rosti, the taste was pretty flat. The coffee was OK, expected more given the hype.

I like the way the serve the beef here, pieces of steak arranged to cover the bed of rice beneath. Truffle flavour was nicely perceivable and not overpowering. Loved the addition of garlic chips too.

YBB Skewer Meat
Kagoshima Wagyu Beef - $11.90
Everyone knows the fatty Kagoshima wagyu beef, just some light seasoning after flaming and it’s perfect. Tender and fatty all in one. There are many places that sell yakitori but yakibabar has more up its sleeve, they offer beef tongue cubes! Marinated with a perfect sauce and cooked till tender. Their tontonro pork skewer was awesome as well, so fatty so tender so shiok
In my opinion their best item is their foie gras skewer! Love love love it! Nicely coated with a sweet sauce, even someone who don’t eat foie gras like me as blown away and becomes a fan. They offer a lot more types of skewers, main dishes, and wide range of Japanese sake for pairing! Your dinner just got more exciting

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The waffle was pretty yummy when it was quite fluffy on the inside. The ice cream on the other hand have a quiet taste, dare to try if you’re game or craving for a bowl of miso soup! Thankfully the caramel popcorn balances out the miso.