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Got the grass fed Angus rib-eye with the Burpple 1-4-1 deal and it did not disappoint! The steak was a beautiful medium-rare, just the way I like it! The steak was tender and packed full of rich flavor. Kudos to the chef!

Durian Mousse - Double shot, $6 from πƒπžπ¬π¬πžπ«π­ 𝐁𝐨𝐰π₯ δΈ€η’—η”œε“ β €
β €
πŸ“80A, Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555976 (Located at 2nd Floor)β €
⏰ Tue-Thur 1pm-10.30pm, Fri-Sat 1pm-12.30am, Sun 1pm-11.30pm, Closed Mondaysβ €
β €
β €
This post is dedicated specially for all Durian lovers! πƒπžπ¬π¬πžπ«π­ 𝐁𝐨𝐰π₯ δΈ€η’—η”œε“ is a hidden gem in Serangoon Garden serving their Signature Durian Mousse, a must-try dessert on every visit. Their Durian Mousse cost $5 and it comes with 1 scoop of durian flesh, but we highly recommend you to try their Durian Mousse - Double shot that comes with not 1, but 2 scoops of Durian Flesh 🀀🀀!! This is absolutely delicious and heavenly shiok! This is so super good that we had to order another portion of it as we couldn’t resist it! Durian Mousse were well blended to perfection, they are icy cold and it’s perfectly silky smooth. The scoops are purely 100% D4 durian flesh and they are served cold, adding a powerful punch of flavours to the mousse. Not too sweet and we will definitely be back soon again for more Durian Mousse 😍😍!!! β €
β €
β €
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Used the 2 Mains for $20 deal and thought it was pretty worth it. Also ordered the calamari sides but we thought it was too thick and oily for our liking. Overall it was an okay experience!

Still my favourite kway chap. I’ve never tried anywhere else with the same thin, silky sheets of kway. The ingredients are braised perfectly- not too salty, with the perfect blend of spices. Special shout out to the tender pig trotter with layers of delicious gelatinous fat. As my brother said, each piece tastes fantastic. I also love the thoo thor (pig’s stomach) and slightly sweet fishcake. Such a comforting meal.

Light hot chocolate. Served with mini marshmallows. Cup handle is too small to be held. Quite impractical.

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Bratwurst, 2 fried eggs on a rosti. A bit overpriced at $24.90.

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Comfort food on a rainy day. Pork with scrambled eggs on top on a bed of steamed white rice

Pork bowl or butadon. Spicy pork with a fried egg on a bed of steamed white rice

The ingredients were generous but abit small for my liking. Good stuff though, due to the bright mango flavour which hits you immediately