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Ice cream ✕ Red Velvet Waffle ✕ ☕ + a 🐰
they're 0pen till late
great f0r sup 😉

We feel that this is really as good as what we would called Singapore style ramen, expect that you get rich fish maw broth instead of pork or chicken bones. Unfortunately, it does require some luck to get our hands on this bowl from Seng Kee as its opening hours can be quite erratic. Not to mention be prepared to brace yourself for the long queue as well. Now, long weekend begins!

I used to prefer Ah Hock (red plate) over this stall when choosing fried hokkien mee at Chomp Chomp Food Centre, but lately i’ve been more inclined towards Chia Keng.

The style here is the sticky wet kind, with a flavourful wok hei taste in the noodles. With fresh prawns and super shiok sambal chilli as well, this beats Ah Hock for me.

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Chomp chomp has known to be very crowded during meal times. Best is to avoid peak hours. As much as the food is good, not sure if it is worth the wait for seats. Actually had to wait 40mins to eat these bbq seafood.
Verdict: worth travelling to serangoon gardens for it but maybe not the extra waiting time for seats.

Had an apple tart before deciding to get this pizza (at 9.30pm lol), but no regrets!!!

Thought we would eat half and dabao the rest, but it was so good we finished the whole thing 😂.

The pizzas here have an awesome chewy crust made from sourdough, and I love sourdough!!! The tomato base was really good - not the store-bought super sweet pastey kind at many pizza chains. It was light and tangy, and goes perfectly with the crust. They were really generous with the ingredients too 👍 (well, at $26, I would be disappointed if they weren't generous...)

Would definitely be going back for more!

Braised to tender, flavorsome perfection, the duck here is worth braving the queue and the heat for.

Masterfully prepared, the layer of fat in between the skin and the meat is mostly rendered out so what you’re left with is succulent meat with just a teeny weeny layer of buttery fat to give it that ‘shiok’ appeal.

While then braised duck alone is great, I usually get the full kit that includes a braised hard boiled egg, tau pok and tau gua. The braising liquid or sauce, while thinner than many others, goes very well with the rice which is sometimes a problem because I often find myself opting for an extra plate of rice. If you have the stomach for it, definitely go for their pig’s stomach soup, which boasts a peppery flavour somewhat similar to bak kut teh but not quite.

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Fresh and expertly prepared ingredients from their assorted braised delights to their wonderful soup, this is one stall I always find myself returning to—especially on mornings when I’m severely hungover and in need of proper, nourishing comfort.

The body of their soup is robust and full-flavored with a strong pork flavour underscored beautifully with aromatics such as fried garlic, tomatoes and preserved vegetables.

We ordered two portions of chicken wings and all this cost $5.50, which was really quite affordable. The basmati rice was so incredibly fragrant, fluffy and flavourful, the egg was perfectly done with a runny yolk and all the ingredients had significant effort put into them - all fresh and satisfying. The only gripe I would have would be that the chicken could be bigger (but then again I’m very used to Punggol Nasi Lemak’s giant chicken drumsticks), and the chilli wasn’t very spicy.

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Find other ways to get your fix. Always go for double shot of durian.
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Feat. rojak, carrot cake, sambal stingray, satay and grilled chicken wings.

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No, this ain’t the Chicken McSpicy we all know and love, but it’s All Bout Chicken’s very cheekily named spicy Mac and cheese with minced chicken going at $4.90 a serving.

It is surprisingly pale in color, I was definitely expecting something more red and...violent, considering its touting as a spicy Mac and cheese rendition. The crumbly bits adorning the top is the spicy minced chicken. The Mac and cheese itself is surprisingly light. The béchamel sauce slathered upon every elbow of macaroni was not too dense, yet retained more than enough creaminess to satisfy any Mac & cheese aficionado out there.

The minced chicken was unfortunately underwhelming, as it was a bit bland and wasn’t really all that spicy despite me ordering the ‘regular spice’ after a quick exchange with the chef/stall owner.

Overall, while the Chicken Mac Spicy was passable, it could’ve been a lot better and had a lot more spice and flavor. Better yet, they could’ve smothered it all under a blanket of cheese, pop it into the grill and turn it into a Mac & cheese bake. However, what really saved the entire dish was the most unlikely of things: the garlic bread on the side.

On paper, it’s just some panini with garlic butter on it. However, in reality, the panini was perfectly toasted, and it was more than amply coated with the impossibly garlicky butter. Addictive to the nth degree.

The Chicken Mac Spicy has a long way to go for improvement, but the garlic bread on the side is positively perfect. The whole shebang is best enjoyed with satay and bbq chicken wings from any of the nearby stalls, beer from the drinks stall at the end of the row, and the boys.

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