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Welcome to Serangoon Gardens.

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The fan favourite at Serangoon Garden is known for its tender and succulent Braised Duck Rice.

You can tell a stall is doing it right when the queues are snaking long throughout the day, and customers are willing to wait even in rush hours.

The regular portion of Duck Rice at $3.50 is quite quite its priced, while you can top up with other ingredients such as braised pork, pig head meat, pig tongue, pig ear, braised egg, tau pok and cabbage.

What people like would be the nostalgic Teochew flavours of tender duck pieces, paired well with the white rice drizzled with braising sauce.


Free Delivery with minimum order of S$35 placed one day in advance
Available at @nictomeatery by @bainiansg ...
百年酿豆腐 (9 pieces) (S$5.90)
Traditional Hakka yong tau foo - flavourful broth, prawn paste, pork paste, white, black, tofu, bittergourd with pork paste
Like that broth, chilli, sweet sauces are packed separately.

Long Jiang Pig Leg Rice (Trotter) 隆江猪脚饭 (S$4.90)
Braised tender pork trotter, kiam chye, and meat cake, paired with pearl rice drizzled with braised sauce

Seafood Cheese Beehoon 气死米粉 (S$9.90)
Cheddar cheese infused seafood broth with springy bee hoon together with fresh prawns, scallops, mixed paste
Broth was packed separately.
The broth was more of seafood taste than cheese.

Pig Platter (S$21.90)
Mouth-watering Pork trotter, tender lean meat, flavourful pork intestines with kiamchye and meatcake
😒didn’t see any of the stated pork intestines. Came with a packet of braised broth.

WhatsApp To Order : 8410 4122

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It was a younger man cooking and it wasn't as good. The soup still possessed Seng Kee's X-factor, but less impressive than usual. Worst was the noodles, which were slightly undercooked.

It’s no secret I adore what @mustardseed_sg has been and is doing. Regardless of the form they have taken - be it private dining in their home, an intimate counter-seating-only restaurant or the current delivery / takeaway mode, the food that Chef @mkthehansum conceptualises and creates, with his fiancée Chef @xshinyinx, always manages to surprise, charm and immensely satiate.
Their most recent takeaway set menu ($138, feeds 2) was based on the theme of “Exploring Rempah” and it’s the strongest to date (in my opinion anyway). Most likely because there’s been enough time for the team to find their groove as they adjusted to the government’s guidelines for this Circuit Breaker.
As expected, I had my favourites from this menu. The first of these would be the “Penang Hae Mee Tng with Sea Prawns” which I’d kill to have again. The fresh crustaceans were indecently sweet but I was more enamoured with the stock-rich broth and its slow-rising heat from the dissolved sambal. I hope Chef Ming Kiat will deign to repeat it because it’s much too cruel to serve this once.
Also maddeningly delicious to me were the “Meatball Masak Merah” (which I felt, bore a close similarity to the “Masak Merah Duckballs” Chef Ming Kiat had served at one of his earlier private dining sessions), and the knock-your-socks-off-fragrant “Potato and White Curry Gratin” which tasted more complex than its appearance suggested.
The “Sambal Timun with Jambu Air” knew how to ensnare my heart as well. Unlike my maternal grandma’s heavier, drier version, Chef Ming Kiat prepared his with a lightness, reframing the traditional for me, in an appealing new way.
Fragrant, tangy and medium in spiciness, the “Grouper Perut Ikan” fish dish was flooded with small pieces of vegetables and pineapple. I found plain white rice to cushion the piquancy of this dish best.
The “Ayam Panggang”, marinated in turmeric rempah, toasted “soto” spices and shio koji, was smoky and tender.
Dessert was a mini but decadent “Kueh Jongkong”. I cleaned my cup completely of the pandan-flavoured custard with gula melaka and fresh coconut milk. I was happy that it was not too sweet either.

Not as thick as what youll expect from Matchaya but still a decent cup of matcha latte in terms of concentration of their matcha. If they would dial back on the syrup, I think this makes a p good matcha latte.

The chocolate aspect came on strong yet I was able to taste the coffee - truly one of the best iced mocha I have tried.

Will recommend!

Apollo really got their proportions on their iced latte right!

The right balance of coffee and milk! The coffee in is strong enough for it to stand out, blending perfectly with the milk for a creamy taste, leaving your mouth with a mildly bitter aftertaste.

One of my go to for an iced latte:)

sinful but satisfying breakfast feast! bacon and scrambled eggs lovers will love this!!

A place to dine at popular makan hangout place Serangoon Gardens. This chicken rice restaurant is a old timer and rings a bell with residents around the area even folks who stay far away like me. The rice is aromatic n the chicken is tender as well as mouthwatering. Its a very cool place for a chicken rice rather hustling with everyone at Chomp Chomp. This shows u noe where to eat great stuff.....

We tried their Pork Belly Bak Kut Teh ($10.90) and Braised Pig’s Trotter ($12.90), and were impressed with the fragrant and robust herbal soup base of the former while the latter was tender and flavourful! We also ordered the Muar Mackerel Otah ($9.90) and Fried Beancurd Skin Soup ($6.90) to share.

That said, they are currently offering islandwide delivery, so you can get their nourishing herbal bak kut teh sent straight to your doorstep! Do check their page for more info.

I have a lot of backlog from my “food adventures” at home but the first meal today was these buns from the famous Serangoon Garden Market hawker bakery stall.
At those prices it is almost a no-brainer why people leave with boxES of bread. These were nothing artisanal fancy but your honest hawker’s keep that comforts. In particular the hot cross bun was a treat at a “premium” with spices that reminded me of chai latte.

P.S: mind the CNY cushion we’ve kept 😅

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Decided to takeaway for my family during the circuit breaker, but the food was still really good when I reached home! The pizzas were delicious and the Arancini is a MUST TRY. Would definitely go back again, hopefully can dine in next time after the CB.