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Being one of the famous hawker centres where good food are gathered, I guess Chomp Chomp needs no further introduction! 😊 Thankful that it is pretty near my house too so I can conveniently pop by for a feast! ✌🏻 Here’s what my friends & I enjoyed:
🔹️Satay ($22 for 30 sticks + kueh tupat)
🔹️BBQ Chicken Wings & 3 Otah (wings at $1.40 each, otah at $2.50 each)
🔹️Hokkien Mee ($5)
🔹️Carrot Cake ($5)
🔹️Oyster Omelette ($8)
🔹️Char Kway Teow ($4)
🔹️Sambal Stingray ($20)
🔹️Sambal Lala (clams) ($15)
🔹️Sambal Kang Kong ($6)
🔹️Sambal Sotong (squid) ($12)
🔹️Sugar Cane Tower ($10)
Ah Hock Fried Hokkien Mee that warranted a 30mins wait certainly did not disappoint - so moist & flavourful! 😋😋😋 Enjoyed the oyster omelette & carrot cake too - can’t go wrong with plump juicy oysters & eggy plate of goodness! 💯
For BBQ Seafood, go to 忠忠海味园 Hai Wei Yuan BBQ - their sambal chilli is super fragrant & has a nice spicy kick 🌶 that goes well with any seafood! 🐟🦑 We tried from their competitor beside too (忠邦 福烧烤海鲜) but I found their chilli to be lacklustre. 😔
Chong Pang Chicken Wings were really good - well-marinated & grilled to the perfect brown, with an irresistible smoky aroma. 🤤🤤🤤 However, please give their otah a miss - it was essentially flour with mild flavours. 🙅🏻‍♀️
Perfect place to visit with family & friends so you can try a bit of everything! 💕

The garlic herb prawns were really fresh and well flavoured. The prawns actually arrive the restaurant live and they prepare it straight after!

We got to try the Carbonara, 1889 Premium Margherita Pizza served with fresh whole burrata, Arancini (deep fried truffled mushroom risotto balls) and Garlic Herb Prawns. Everything we tried was extremely tasty and the textures were on point too. I particularly liked the premium margherita with the rich creamy burrata 😍😍 They have unique flavoured pizzas that rotate on a seasonal basis as well. To add on, they have cold brewed teas that are perfect for a hot day too! ⁣

Thank you @anticsatplay for the invite and @thepeel1889 for feeding us! 🤗

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Pretty good and affordable lasagna! Just small.

Steak for your furry kid! ($14)

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The portion was pretty large and the marination of the beef with onions was a pleasant mix with the rice and the onsen egg. It was definitely an above average meal and was better than expected. Not the best beef don out there but it will help to quench a craving if needed. Would get only with the burpple beyond deal though.

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This place is always crowded so I haven't had this in years! Despite that, it still tastes as good as I remember, and is still as value for money as before:) I love the wide range of dessert and the homely interior. It's best to come early on weekends especially.

File this stall away for future food expeditions to Serangoon Gardens Food Centre. The highlight of their Nasi Lemak (from $3) is definitely the incredibly fragrant basmati rice sporting a delightful coconut aroma. Accompanying that is a perfectly fried egg with a runny core, crispy ikan billis and kuning fish, as well as a well-marinated fried chicken. Cover it all in their sweet and spicy sambal chilli — sedap!
Photo by Burppler The Modernlad


THIS WAS SO DELICIOUS!!! Loved the wagyu beef cooked to perfection, it was so tasty and melts in your mouth. Amount of sauce drizzled was just the right amount too, not too salty.
10/10 would recommend!!!


Missing this bowl of mushroom noodles from Seng Kee right now. Have a great Sunday everyone!

Soup was well balanced, equal parts sour and salty. Generous helping of liver, stomach, intestines, lean meat and pork belly. Touch of salted vegetables added an old school touch to the soup. Cost of this soup is $6.