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Salted caramel chocolate tart ($6.50)
Passionfruit meringue tart ($6.50)

Both really good, with the perfect mix of flavours. The crust is buttery and melts in your mouth!!
The passionfruit meringue is a good balance between sour and sweet :)
The salted caramel is a classic <3

honey citrus jasmine w yuzu blossom jelly n passionfruit pops

very refreshing :) only worth with 1-1 bc it’s a little pricey ($8.50)

This tart is well balanced with its rich hazelnut cream and semi dark chocolate tart. I love how it's still on the sweeter side and it goes so well with a black English breakfast or Earl Grey tea. The nuts on top and the crisp tart give you that extra crunch to seal the deal.

the sourdough here had a really nice flavor but what i like most about mr kneady’s is the small sizes they offer! allowing us to finish the bread without it getting stale

I had thought that the cold one was delicious already, but the warm one was even better! Granted, we had this on a not-so-hot day, but there’s just something about the warmness making the rock sugar water and ingredients complement each other better.

Thin beehoon and yellow mee was used here, and I liked the different textures! The broth is also quite tasty. I would think that this is an above average hokkien mee stall, but not the *best* (golden mile’s remains the best).

(didn't get to take photos of my meal bc was too hungry + dabaoed during circuit breaker so wasn't quite aesthetic)

The grilled mixed veg aglio olio ($9) was scrumptious with a solid olive oil sauce base filled with generous amounts of garlic (my fav!). There's also a good balance of grilled veggies like zucchini, wild mushrooms and pasta. My dad who's not usually into italian food loved it!

I ordered the white wine vongole ($9), which had white asiatic clams that were fresh and pretty plump compared to other clam pastas I ate at other hawker places. Enjoyed slurping up the white wine sauce which had more of a soupy texture; fresh and well-seasoned with pepper and coriander.

Worthy of note is that despite dabaoing via pick-up, the pasta still retained the al dente texture across the two pasta dishes. Asked for chilli in both pasta dishes which was enjoyable for us but could be a bit too spicy for the uninitiated.

The wild mushroom soup with garlic bread ($5) was a bit of a letdown: the cream taste overpowered the mushrooms and the soup was too creamy to my liking, even though I enjoy cheese- and cream-heavy dishes. The garlic bread was deliciously crispy on the edge but could have a stronger garlic spread taste.

Still, I enjoyed the meal and am looking forward to go back and try other dishes! Quite value-for-money for the quality as Italian hawker food.

So touched by my friend, who got me there treats while patrolling. This cafe specialises in honey treats and I really enjoyed the zesty honey lemon cheesecake 🍋 🍰

The hazelnut choc tart is pretty decadent too.

I adore the honey themed food here, so healthy yet tasty! None of that deep fried stuff that are typical to lazy cafes. Of their range of waffle sandwiches, the beef ragu is my favourite as it is slightly spicy from Jalapeños, and includes a sunny side up with perfect flowy yolk. This sandwich is part of the $35.90 Bundle B, which includes a salmon mentai don and two honey drinks, perfect for a couple. When taking out, the waffle is packed separately so that the toppings don't make it soggy
Order was ready waiting for me when I arrived about 30min after my telephone order 👍
🚙 : easy street parking just outside the shop (parallel parking skills required)
💡: don't miss their one for one promotion on all cakes and tarts too!

Half of it with signature soya sauce below.
Boon Chiang Hainanese Chicken Rice.
Tender soft meat, smooth skin.
Added liver.

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Ordered the Pepperoni and Mushroom pizza. 7" pizza portion is decent for two pax but can be more generous with the ingredients. Pizza were tasty but a little burnt at the side. Overall yummy and delicious! Will return with entertainer 1-1.

Claypot Rice, medium $13. Loving their Claypot Chicken Rice here!! Generous servings of chicken and it’s super flavorful, tender and juicy!! It also comes with salted fish, Chinese sausage and vegs! Their professional staff will assist with adding the right amount of black sauce and stirring it to 💯 perfection with a lil crispiness of the edges of the claypot!! Heavenly delicious!