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Tender soft braised pig trotters $6.
Seasoned with aniseed, dried chilli, garlic and long hours of watchfulness.
Bowl of fluffy rice 50 cents.
Kopi $1.10 a cup.


Traditional breakfast: toasted bread with kaya butter, two soft boiled eggs and cup of coffee.

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$7 portion, included boiled prawns, sliced lean pork, minced pork, sliced fish cake, pork ball and of course bouncy fish ball.
Savoury sauce, chosen chilli + ketchup mix, stirred into the noodles, slurp up.
Yummy indeed and definitely satisfying.


Mill chocolate mousse was quite nice but perhaps because of the temperature it was served at, the whole dessert just tasted like chocolate ice cream with bits of peanut(doesn't help that the salted caramel taste was so lacking)
Definitely still delicious but doesn't deliver on expectations

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Mixing the perfectly poached onsen egg together with the rice, every mouth of rice I ate gives off a very fragrance seaweed taste. Not sure why there鈥檚 seaweed fragrance when I can鈥檛 find any dried seaweed in the bowl. The pork cheek was soft and super tender, the sauce on the pork cheek enhanced the flavor. However, I find the pork cheek not juicy and fragrance (w/out the sauce) enough. Nevertheless, it鈥檚 a good bowl of pork cheek bento found at hawker place.


Comes in cubes on a stick. Looks pretty plain. Despite the dry-looking outer appearance, the tenderness following the little crust from the slightly burnt exterior completes the taste of this beef skewer. Beef taste is not over-powering, good enough to eat even without the sauce.


Looks like a normal Japanese don dish with chicken, scallops, fish roe and tamago. The chicken though soft, gives off a slightly burnt taste just the way I love it. However, the scallops is lackluster. The tamago is perfectly done, soft and tasty. The little roe tinge the bowl lightly with the taste of the sea. Mixing it with the rice gave off a creamy taste.
Oh wait! There are bacon bits (I wish there is more) enhanced and gave the whole don a level up!


10 inches long, wrap with potatoes, $2.50, mint chutney, daal and curry.
Cup of hot coffee $1.10, robust and smooth.


Utterly delicious! Savoury cheese and tomato sauce melds together to form sth that's so simple yet flavourful. Can taste the smokiness from the smoked mozzarella. Definitely a must order with the superb sourdough crust

It鈥檚 the first time I see #lotussoup served with it. For $3 , I think the portion is reasonable. I am trying not use use the plastic saucer for my sauces too. .
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All cheesecakes at 4.5 and all creme brulees at 6.5 if I'm not wrong. Really dense cream cheese layer with a soft biscuit crust. There's a slight savoury note from the cheese which is always nice. Topped with a sugar glaze