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The Naughty Chef serves up Italian indulgences in Bedok Marketplace, bringing a nice variety to the cuisines on offer there. Freshly baked pizzas and homemade pastas are all yours to savor, and they’re quite affordable as well.

Their daily special on the day I visited was this 10 inch beef cheek with Gorgonzola cheese & portobello mushroom pizza at $19 nett, and boy did I net myself a superb deal.

The massive chunks of beef cheeks were stupendously savory and insanely tender. So tender, in fact, that all you need to tear up those thick cheeks are your teeth. The Gorgonzola cheese was a little too mild, but did it’s part by adding a salty, thoroughly enjoyable cheesy element to the pizza. The earthiness and chewiness of the portobello mushrooms rounded off the pizza’s flavor & texture profile very nicely.

Of course, the pizza wouldn’t have been as half as great as it is without that handsome, homemade pizza dough. It has just the right thickness, airiness and chewiness to endear it exceedingly to me. The dough really made The Naughty Chef’s beef cheek with Gorgonzola & portobello pizza a truly well rounded pie.

Priced at just $19, I would not hesitate to clap these dummy thicc cheeks repeatedly.


Telur Dadar Cincaluk
A simple aromatic Omelette with just a tint of the saltiness and pungent taste from the cincalok (basically fermented shrimps).
Definitely goes well with the fluffy Nasi Kerabu.


Highly recommended dish.
Nicely executed by the Chef.
Sour yet fruity and not so spicy, overall quite appetising.
We added extra bowl of rice for it.

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Another signature dish.
Cooked to soft & tender texture.
Savoury which went so well with the fluffy (blue pea flower) butterfly pea rice.
Highly recommended.


Good combination of fragrant oiled rice, chicken with soy based sauce, and drenched with the spicy vinegar chilli. Be prepared to queue but it moves fast.

From 和记.
Classic plate of Bee Hoon $3.50 with fried egg, deep fried crispy beancurd and ngoh hiang balls.


Their Penne Mushroom Cream could have been better had they cooked their penne a little longer. It was served rather stiff and can get jelat after a while with all that cream going on 😶. ⁣

Came here for their set lunch which came with a choice of soup/salad and pasta. Naturally, soup was my go to and I’m happy I made the right decision. The mushroom soup had a strong buttery taste which vaguely reminds me of popcorn after some mouths but it was so creamy and rich in flavour I licked the bowl dry within seconds.

I got the 2 piece Grilled Prawn Aglio Olio which was really impressive. The prawns were huge and fresh, cooked to a nice char without being overly dry. The pasta wise, it was al dente and the fragrance was further amplified by the infusion of coriander. Coriander haters, you might wanna steer off their aglio olio hahaha

Ordered the $13 claypot rice for 2 pax. Almost every table ordered the claypot rice. Best to call in advance, even when we did, we still had to wait for abt 15mins. The portion of rice was just nice for 2 girls if you don't order anything else and the chicken was super tender and they gave a lot! Honestly the biggest portion of ingredients i have seen for claypot rice. We still had chicken to eat even after finishing the rice 😂

I liked the customer service where they helped us pour black sauce over and stir it nicely. There were some chaotar bits when eating and they dont scrape all the way at the bottom of the of the claypot (that is really black).

Coming back again!

[哇烤 Skewer Bar] Recent yakitori experience #2

Was convinced to give the place a shot when I witness the Chef painstakingly cooking these precious skewers on a hot grill.
Beaming with approval, the succulent chicken thigh skewer could almost pass off as foie gras for 5 seconds - that flavour and tenderness was applaudable. Then the well textured duck meat ball; whatever went into the meat ball mixture produced some beautifully handmade ones.
There is an option of a mix and match set with 7 skewers or fixed set of 8 items (skewers and sides) for $13; both of which I will be back for. Maybe with an order from the neighbouring burning oak for comparison sake? 😬🙊

P.s: how could I forget that non descript lookin balachan that packed a punch


But what about cheap and good chicken rice?
Over here -Half chicken with 3 Braised Eggs and 3 rice
Cost: below $13 nuff said..
📍TFF Bedok Corner
811 Upper East Coast Rd, Singapore 466608

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