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From Wanton Noodle House
Here is the small portion of it.
Yup, will return for it.


Yes, that’s parmesan cheese! It was a surprisingly pretty harmonious combination here. The mentaiko wasn’t actually very strong though, but they were generous with the fresh and thick slices of aburi salmon. Similar to our other bowl, was a pity that the rice was too soft. Hopefully they will improve on that quickly - really feel that this spot has great potential!

What a gorgeous and thoughtfully put together bara chirashi bowl! Though it was a huge pity that the rice was a tad too soft, the mix sashimi chunks were fresh, quality and came in a good portion - there was actually more sashimi than rice here. Enjoyed the variety and fun textures all in one bowl, especially the extra crunch from the sakura ebi. Menu’s big, just the number of dons they have will leave you stuck from choosing 😂 House of Chirashi is a cozy 9-seater spot tucked in East Village, so be sure to drop them a text at 81666823 to reserve before going down. It’s a bit far for me as a westie, but will def be back to try their other items.

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Came across the social media accounts of House of Chirashi since some time ago, but hadn’t really made the visit there until quite recently. Being situated within East Village Mall, the establishment is pretty much a hole-in-the-wall space, occupying a unit relatively near to the main entrance and is a intimate space with a bar counter that seats six facing the sushi counter, and another bar table which seats another three by the window beside the door looking into the aisles of the shopping mall.

There is a wide variety of Bara Chirashi, Chirashi and Donburi (mostly featuring either raw fish, or Aburi-ed) items — the prices varies according to how premium each bowl is, but the most affordable bowl is the Salmon/Aburi Salmon Bowl at S$10.80, and the most affordable Bara Don/Aburi Torched Bara Don comes at S$16.80. This Spicy Bara Don is pretty much just the spicy variant of the Bara Don — features cubed sashimi, spicy sauce, Burdock Gabo, Shiitake, Sakura Ebi Shrimp and Hokkaido sushi rice; priced pretty affordably as well at S$18.80. I liked how the entire bowl seems to come served with more fish than rice — the cubed sashimi featuring an assortment of fish from the ever-popular salmon, to tuna, swordfish, shrimp and even Unagi; all of them being especially fresh and particularly loved how the Unagi provided a hint of sweetness that periodically sparks of a mini surprise amidst the other raw fish. The cubed sashimi are also well-sized, providing a good bite of the fish for the right texture and flavour. Despite the rice being unsweetened and being a wee bit warmer than the fish, this was one of the rare instances I didn’t particularly feel bothered with the temperature contrast; the fish, as well as the spicy sauce helps add enough flavour and fiery punch that antes up the flavour profile of the bowl sufficiently — one that is pretty surprising and definitely tingles the tastebuds even for those who are tolerable to a moderate level of spiciness; pretty unexpected for a Japanese establishment, and certainly comes pretty shiok for spicy food lovers.

As much as this is a post I am rather reluctant to make considering how small the establishment is and how much of a hidden gem they are, I must say I am very impressed with what they have to offer. I liked how much attention to detail they have placed to each bowl — a contrast of colours, that Tamago which comes with their logo stamped; these are all things I would have not expected from a Bara Chirashi bowl at this price point. No doubt the premium bowls are probably the ones which comes with more impact, but I must applaud their efforts in serving a very good bowl of Bara Don with such finesse at the price point; would certainly return for more. A spot that is worth making the trip for to the east; and a place to look out for — wishing the folks of House of Chirashi all the best in what is to come!


This version of fish and chips is perfect for me as I prefer my fish breaded rather than battered, and shoestring fries rather than thick cut fries. The fish is very chunky yet tender. Most of the dishes here are pretty good actually- comfort food (Western) at reasonable prices.
💡 : Fairly quiet during lunchtime and on weekday nights, but be sure to reserve for weekends.
🚙 : free curbside parking (parallel parking skills required).

We ordered the normal crust but they served us the thin crust instead. Nothing special about this & the pepperoni slices were really thin. Decent for hawker standards but it’s not as good as their reviews on burpple 😟

Wagyu beef slices, truffle mince & a flowy egg. They were definitely v generous w their portions & their truffle mince was delicious when coated w the egg yolk! The truffle taste was very strong & the wagyu beef slices were cooked to perfection. Will come back for more! 🤩

Snag the last Burpplebeyond (BB) deal at the Forage; while I am slight devastated that our favourite place for waffles in the East is not longer on the BB programme, let’s focus on what’s pictured.

The cakes here were nothing outlandishly novel or groundbreaking (pls pardon me for I’ve been consuming way too much of Netflix’s sugar rush); they were your home baked cakes that were nice to fork on in the East hood. Also, I found the white chocolate in the red velvet frosting delightful only for my childhood tastebud.

Detracting I’ve recently tasted quite a bit of cake incorporating white chocolate cleverly(? you decide) and subtly into cheesecake/ cream for example. This is new to my amateur baking radar.

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Waffles were fluffy & carried a strong buttermilk taste! But there wasn’t much taste to the sauce?? Quite disappointing considering the price tag.


Buttermilk waffles had to hard carry this dish🧇, thank god they were huge. Here’s why:

- The salmon & egg mayo proved to be a combination too mushy🥴. For the price, I would have expected the fillings to be more generous too.

- The hard mushrooms obviously weren’t soaked long enough.

The Panko Crusted Truffle Chicken ($20.90 before GST) was pretty good, though the truffle and mushroom sauce was quite salty and gelat - not too bad if you’re sharing, but I personally don’t think I could finish it on my own. Quite alright with the Beyond 1-for-1 deal, but pricey without.
We also got the Granchio Pasta ($20.90 before GST) as part of the 1-for-1 deal, and paid a total of $23.00 for two mains.
Location is a little bit out of the way but okay if you’re driving - we went there on a weekday night and parking was free 🙂

Ordered abalone / scallop chilli ban mee and .Looks so good almost finish the food than want to take picture. The food taste as good as it looks ! ☺️