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Had Eng noodles for brunch today. It was alright. Nothing to shout about. Chilli wasnt as hot as I thought. I squeeze alot but still not hot enough. 😆Barley was diluted. I also walked past the white plate place and it was equally crowded.

The egg noodles have a good bite with a flavourful seasoning, and their famous chilli sauce adds an addictive fiery kick. Nothing special about the char siew though, but a very decent bowl nonetheless. @engswantannoodle
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Second time here, had a really nice dinner again. I like how there's only a few tables which are not too close together, so you get to enjoy your conversation with companions. Food was great and reasonably priced as well. We shared the meat and cheese platter (22.90++), basket of foccacia(4.90++), aglio olio(13.90++). The meat and cheese platter with the bread was actually really substantial and was enough to fill me and my boyfriend up. Completing the meal with decent wine at 9.90++ per glass.


KFC Goldspice Chicken is marinated in signature KFC Hot & Crispy marinade, breaded and fried, then coated with salted egg, chilli, curry leaves and sweet basil. Wow I love!


Really like the noodle texture here which I feel makes this dish stands out amongst other wanton mee places.
Take it easy on the ultra hot chilli sauce as I regretted pouring too much on my noodles 🍝

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I can say that, I still prefer this version as the noodles are generally tastier and yes, saltier. The Char Siew, wantons are generally average but they do provide a good distraction in this bowl. The chili is still the trademark for Eng’s Noodle and being not so much of a chilli sauce/wanton Noodle combo person, I still had to drop a dose of fiery tonic to give this bowl an all needed oomph!

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Char kway teow - The flat rice noodles were delightfully springy and chewy. Not only did it have a gentle spicy kick, is was imbued with loads of wok hei! The prawns were fresh and succulent, while the Chinese sausage lent a hint of sweetness. 

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Took my parents to try the new “Eng’s Char Siew Wantan Mee” and I am glad to report it met with their approval. Whew! 😅
Besides giving a thumbs-up to the more comfortable space to dine in, my dad said the noodles were very good and my mum praised the dumplings. Being the chief spicy food-lover in our family, she also squirted Eng’s signature fiery chilli sauce onto every boiled wantan she popped in her mouth.


You may miss this korean bbq buffet place at the corner along the katong area but it is definitely value for money! There are a number of choices of meat including beef (marinated or not), chicken and pork belly in wine, garlic or not marinated one! Free flow Hot dishes are served too and you can have korean pancake, fried chicken, a few types of kimchi or even have a bowl of soup while waiting for the food to be ready! Veg and different sauces are served just in case you would like to wrap the meat while eating.
The staffs are really friendly and they can address everything quickly. Recommended if you’re looking for korean bbq buffet at the east side.

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