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A refreshing drink with a light floral tea fragrance. The cream cheese top was fragrant and went very well with the osmanthus oolong. It is just right in taste and not too sweet even on 50% sugar. Overall a great combination of light tea sweetness and saltiness from the cream cheese 》$4.90

Unfortunately we didn’t quite enjoy the subs here. Bread was dry, ingredients were average, overall taste of the sub was average, and definitely not worth the price tag - we’d very much prefer Subway. Even with the 1-for-1 Beyond deal, I’d hesitate recommending this place because $4-5 (after beyond’s discount) for just a subpar sandwich is not worth it.

We actually stood at the Blimpie counter for a full five minutes being ignored, before the staff said that we have to order Blimpies at 800deg woodfired kitchen counter instead. I thought a sign telling us to do so would’ve been helpful. At least the staff was quite friendly.

Overall - wouldn’t come back, wouldn’t recommend.

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Remember passing this place a couple of times and finally get to drop by to grab some of their signature egg tarts.

You get to choose from the mini or standard size, or I would recommend you getting both.

The mini size could be finish in one bite, crusty skin with smooth filling in between. The same goes to their standard size as well.

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Fatburger recommends you hold their burgers with both hands; that’s how hefty and juicy they are! What’s more, every meal is made to order as you like it. You can go for either the Single ($9.50), Double ($13.50), Triple ($17.50) or the Quad ($21.50) depending on how hungry you are. All burgers come loaded with fresh condiments such as lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, relish, onions, and pickles.

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The service of this place is excellent . It feels like its going to your friend’s hse . The ambience is great , lots of al fresco dining . Perfect for a hearty breakfast coz it opens 8am .

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Applicable for burpple 1-for-1
[$12.90 including GST]

Chosen Aglio Olio with spaghetti. The pasta is topped with mushroom, garlic and chilli flakes.

The pasta tasted dry and very spicy. The mushroom does not match well with the pasta. I would recommend the pizza instead.

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Applicable for burpple 1-for-1
[$12.90 including GST]

Chosen carbonara pasta with Fettuccine. The pasta is topped with an egg yolk and comes with seasoned chicken.

The cream/egg sauce tasted a little bland and the chicken is quite thick and dry. I would prefer if the sauce would add more flavours to it and if the chicken is juicier. I recommend to get the pizzas instead.

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Applicable for burpple 1-for-1
[10”pizza $22 including GST]

Pizza is topped with mushroom, parmesan cheese, argula and mushroom truffle base.

The pizza is covered generously with mushroom sauce but could not really taste the truffle. It is a little milder compared to the Philly Beef CheeseSteak Pizza. Although the mushroom is good topping, it tasted a little lack of a bite. Overall, it is quite tasty and the portion is big. I will definitely recommend this to my vegetarian friends.

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