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The italian food are authentic and amazing! Portion are generous and service are great! Love the crabmeat pasta and the seafood stew which is rich, flavorful and cockful of fresh seafood!

One staff took the efforts to return me my package when I left them at the shop. I totally forgot about it! Thank you for going beyond😊

Apologies for my lousy photography. Ordered via Deliveroo. Delivery was fast and food quality was of standard. Maybe my memory is failing. Have not eaten their porridge for a long time and seem slightly more watery now. Packing wise definitely needed improvement! My coffee and tea were covered with spilled liquid. The box of porridge was stacked on top of the platter packaging (soft card paper type) which luckily my bread, egg and chicken were still in good shape!

One of the best Italian restaurants I’ve tried in awhile! Tried the truffle fries, Funghi E Tartufo and Pesto! The pesto was really good, love how the sauce is so well-balanced and not heavy at all! The staff were really nice and observant, they offered immediate help as they saw that we struggled with cutting the bread, and introduced the best sellers when they saw that we were indecisive and unsure of what to get. Would definitely come back for the great food and dining atmosphere again!

Firstly, got to give it to them for their customer service. Their staff introduced to my friend and i their menu and are so patient in assisting us. I love their Funghi E Tarfuto the most, for they did an amazing job in creating a balance between mushroom sauce, cheese and bread. It wasnt too overwhelming but taste was strong enough for us to finish everything. Also, being an all time truffle fries lover, their truffle fries i say is by far the nicest i have ever tried! However, would like it if their Pesto Pasta’s basil taste to be stronger but this is just a personal preference. :)

Here at Poon Nah, they provide several noodle options with add-ons such as sliced fish, prawns and pacific clams with the usual ingredients of fried anchovies, mushrooms and minced pork, with an additional menu for fried snacks like tofu skin, fish cake and luncheon meat. Overall, this is not my top handmade noodle spot but it’s definitely good enough for me to return many more times.
✨ Poon Nah City Home Made Noodle
📍 810 Geylang Road, City Plaza, Unit 05-02, Singapore 409286
🛵 WhatsApp 9154 3515/8338 2241
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I enjoyed my first-time experience dining at Kucina. The ambience was pleasant for a casual dinner date - it wasn’t too noisy and we had a cozy space to dine in. The staff and their friendly service left a good first impression when they first greeted us. Beyond that, the menu did not disappoint. The Pesto pasta we ordered was appealing and was appropriately flavoured. The tomato-based Gnocchi was my ultimate favourite. The generous amount of potato dumplings and chopped salmon complemented the overall nice tangy taste to it :)

ever since i tried the creme brûlée brown sugar drink here, i’ve never went back 🤤 it may be a little sweet at first but with a quick stir, the crunchy sugar bits & cheese foam go so well together!

Hands down the best dish of the night 🙌🏾 A friend of mine recommended me this place, and it didn’t disappoint! We got the chaota pork ribs and chaota belly good as well, and all the meat was tender and fall-off-the-bone soft. The lemongrass seasoning in this dish was definitely a stand out (the other two dishes started to taste a little sameish after a while) and the watermelon salad side which was so delish I’d order it individually as a side. Everything was great, if a little salty, but the lemongrass pork I’d order again in a heartbeat :-)

Yes, this is fast food, but we think it's one of the best in the city. You won't find a spicy version, only good ol' succulent chicken, available as a two-piece set or a whole Spring Chicken (from $7.90). Burppler Anne W describes it best: "The chicken is fried to perfection, its meat succulent underneath a crisp of skin. The amount of oil is just enough to not give me a layer of lip gloss."

Photo by Burppler M *

Quiet place to chill, noodles are very worth the price with burpple deal. Soup was tasty!