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Got an urge to gorge ourselves on pizza and that’s how we finally got around to paying “John’s Pizzeria And Bakery” on Tanjong Katong Road a visit. You can find them easily as they are located a few shop units away from the famous Punggol Nasi Lemak.
Anyway, according to what I read in their menu, @johnspizzasg is owned and operated by expats, and seems to be focused on just two things: American-style pizzas and big, thick, soft-centered cookies (which they can pimp into some mighty stunning sundaes). Both items are produced fresh on the premises daily.
Free from preservatives and commercial yeast as well as being low in gluten and G.I. (glycemic index), their pizzas boast a hand-stretched sourdough crust which is completely different from the Neapolitan-style ones that have enthralled me for the longest time. It was nice to have a change. I ordered the 14” NY Style “John’s 4-Way” ($31.90) for us as widest variety was what I was after.
The crisp-on-the-outside, chewy and flavourful sourdough crust, which was even in thickness and texture from centre to the edge, was sectioned into four, but cut into eight slices. Each quadrant came neatly covered in the different toppings I had chosen. My favourite of the lot was the classic “Pepperoni” - I recommend adding an extra topping of pepperoni for $4.50 more if you love a meatier pizza. A close second was the “Walnut Pesto Parmesan and Chicken Sausage” - unusual and really fragrant, this had the ground sausage spread all over, ensuring tastiness in every bite. I loved the “Hawaiian” too due to the pineapples sweet juiciness. As for the “Supreme”, as generous as the toppings were, this had too much going on in my humble opinion, but of course, by no means was it bad and I’m sure this toppings combo has its fans.
Besides the NY Style, John’s Pizzeria & Bakery also does a Signature Deep Dish Pizza which we plan to return for since our meal today was so satisfying. Will need to allocate space for one of their cookie sundaes too.


Won’t come back again. 😐 Ordered truffle fries, seafood aglio olio and also the chicken Rosti. Truffles fries came cold and had to ask them to replace it but they probably refried it as it came back pretty hard instead over fried. The seafood aglio olio don’t really have much flavor to it, wasn’t really good in my opinion. The chicken rosti was the worst of all, the rosti wasn’t fully fried and was pretty soft, the chicken is pretty hard, bland and not much taste and flavor as well.

Used 2 sets of burpple beyond mains, which cannot exceed $25. Ordered the eefu noodles, horfun w/ pork ribs, homemade squid paste and beancurd, spinach w/ century egg. The items on the menu were priced at the small portion (for 4 pax) and we ended up getting everything at medium sized except the horfun (due to the burrple beyond deal). Everything was pretty good and the service was good too! A lil pricey without burpple beyond but would still recommend 😊

Lemongrass Belly is a must try if this your first time. The Chaota Belly Good is great as well.
The Lemon Lime Tea is done exactly the way I would like it - refreshing and thirst quenching!
Will be back for more.

Had the suggested pizza, squid ink risotto, crab pasta and seafood soup. The pizza was great, really love the dough. However for the rest were alright. This is a halal restaurant. Due to the social distancing, be sure to make a reservation! Total spent for the 4 dishes $102.

Pasta was cooked al-dente, and sauce was creamy and delicious, do try it out !!

Pork was tender and juicy, lemongrass taste was a bit faint though, but went super well with the watermelon salad, which was juicy and delicious, the sweetness of the watermelon and sourness of the pineapple goes well with the balsamic vinegar-y sauce!!

Paradise is having 30% off for members until the end of April so we had to visit BIAP for our steamboat fix! Got the collagen soup and the nourishing pork soup which was slightly spicy and yet not too oily like the usual mala soups.

Last week I had beef steak (Bistecca with Truffle Butter) at Kucina

Although I must say first that beef steak isn’t what I usually order at restaurants (I usually get ribs or grilled fish), I can say that the beef steak here is one of the best I had. The beef is nice and tender even at medium well (in hindsight I should have ordered medium). The sauce and seasoning is on point and perfectly complemented by the slightly sweet grilled vegetables. (10/10) definitely would go there again despite that it’s quite far from where I live.

Went to Kucina with my lovely partner for lunch. The servers were very friendly and accommodating to us. Additionally, the ambience was great. We tried the Lasagne, Gnocchi & Desert Platter. Love the portion of the Lasagne & Gnoochi, however our fav has to be the Desert Platter due to the variety.

Lovely sauce, a good amount of cheese and fresh made pasta was in this lasagne. Thoroughly impressed by this dish, and all the other dishes in this restuarant! It was also a very cosy ambience and during lunch time was not full, so it was a comfortable dining experience. Would love to come here again soon!