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Rakki Bowl is where you would be stepping into a café filed with a strong aroma of truffle oil that was destined to stay for good 🤤🤤🤤 as every table ordered their specialty - Signature Truffle Wagyu Don ($25.90 for Large, $13.90 for Regular). ⭐
Featuring a generous amount of thinly-sliced wagyu beef & a perfectly runny onsen egg which lay atop their secret-flavoured rice blend, finished with a drizzle of irresistible Italian Black Truffle Oil, those with a heavy palate would surely enjoy this bowl! ❤❤❤
I’m not kidding when I say that every mouthful was bursting with flavours! 😋 The beef was indeed pretty tender despite being not too fatty, & it just screams TRUFFLE!!! 💯 The jiggly onsen egg made everything in the bowl gel together so harmoniously. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
The cons is that it might get a little surfeiting after a while due to its richness in flavours, so bring a friend along if you’re ordering the Large portion! 😉
Might not be the best beef bowl around but definitely memorable! #burpplebeyond fans would surely rejoice over this! 💕

Everything was so cute there, even coffee art with my own face 🙊 (see last photo). Love the milk fragrance from all the items made from their special Biei Jersey Milk!
Stay cool 😎 today guys and well hydrated!

considering that i recently went on a trip to japan, matchaya’s green tea ice cream honestly tasted better than many that i’ve tried in there. the matcha flavour is really intense and i like that it’s not too sweet! i used the burpple 1-for-1 deal, which came with drinks that i felt didn’t stand out much.

One of my favorite to-go-to beef bowl places :-) and so I have used up all my rakki bowls deals on the beyond app - which shows how yummy this is!

But have to say that although the bigger bowl is really massive and generous (bound to fill you up), the sauce was insufficient & made the last bits of beef pretty dry...so in retrospect, maybe the smaller bowl would suffice with a good dessert choice after :-)

Will definitely be back again!

Kipos’ ice teas come in these mason jars, to encourage diners to bring these jars back for future drink purchases. If you bring your own, it’s a dollar off!

Thank you @kiposgourmet for having us! ✨

To start with, you might flit between two of my favorite dishes - Green Curry Crab Croquettes ($10) filled with fresh crabmeat and spicy green curry; or Yam & Sweet Potato ‘Patata Bravas’ ($10) which packed with the goodness of Yam and Sweet Potato and deep fried to perfection. Just to name some of my favorite mains - Crab ‘Omelette’ ($27) features Crispy egg white, yolk sauce, ikura, tomato, paprika; Iberico Jowl ($26) marinated with Thai style marinate and served with green mojo sauce; and Squid Fideau ($40) features Squid ink, smoked aioli, chili oil, crab stock, glass noodles. These dishes are great for sharing and I will sharing more about them in another post.

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($9/slice) - One of the signature slice cake of Nesuto. With the quality ingredients imported from Japan, the goma cake will not let you down. Authentic black sesame flavour coming both the cream & sponge cake, topped off with sesame streusel!

I love the eggs here!

Spring Pancake & Fried Chicken ($23) Spring onion and corn pancake with succulent fried chicken thigh fillet with hint of cumin and house special ranch dressing.

This is what Sundays should be like! 😀