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Fried fish was disappointing; it was not crispy and the skin separates from the meat. Noodles was not quite enough for 1 person. Broth was good, so next time I’ll order just the soup alone.

Canele (S$1.80)
Available at @NickVinaArtisanBakery
Soft and chewy inside.
Nick Vina Artisan Bakery
Address 🏠 : 12 Gopeng Street, # 01-54/55 Icon Village, Singapore 🇸🇬 078 877
Tel ☎️ : 6224 7848
Open 🕔 :
Mon - Fri : 8am - 8pm
Sat : 8am - 3pm
Website 🌐 :
MRT 🚇 : Tanjong Pagar (EW15)

5 The Moments is one of my fav hang out after dinner if I am in the area. Not only does it have a wide offering of deserts including super crispy waffles, molten lava cakes, layered cakes and of course their smooth, rich, velvety ice cream, it also has a very laid back and homey interiors. The best part of it all is that they close at 11pm. I‘ve been finding myself being back here pretty often of late :p

Ice cream: Blue pea infused French Lavender, Rum & Raisin

Premium ice cream +$2

The lavender ice cream had a subtle lavender flavor, not the kind that makes you feel like you’re stuffing up a bunch of lavenders. It makes a really delicious floral treat, perfect to be paired with something heavy or dense.

The Rum & Raisin is rather mild, not the kind that will turn a non-alcoholic lover off. Raisins are not soaked in rum either, at least not that I can detect any. But it is a good pairing with the lavender.

Love the density of the matcha molten lava cake. Oozy centre could have been more flowy though. Much better than the typical chocolate ones!

Interesting use of butterfly pea flower tea rice which was sticky, the addition of furikake, corn, cherry tomatoes and cucumber gives a little refreshing crunch. There’s also a perfectly runny sous vide egg. $10 is rather pricey in a hawker centre setting, but quality and portion wise it’s actually a pretty decent rice bowl that I wouldn’t mind the occasional splurge on when I need a good salmon fix.
What irked me the most tho, was the use of disposables. 😢


Be warned of how massive this dish is! I was warned by the waitress that ordering the crispy fried chicken [$11] would be wiser as it is a smaller serving. But there was something that caught my eye in the description for the karaage, which was - biggest baddest karaage in town! I had to find out 😅

Loved the taste of the crispy batter and the super tender and juicy chicken within. It was mainly a rolled up version of the thigh portion of the chicken. Kinda reminds me of roulade but no filling within. The skin goes very well with the dipping sauce and mayo, and of course sake! 😋

Soft simmered iberico pork belly served with soft boiled egg.

Super well seasoned and tender melt in your mouth braised pork belly, almost as though the meat texture has disintegrated into the gravy it was served with.

This is so tasty it can definitely stand on its own. Not quite sure how the onsen egg add value to this dish though. Was a little confused after I break the egg and mixed it with the sauce. But I really enjoyed the chunky pork belly! 😋

Will definitely order this again!

Grilled raclette cheese with new potato.

Underwhelming dish. Cheese hardened and stiffened up when it got to us. ☹️

My memories of raclette has always been fond when I was had it during a raclette party during exchange days in France. And this did not come close to that taste I reminisce..

Daikon, egg, konnyaku & 7 other selection.

Additional options to get 6 pieces [$17] & 12 pieces [$42]. For the 12 pieces option, there is a special mention of special “Tsukiji market” oden which are premium homemade oden direct from Tsukiji market.

Big love for this Japanese YTF, especially so on a cold night like this. Dashi broth is light and flavorful! And everything in the broth is to be eaten with a dab of spicy mustard.

The other 7 selection include: Yaki chikuwa (tube shaped fish cake), Yude tam ago, Atsuage (deep fried tofu), ganmo (deep-friend tofu with vegetables), Jaga imo (boiled potato), tsukune (chicken ball), Tsumire (fish ball). The one on the skewer I’m not entirely sure 😅

Some hits and misses. No options other than number of pieces but I’ll say you’re in good hands 😌

Mini Japanese savory pancake.

Loved this! Super tasty and flavorful. There is another option of squid and noodle option for the okonomiyaki.

The steak had a great flavour with a gentle tenderness and flavour boost with tapenade, miso powder and yuzu pepper sauce. 😋
Wagyu al Porto at S$38.
Where to dine?
Caffé B
64 Club St, Singapore 069438

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Red wine braised chicken with some vegetables and roasted mushrooms. This dish has a rather hearty portion, filled with packs of flavours. It also comes with a choice of mashed potato or baguette as a side, and a bowl of soup.