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A wonderful experience with Japanese Izakaya food at this lovely place. The sake sampler came with 3 different types of sake (sweet, dry and premium). The premium sake definitely won my heart over with a crisp clear smack. The Pork Jowl CharShu was superb and its worth going back again. The Ika kuro-age and Oden were my other favourite dishes and i would strongly recommend this place for its chill vibe as well as the well executed dishes. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Went down for fried fish soup and it was very worth it, $5 for a bowl of fresh fried fish and loved the chilli that went along w it ☺️

Choice from six Signature bowls or even personalise your bowl from a range of proteins, grains, dressing, crunch and greens. In the mood to build my own bowl with these ingredients [greentea soba noodles, aburi salmon with mentaiko (+S$5), beetroot, broccoli, tobiko, onsen egg, guacamole and more]. The salmon was well done yet remained soft inside, and the mentaiko sauce went well with it. As a veggie lover, I'm so happy that I can pick up to 5 greens for my bowl. My bowl is flavoured with truffle shoyu dressing, rest assure it's not plain at all while eating healthy. .
Glad to know that Kipos cares for our Earthl! All cutlery and disposable-wear dispensed at Kipos Gourmet are 100% biodegradable and/or recyclable. The organic tea is served in recyclable glass Mason jar, you may wish to bring on your next visit and get a dollar off your tea.
Protein bowl starting from S$10.
Where to buy?
KIPOS Gourmet
7 Wallich St #B2-19, 078884

Spicy enough to whet the appetite without searing ones face off, the myraid of herbs and spices and the intensity of flavor make it a meal to remember. The Japanese rice that comes with it also serves to bring the ntire dish to another level.

Protip: Come for dinner, when the crowd is signficantly smaller
Will I return: YES


Sliced beef that was cooked to medium with white rice as the base. Topped with onsen egg that you can mix into the rice to flavour it! Sliced beef was really tender and soft. Comes with a miso soup side to go along with the main course.

Beautifully done! The hazelnut praline dacquoise sits atop a crunchy feuilletine base, crowned by a layer of dark chocolate mousse and velvety ganache. Alone, each was wonderful; together, they made for an irresistible confluence of flavours. Slightly sweet, fleetingly salty, seductively rich. I savoured every crumb.

🏅 10/10

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Hot weather will always the better time to enjoy some ice cream. So I decided to drop by Apiary to try on their signature blue milk ice cream.

I love the texture which milky and creamy and
Made with blue pea flower, milk and sea salt. Most importantly it doesn’t melt so fast when I’m eating it outside. $3.90

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The dessert comprises of white and black sesame ice-cream with sesame seeds, sesame oil and Japanese sea salt.

You're supposed to taste the two scoops separately and on their own before proceeding to add the toppings with which upon clarification from the staff, you are supposed to pour over the ice-cream however much you want. I initially put a slight amount of each topping in and felt the sea salt was wayyyyyy too salty, so I decided not to add anymore. I ended up using all the sesame oil and seeds though because those are really good stuff. 🤤 I should have used them sparingly with every few mouths though, so as to keep the savouriness strong throughout.

Overall, this dessert is surely more than just a novelty; if you are an avid sesame person, this will definitely appeal to you in all ways, although I think all dessert fans should give this a go at least once for the experience! 😋

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Salmon Samurai let’s you customise your own salmon bowls and the concept is pretty similar to poke bowls except that they specialise in salmon.
I got the salmon mentaiko along with the mixed salad base with avocado and an onsen egg. They are really generous with the amount of salad but not much so with the salmon. The salmon was really good though, slightly seared with a generous helping of mentaiko. I felt that the sauce provided with the salad was slightly too strong for my tastes so be careful when pouring in the sauce given!
Add-ons are a must as the bowl is rather plain, you’ll only get salmon and your veggies with 3 cherry tomatoes.
Each bowl is $9.90 but add-ons cost more so with the avocado and onsen egg my bowl came up to $12.40.

If you’re a fan of green tea, Tsujiri is the place to go! All things green tea are sold here from drinks to floats to parfaits. I got the Houjicha float because it’s my favourite tea. The soft serve on top is flavourful and creamy, and overall just really great. However one thing to note is that the floats are more like a dessert than a beverage, so if you’re looking for something to quench your thirst this is not it! I was pretty thirsty at the moment so this drink was a little too thick for me.

$6.50 for the one with O-Matcha ice cream, and slightly cheaper for Vanilla ice cream

@ Etna Italian Restaurant
• Ravioli all’ Aragosta ($36)