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DOCO is a new donburi shop for you CBD peeps near International Plaza! A really simple menu with four items (two rice bowls and two coconut items), they're mainly a takeaway concept but they do have a few seats available.

Between the two bowls, you'll want to pick the beef version which comes with well marinated, soft shreds of beef and crispy Cajun spiced fish skin. Do what we did and just add on more meat for $1.50, cause why not? While tasty, definitely would have appreciated some freshness to the bowl in the form of some veggies or pickles. Possible add-ons in the future maybe? 馃槢

Totally enjoyed my lunch here today with @akane.eno, Head Chef of @sushikimurasg. Thanks Akane for joining me!
Today we were served one of my favourite sushi, the engawa. The flounder was delicate and oily, and the fin was slightly crunchy. Once torched, this transforms to something life changing.. The fragrance of the oil was intense, and the texture was so soft that it just melts into the rice.
I've tried 4 engawa sushi in my life, 3 aburied and 1 fresh. Aburi is definitely my preferred treatment of this flounder fin. It's not always available, but I hope you'll get to try this someday.
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the only good was the beef that was decently roasted, neither dry nor tough. other than that, everything else just didn't work - the poached egg and the brown sauce felt like eating soft boiled eggs with soy sauce (the one we eat for breakfast) and the supposedly yoghurt sauce tasted nothing like yoghurt. it was quite a confusing and unsatisfying bowl. I also read about having to go through a long queue for it but what queue??? there was no one before me.

Tasted this cuppa coffee made by the roasters and service crew at $4.00! Not every expensive, indeed quite afforfable for such quality coffee beans and brew! Takes a while for them to create! It was creamy, milky! Scent of coffee was strong and there! No artifical sweetener but taste the hint of sweetness from the coffee was there! Natural sense of sweetness with the orginal bit of bitter! Perfect blend that fix my coffee addiction! Love it

馃い If anyone says that all Korean food taste the same, they haven鈥檛 had real Korean food before 馃檮
At Hyangtogol you get an authentic spread of Korean cuisine from BBQ to jiggae (stews) to noodles etc.
The side dishes are stellar and we absolutely loved the japchae! Springy chewy glass noodles with the fragrance of sesame and vege.
The Bbq meats were all well marinated but I particularly like the beef short ribs for its tenderness and soy flavour. .
The seafood pancake managed to keep its crisp exterior and chewy interior after a long while. Best thing is that it didn鈥檛 taste too floury. .
I would definitely recommend hyangtogol for hearty authentic korean food. I am actually heading back tonight for a dinner! .
Thank you @burpple for the invite and @hyangtogol_rc for hosting .
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Here is the semi-colon that was inserted in the long sentence of four divine snacks and the appetiser, main course and dessert of our set lunch.
This lava lamp-inspired palate cleanser was a tall, cool sip of tomato consomm茅, basil oil, olive oil and caviar. I have no idea how such colourless clarity in the tomato consomm茅 was achieved ("It's a secret", replied Sous Chef Josh when asked) but it was mesmerising on both the eyes and the tastebuds.

Each order of the Tippling Club's weekday lunch set kicks off with one of these babies.
That sheen (of butter?) on the wakame buns made them extra enticing but nothing beat the taste in the first bite.
Fluffy and savoury thanks to the plentiful seaweed in the dough, the umami buns were even more marvelous with a heavy-handed schmear of the accompanying soft wakame butter.

This place is like the Japanese version of Sizzler with a full free flow salad buffet. The triple cheese hamburg steak ($20++) is so soft and tender and juicy. It's so good that you don't even need the sauces. The original sauce is good but abit salty towards the end. The salad buffet is amazing, plus free flow eggs, any style!

Come early at opening times (11.30am and 5.30pm) to avoid the queues!

Yet another donburi option in CBD, DOCO (@thefishshnack X @soicocosg) currently offers two specialty rice bowls - Sh-nack Don (Grilled Beef) & Sh-ken Don (Honey Miso Chicken). And without a doubt, I chose the former cause beef is life. Nicely grilled, the Sh-nack Don comes with savoury slices of beef topped with a runny onsen tamago and cajun fish sh-sprinkles on a bed of warm Japanese rice. Though a little dry overall, the crunchy bits of spiced/seasoned skin lent an element of saltiness and worked nicely with the tad sweetness from the tender marinated meat. At $8.90, it is certainly a decent lunch item and an intriguing way of getting your crispy fish skin fix.

Moreover with their in-house Fish Sh-nack鈥檚 donburi series, you can complete your meal with a $3 top-up. Wash things down with their Coconut Shake ($4.90) made with a blend of Thai coconut water and bits of coconut flesh or end off on a sweeter note with their Coconut Soft Serve ($4.90). Dairy-free and vegan friendly, the nutty swirls was just the right consistency - not too icy and fab with the organic gula melaka drizzle and powder. Not cloying either, I would definitely recommend having the soft serve if you are in the area seeking for a light refreshing treat.

馃搷International Plaza 10 Anson Road #01-16 S(079903)
鈱汳on - Fri , 11am to 6pm

The miso butter doesn't taste as good as you expect it to be, with the miso taste being jarring instead of pleasant. And I don't think it's the amount of miso, rather the type of miso used. The scallops were bouncy much like the udon tho :D

More of a beef stew than a curry but not complaining cos of the great roasty flavours. Again their veggies are so good it really does go well with the beef

The unagi wasn't as tender as I tot it will be, but wow they do their veggies right. As a carnivore I couldn't believe how quickly I'm stuffing myself with greens