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Pork tenderloin at 38, malakoff plus salad at 14, rosti burger at 32. Price skews high but the uniqueness of the food as well as the excellent service and the comfy decor contribute to the whole experience. Pork tenderloin had an amazing mushroom sauce that was the highlight of the meal. Rich, creamy, and something that I'll remember for some time.

Finally back at ah lock after being “ locked” home so long.

Beautifully crisp and tender Mian Jian Guo - with a gooey not too sweet peanut butter and peanut filling .

What could be better for breakfast ?

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We tried the Gogi Mandu ($9.80) today. The steamed pork dumplings resemble an oversized xiao long bao but the filling is meatier with less meat soup in each dumpling. As usual, I love their house-made kimchi and it goes well with everything! P.S. There is a 15% discount if you order a set meal comprising a main, side and drink:)

The Yuk Kalguksu ($14.80) from Noodle Star K comes with a bowl of spicy beef soup containing beef that has been cooked till soft and tender and assorted vegetables such as onion and carrots that add sweetness to the soup. The flavourful broth has just the right amount of spiciness and goes well with the Korean knife-cut noodles, which still have a firm bite. P.S. There is a 15% discount if you order a set meal comprising a main, side and drink:)

If there's one thing you should try, it's their sourdough croissant. I have returned more than once just for this pastry.

Delicious charcoal waffle with well-balanced chrysanthemum honey ice cream. I'm a happy customer!

Kreams Krafthouse has a lovely ambience that is perfect for dates and catching up with friends. Coffee is good, but the cakes and scones are a little dry. https://hungryghost.sg/kreams-krafthouse/

Chances by this place recently and was immediately hooked. They serve an extensive range of ferments and coffee! Had the white cold brew and was amazed! Will definitely be back!

inspired by the trendy Hawaiian poke bowl, Customers can pick their own favourite mix of spicy hot Sichuan food with over 10 different curated selections of Chengdu Bowls starting from $10.60.
1. Chicken with Chilli Mala Bowl 成都辣子鸡 (With Rice)
💰Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90
2. Chengdu Style Steamed Pork Belly Bowl 梅菜扣肉 (With Rice).
💰Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90
3.Fatty Beef Mala Xiang Guo Bowl 肥牛香锅 (With Rice).
💰Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90
4. Sichuan Spicy Maocai 四川麻辣冒菜 (With Rice).
5. Prawn Paste Noodles with Sour Pickled Soup 泡椒虾滑米线.
💰Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90
6. Classic Sour Fish Rice Noodle 经典酸菜鱼米线.
💰Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90

Chengdu Bowl is available via island-wide delivery on their website: https://chengdubowl.ezqr.sg.

74 Amoy Street.

$2/piece - affordable but not exactly cheap for the size. It’s kinda small, with a few peanuts sitting atop the UFO and 1 oyster within. Thankfully, it wasn’t exactly doughy, with a decent amount of minced meat within. Unfortunately it was a little too “fried” for my liking - the dark drown colour kinda sends vibes of reused oil. It was also too salty for my liking - both the dough and the minced meat could do with less salt. Perhaps the dark brown colour of my UFO wasn’t a result of ‘recycled’ oil but rather, soy sauce (?) I wish there were more cilantro greens to balance out the savouriness of this pancake!

This is by far the only keto snowskin mooncake i have seen and tasted so far, and after biting into it, i must say, it was excellent! Its hard to find keto and other healthy desserts, but Sofi Cafe has it all! Keto desserts keto drinks and keto meals! Come here if you care about your health and how your food tastes at the same time!

Enjoyed a night out at Coucou and had an unbelievably wonderful time. Service was impeccable - kudos to the attentive service crew who were so helpful during our time at the restaurant. The food was amazing as well, with us leaving the restaurant with full yet satisfied bellies. I highly recommend getting the Pork Tenderloin with Morels Mushroom Sauce as the pork is mindblowingly good, so juicy and tender. Paired with the rich yet complex flavours of the Morels mushroom sauce, it is simply a dish that leaves me wanting more. While the prices may be a little steep, the quality of the dishes are superb and definitely worth every penny.

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