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Thankfully I have some of @ron.chef’s stored in deep freeze which I steamed for a quick dinner last night. Super yummy!

[Available only at Icon Village] After a couple of spoonfuls and then some, I finally understood why those vocal about their love for the this seasonal softserve from Matchaya have been unwavering in declaring this as ‘underrated’. The distinguishable smoky aftertaste of the Genmaicha Parfait takes its time in lingering on the palette. It’s one flavour that will put off the people who view desserts merely as a narrow catacomb of sweetness instead of a open plain where a plethora of flavours exist in harmony. And rightfully so.

F&B businesses have to constantly be on their toes when it comes to churning out fresh, unique, relevant and great-tasting products. Matcha, Houjicha and Goma are ascending towards ubiquity, while Genmaicha is flying under the radar. Matchaya has never been one to shy away from banging the drum for any flavour that isn’t trendy, but they’re also one to count on if you’re scouring for good quality - this is how they play their cards. The Genmaicha is unarguably all the things I’ve mentioned above.

All the seasonal flavours that have come and gone have all had their fair share of foibles. The Genmaicha is no different from this in all honesty. The espuma and kuromitsu’s combined sweetness was almost intemperate, rendering it slightly out of place. Yet, like all its antecedents, the flavour holds its own pretty darn well, and may actually surprise you - only if you’re up for trying something new. (7.8/10)

Pictured is the extremely umami Duck Ragout (juxtaposed with a surprise egg yolk center, crisp quunoa, fried kale and potato creme), and Chef Stephan's dessert of green tea, chocolate and strawberries.
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This specially curated truffle infused menu is the baby of and Kamoshita, and this is just a SMALL PART OF IT. Stay tuned for more trufflicious menu in the coming days!

This is among the better versions I've had, a really delicious version of a hamburger patty. The minced beef is generous in portion, and tightly packed into a large patty, which is chewy and juicy in texture, albeit oily.
Robust savoury salty flavour, the natural beef flavour really comes through here.
I like.
SBCD Korean Tofu House
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We got half a chicken, bean sprouts and cai xim to accompany our rice 😋 Felt the rice was pretty tasty and the texture of chicken was great! However, we all agreed that the sauce for the chicken and vegetables was a tad too salty, and although the chilli was pretty good, it wasn’t the best and may be difficult for some tourists as it can get pretty spicy! 🔥 Nevertheless, although not mind-blowing, it was an above average plate of chicken rice, and I wouldn’t mind going back if there wasn’t a queue! 🙂

(P.S. Don’t be deterred from trying it if you see a long queue! The queue moves pretty quickly since they have two stalls, whereby you order at the first stall and collect your food at the second one.)

Had flat white ($5) with soy milk take away today. Interesting that they don’t charge extra for soy milk but they charge for service charge (10%) even i ordered for take away. The flat white is nice and the coffee mixes well with the soy milk. The atmosphere is nice too, perhaps should drop by for lunch (as they close at 4pm!)