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Korean fried chicken with soju bomb is an ultimate Seoul-style comfort food to destress after a long work day. The garlic soy sauce chicken was a favourite as the marinate, having been caramelised from the heat, gave it a sweet flavour and the skin remained crispy. Enjoy it with a humble, hearty stew that warmed the belly and tentalised my taste buds with its spicy, savory and unami-rich broth.

I have never been to The Marmalade Pantry and I was instantly drawn to the Singapore Laksa ($29), which was, by and large, an atas rendition of one of Singapore’s favourite local dishes. The laksa came with slipper lobster, tiger prawns, scallops, quail egg, taupok, fishcakes and thick beehoon noodles - you really can’t get more indulgent than this😍 The seafood is fresh and sweet, the portion is generous and it goes really well with the spicy coconut broth. The spiciness is just nice for me, but you can also add more sambal to turn up the heat. Probably one of the most unforgettable bowls of laksa I ever had!

This drink is also on the lighter side. Mildly sweet, herbally taste with bits of osmanthus jelly within.

Light and refreshing drink! I liked that it was not too sweet and with a slight bitter aftertaste from the grapefruit! Could not really taste the strawberry though.

How can we miss the dumplings when we are at Dumpling Darlings? Together with each lunch set comes with a side of 4 pcs dumplings. There were 4 of us, 4 lunch sets, 4 pcs of dumplings so obviously we ordered 4 different flavours!
⁣⁣ ⁣⁣
Here we have: (From the left)
✅The Original
As the name states, tasted just like a regular gyoza. Taste is decent but nothing much to wow about.
⁣⁣ ⁣⁣
✅ Smoked Duck
Each dumpling was filled with chunks of duck meat, which were indeed on the saltier side but the hint of sourness from the balsamic vinaigrette provided a perfect balance to the dish.
⁣⁣ ⁣⁣
✅ Momo Curry
Filled with minced pork collar, curry spice and charred cauliflower. The prominent curry spices came through really well but I liked more was the labneh that comes along with the dumplings. It gives a refreshing flavour to the dish, which cuts the richness of the curry. Not bad!

✅ Fried Pierogi
Deep fried dumpling filled with smoked bacon, truffle potato and cheddar. Served on a sriracha crema. This is one unique dumpling! Definitely never had a dumpling with such rich flavours before. The taste is fine but it can be quite jelak to finish a whole plate on your own. Luckily we only had one each.

Handmade noodles coated with Sichuan tare, topped with spicy minced meat, bacon sofrito, fried shallots and spring onions. I would say this is a toned down version of the usual Sichuan dishes that we are familiar with so if you are expecting a numbing, choking spiciness, this dish would appear pretty underwhelming. Taste is alright but I would prefer the other 2 noodles over this

Handmade noodles coated with a delicious, savoury soy tare, topped with shredded pork ragu, bacon sofrito, fried shallots and spring onions. The flavour of this dish is more on the savoury side as compared to the miso mushroom noodles. This was quite yummy too!

As part of the $16++ lunch set, which includes a bowl of egg noodles with a complimentary egg, a side of dumplings (4 pieces) and an iced drink, we have the miso mushroom noodles here.

Handmade noodles coated with miso tare, topped with braised mushrooms, shallots and spring onions. Flavour was pretty good but what I loved the most was the springy chewy texture of the noodles! The shallots and spring onions also added varying textures to the dish. Not bad!

omg so salty. my friends liked it tho. nice flowers on ceiling :)

Besides the “tau pok” being elevated to an airy-light magic carpet of crispness because they use the Japanese “aburaage” instead, the “hae gor” (fermented shrimp paste) also comes in the form of ice-cream. Its cold, pungent and savoury creaminess adds a fascinating dimension to the dish which comprises of Tiger prawns, fresh pineapples, jicama and mango. The garnish is katsuobushi (dried skipjack tuna) for a little more umami-ness.

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I was under the impression that Roketto Izakaya, Willin Low’s latest concept, was tucked in a corner of his existing establishment Relish, but nope, it is actually what the whole of Relish becomes (yes, with twinkling fairy lights and all) when the sun sets. So basically, Willin has two concepts in his space at Fraser’s Tower. I also just learned there’s a private entrance now as well. So do turn left when you get off the escalator on level two, go through the auto doors and head out the glass door at your ten o’clock. It will take you through a rooftop garden, directly to Relish/Roketto.
The place was quite quiet when my friend Annette and I arrived around 6pm on a Wednesday but was full at 8pm when we left. Once we settled our drinks—there’s a good selection of sakes, draft beers and sours but I had a strawberry milkshake (don’t laugh) and Annette, a Yuzu Soda—the menu-perusing began. Despite being tempted to order many of Willin’s Mod Sin creations, we sensibly shared the following...

From the Individual Bites:

1. Fish Collagen Broth ($5) - I liked this creamy, dairy-free soup a lot. Another bowl would not have gone amiss.
2. Mala Prawn Donut ($6.50/$7.50) - We both adored this! Seconds were required.
3. Black Pepper Crab Donut ($6.50++) - Richer than I expected as it has a creamy filling.
4. Bak Chor Mee Negitoro ($15) - Appetising mix of raw minced tuna and glass noodles.

As for the bigger Sharing Plates, we chose:

1. Aburaage Rojak Salad ($15) - Shiokness! We liked the twist of the “hae go” appearing as an ice-cream. It complemented the Tiger prawns, crisp Japanese “tau pok”, fresh pineapples, jicama and mango really nicely.
2. Har Jeong Tin Gai ($12) - Our server was adamant we order this. Glad we listened to her. The shrimp paste battered and fried frog legs were highly addictive, more so with the young ginger kosho.
3. Krapow Prata Pizza ($13.80) - Every bite of the flaky crust loaded with fragrant, spicy minced chicken, cheese, chilli and Thai basil had us cooing with pleasure.
4. Sarawak Curry Chicken Shepherd’s Pie ($15.80) - This began life as a staff meal but was so tasty Willin decided to add it to Roketto’s menu.

For dessert, we shared the Wild Rocket Strawberry Cheesecake ($9.20), one of Chef @willcookwilleat’s long-time signatures, and the Fresh Pineapple Sorbet ($7.80). I preferred the former personally but the latter with touches of chilli padi and soy sauce salt, would be ideal for those hankering after something more refreshing and exotic.

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