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Ordered the Very Hot version this time round because it’s not spicy at all last time at medium level haha still so impressed with how everything gels together. From flavourful minced pork to the refreshing crunchy radish, the bowl of noodle is full of flavour and textures. I also add a few dashes of kelp vinegar to add more zeng cause I like some tangy kick in my dan dan noodle. Hard to find this elsewhere, so I’m grateful they have a solid bowl here!

We were very happy with the recent delivery from @marcys.sg. Kudos to the team for their new strategy and efforts 👏👏👏
Helmed by new Head Chef @ryan.gram all the food that arrived was well presented and more importantly, tasted as delicious as if you were to have it at the restaurant. Of course, you’ll have to discount the forgiveable temperature change due to travel time.
We went straight for the assortment of small plates first - each, a surprising delight that punched above its weight in tastiness. My favourite of them was the Burnt Milk Corn that had rows of naturally sweet corn come together with a refreshing cilantro yogurt and moreish chorizo crumbs ($12). Our tongues got tingling with the Calabrian chilli and Sichuan oil-dressed Marcy’s Spicy Clams ($16). It is a must-try for fans of 麻辣 (“ma la”). To cool off, we dug into the chilled Crab Rillettes with the accompanying baguette chips ($21).
Thanks for letting us try your new Oyster & Shrimp Po’Boy too. I think it was a well-crafted and tasty seafood roll. And with those crunchy fried oysters, sweet prawns, red cabbage slaw, pickles and aioli, a good-value buy at $19.
I remember swooning over the Rigatoni with red wine-braised octopus and beef tendon ($26) when we visited the restaurant shortly after their opening. The Lasagne version in their previous takeaway menu was fine but in my opinion, the original still beats it. Even when it had cooled down, there was no comprise to tastiness.
Having said that, the pasta dish did have a new rival for my affection - the formidable Mafaldine with anchovies in a garlic-strewn bone sauce, spiked with fresh lemon juice and Calabrian chilli ($24).
Our dose of protein that day came in the form of a hefty and juicy grilled Iberico Pork Chop. I relished every bite of the bold direction it took with sidekicks of an uncommon Marcy’s Mole (it’s like a very, very thick non-sweet chocolate sauce which has a touch of tang and heat) and spicy jalapeños ($36).

Thanks again for this delivered meal and for throwing in your signature cocktails too, @tonghann and Team @marcys.sg - @trishapotato @ryan.gram @daniel_raghani.

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The Cubano, really worth my calories.
The roll is soft inside but crispy outside, served with very generous roast pork and ham,, pickles, and Swiss cheese.
📍Park Bench Deli.
179 Telok Ayer St

Once we found out An Acai Affair (AAA) was on burpple back in 2020, my friends and I rushed to redeem this deal. We hardly use up all the deals at a place, but this was an exception. We used up all four of the 1-for-1 deals offered at two of their outlets way before the deal ended. While people (ahem, me included) go out of their way to queue for hours at AAA outlets having 1-for-1 opening deals, this deal allowed us to redeem the deal whenever convenient with ZERO crowd. A win-win for burpple users and staff on duty🥵😋

Jia Xiang Sarawak Kolo Mee is a mian mesh of delicious meats and dumplings on a bed of QQ noodles! I love the dish for its versatile nature. However, the char siew is slightly too sweet for my liking. But overall, it’s great to eat on a Sunday!


So good, it literally melted on my tongue. The Drunken Poet’s Fish and Chips are mindblowing. Underneath that crispy batter is a fish so fresh! As I chewed, the surprisingly tender fish disintegrated into deliciousness. Highly recommend this pub for good British Grub! #HappyBurpday

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The perfect combination of tantalising tender beef with just the right amount of fat, a beautifully done onsen egg and a rich and creamy sauce. We got both the truffle wagyu beef and mentaiko wagyu beef by making use of the Burple Beyond deal. The light and crunchy pickles balanced out the meal perfectly. We also got sashimi on the side, which was super good and fatty, coming in generous thick slabs. Really recommend this place!!
Waa Cow (Marina One)
#HappyBurpday !!!

And I was like, damn right, it’s better than many places I’ve ever eaten at. 😍

Thank you Burpple for having Breadyard on Beyond 1-for-1 deals, without it I wouldn’t have discovered this amazing place! Usually I’d scroll through Beyond partners to get some inspiration as to where to go or what to eat, so I was lucky I chanced upon this wonderful gem. And what better than to enjoy such amazing food at such affordable prices?

On both the occasions I’ve had brunches here, none of them disappointed, and I’ve always found myself wanting to come back again. Ingredients were so fresh and food was delicious! I liked the atmosphere of the cafe - high ceilings, wooden tables, natural lighting (makes your pictures look goooooood).

So thank you Burpple for giving me a new hobby of scrolling through food (instead of my social media) and bringing me on so many wonderful foodie adventures that don’t take too much of a toll on my wallet. Without you, I’d be twice as broke (thanks to the 1-for-1 deals). And thanks for bringing me to Breadyard, it was good.


This was my second time eating the Burrata pizza at Lino Pizza and Pasta Bar when this picture was taken. I had been blown away the first time I tried it and really wanted to eat it again. Let me tell you, the amount of effort it took. It was sold out the first 2 times we went. Thankfully, third time's the charm and we managed to order it by going early.

The combination of the tangy tomato sauce, the fresh pesto and the creamy but mild burrata was spectacular. We also ordered the rendang oxtail pizza and my dining companion really enjoyed it too. I myself found it decent and certainly unique, but I wouldn't order it again. The oxtail meat was rich and cooked until very tender. It was balanced out by the slices of chili and pickled cucumber.

We managed to polish off the 2 pizzas with not much effort, a testament to how good the pizzas were. Honestly, I wouldn't have known about this restaurant if it weren't for Burpple. And that's the thing about Burpple. It encourages people to discover new restaurants and hidden gems.


Pleasantly surprised by this seemingly plain looking lasagna by Pasta e Formaggio. Although portions are slightly small for bigger eaters but the delicious food, ambience and friendliness of the staff made the whole experience great.


We started off our meal with the Jalea, a dish full of fried seafood and potato wedges, perfectly browned and crispy. The chicken quesadillas were generously stuffed with melted cheese and the pork burrito was served with a generous portion of fragrant spiced rice. We added on the mini baguettes to go with the comforting Sudado Pescado to soak up the flavourful Peruvian fish stew. The Carne Asada was also a delightful ribeye steak that was well-seasoned and tender.

Thanks to Burpple, I've an unending supply of new places to try, be it dine in or out! Found out about TONITO Latin American Kitchen, with delicious and affordable food plus friendly staff, which was just newly open in Jewel Changi through Burpple! Tried it once and brought my whole family a second time to celebrate my 30th birthday! Cheers to Burpple's birthday too :)



Tired of your basic fast food chicken on your date nights? The BEAST chicken & waffles and pulled pork burger is definitely worth a try.
Waffles are crisps and chicken is big, juicy and flavourful. With a touch of their bourbon maple syrup on chicken & waffles, you’ll get to taste the perfect flavour combination.
The pulled pork with brioche buns may seem simple, the flavour definitely packs a punch. Not forgetting the combination of sweet potato fries on the sides, you get a sweet and savoury meal.

BurppleBeyond not only helps you to safe money but also allows you to create memories with your family and friends, significant partner even, through food hunting. Definitely a worthwhile subscription.


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