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We ordered the Teochew Mui (porridge) with some dishes. The meatball was soooo fricking good! Not to be missed. The texture of the porridge was how I liked it to be, not too mushy and not “undercooked” (like rice and water).

While my dad order chicken rice with half portion of steamed chicken. Even though the chicken wasn’t drenched in sauce and oil, it was surprisingly good and not too dry.

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Har Cheong Gai came with crispy servings of fried batter and flavourful belachan (tastes different from the usuals) which complemented the fried stuff well.

The Volcano Tofu is on the special menu, and is one of the must-orders here! It's a pancake with a mixture of minced tofu with large water chestnuts, topped with special sauce (curry powder in it!) and many yam ring ingredients like chicken cubes, capsicum, carrots, onions and cashew nuts.

The Stir-fried Mee Sua was surprisingly good; with sufficient wok hei and not neglecting the saltiness and flavour of the entire dish. The ratio of ingredients (vegetables, pork slices, fish cake and omelette pieces) to meesua was just right. Recommended to order for sharing if you have zero feels for rice!

The Nai Bai was crunchy and not overly salty nor oily. It evidently was blanched and lightly stir-fried before serving.

Claypot Pork Liver is the 招牌 of this zichar restaurant! I don't eat pork liver cos of the after taste which lingers but I had 5 pieces from this claypot of ginger-spring onion-sesame oil-based sauce of crunchy pork liver served bubbling hot. 超好下饭的!

Lastly, the cereal prawns ($39 for M) was extremely disappointing. Although they were larger than usual prawns, the prawns were not fresh enough and the cereal was too fine and did not have the 'I want more more more cereal in my rice' feel. ):

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Given a hefty price tag , I was expecting more from this dish but was disappointed with the extremely fatty pork and one dimensional tasting dish. It lacked the finesse of a Peranakan dish .

I say skip their main dishes and just go for the dry mee siam or the nasi lemak Set - which is much more affordable.

For better quality and more authentic Peranakan and definitely more value for money , I’d say head straight to ivins ivins .

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Having tried their stall at Tangs good Court , I thought the quality of food would be fresher here.

The taste of this dried mee siam was still good and the egg was cooked till perfection but the blackened prawn was not fresh .

No difference in the quality of food served here or at Tangs so just stick to the Tangs outlet for convenience .


BUT HERE ITS A MUST ORDER cause its so different and tender?? Omg🤣 Their signature horfun also lives up to its name. And I think after KEK’s every other chilli crab out there is just a disappointment for the price point vs portion size😩 They set the bar too high hahaha. Sum Kee’s curry fish head came in a massive pot and only costs $26??? WORTH IT. Not a fan of fried food but the volcano tofu is just WOW.
• Coffee Pork Ribs ($18)
• XO Sum Lor Horfun ($8)
• Volcano Tofu ($22)
• Chilli Crab ($58)
• Mantou x12 ($8.40)
• Green Dragon Beansprout ($22)
• Curry Fish Head ($26)
• Spanish Pork Ribs ($28)

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heng bo kena any attacks. lol. came all the way here to use entertainer. orange crusted salmon was an interesting dish to me. unique bite to it. seafood aglio olio was normal. and got ninja-ed by a $8.56 carpark fee. most prob won't be coming back again. 12 per pax with entertainer. #seascent #keppelclub #salmon #pasta #aglioolio #burpple #hungrygowhere #8dayseat #whati8today #igfood #foodstagram #sgeats #sgfoodie #sgfood

Another ckt with long queue. For such a simple dish, that says a lot. I found it quite good.

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Located at 2 Telok Blangah Street 31, Singapore 108942. XO 三捞河粉 XO Sum Lor, (S) $8. This XO Sum Lor makes us changes our perspective of hor fan! These hor fan is so smooth, soft and silky. Fragrantly fried with generous bean sprouts, sliced fish and finally topped with XO!! Mouth-watering dish that got us so hooked to it! @sumkeefood #hungryunicornsg #xosumlorhorfun #sanlaohorfun #xo #tzechar

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Located at 2 Telok Blangah Street 31, Singapore 108942. 咖啡排骨 Coffee Pork Ribs, $12. Wow, this plate of coffee pork ribs is ultimate fragrant, no joke!! Very nice coffee aroma when the dish was served on our table.. One of the rare times that the entire plate has no bones at all and the pork were so tender, soft and totally infused with the coffee gravy!! Every bite just taste so amazing goood! Superb! @sumkeefood #hungryunicornsg #coffeeporkribs #sumkee #sumkeefood #tzechar