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Nice yummy authentic Peranakan food. It’s of 2nd here and will visit again if we are around this area

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the bagel eggs benny ($16) was pretty filling! the hollandaise sauce was more on the savoury side and the bagels were dense!

i quite liked this despite all the reviews here about this dish being overpriced. i get that it costs about 2-3 times more than the usual kaya toast one can get from a kopitiam but given the grand atmosphere of the alkaff mansion, and the fancy little touches made to the dish such as the decision to use chewy sourdough bread, sprinkling dried coconut and gula melaka bits, and that huge chunk of butter... i think it was not that outrageously priced

ig | @hooyeats

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素缘,mentioned in my previous post that I will be back to try their curry gravy instead and true enough it is very tasty as well. Now I’m spoilt for choice the next time I’m here. Gravy or Curry?

Finally checked this char kway teow off my hawker to try list! We queued for around 1 hour for our food (cos uncle meticulously fry each plate of noodles one at a time), and I must say it was totally worth the wait (and calories too)! I dare say this is one of the best char kway teows I’ve tried so far in Singapore! My plate of char kway teow was moist and flavourful, with a very strong wok hei plus generous portions of everything (plump cockles, fried pork lard, noodles etc)! Simply delicious, I’ll be back again for sure!


Laksa was rich and tasty. Fish & chips was average (kind of like the fish fillets at ntuc that i can throw in the toaster to bake.. haha). Great place for the views though! Came on a weekday and it was very nice to chill at

Scissors cut Hainanese curry rice. This plate has pork chop that’s freshly fried, cabbage, long beans and omelette for $4.40.

The sauces drizzled over the rice were tasty. There’s a long queue even on weekday at 1030am.

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💬: Shall stick to their milk teas next time -
This was good, well it was OKAY, but too darn sweet as with most wintermelon teas, and I had to mellow out the sweetness with fresh milk from the fridge... 😳

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Pizza is the most worth it here, can share 3 people

Nice ambience. Food is normal Singapore cafe standard I guess. Atas Kaya Toast is abit not worth it. Eggs Benedict is reasonably sized with bagels instead of muffins.

From Telok Blangah Crescent
Really shiok to have some shave ice dessert.
Inside at the bottom filled with red bean, grass jelly cubes and palm seeds.

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