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Got the one for one deal, portion is big and food tastes good! Definitely worth the price!


It was an enjoyable bowl of wanton mee with a generous serving of pork lard. Lard fans - you will love this

not enough choc chips in fact there weren’t any inside.. only a few sprinkles on top. but muffin base was moist light crumbed and flavourful

quite nice and moist and fragrant but not as good as the hype makes it out to be. at this price though i guess we can’t complain. but really there was barely any choc chips/sprinkles at all😞

this was ok, pretty generous portion! overall q worth w burpple one for one but wouldn’t travel here j to try. worth trying if you just happen to be in the area and have burpple. vibes also not that great. wouldn’t wanna be chatting and catching up here for too long, it’s just as what it’s called, a diner

i’m doing gods work surveying these under the radar burpple places so you don’t have to. i’d say this chicken salad was not bad, w the burpple 1 for 1. wouldn’t return without. juicy chicken super flavourful but too oily for salad. generous toppings and very good tangerines though.

When the simple things in life calm.
Had a whirlwind of a week witnessing death, celebrating ones life; there is a lot of emotional behaviours that goes with traumatic/ celebratory events in life.

Today I took a break and went for a walk w mum, en route I spied these muffins that have been a companion on mundane office afternoons when my department’s director grabs them after a morning at our other Bishan/ Mandai office! These muffins remind me to sometimes stop striving for our limited human comprehension of what’s best and be grateful for the good and comforting. Peaceful thoughts to have with these $1.50 muffins that are moist and large to satiate.


Got ourselves the Garlic Prawn and Peri Peri chicken flavour pizza and the portions were huge! For the price paid, it’s definitely worth it and will definitely head back again one day!

A good fluffy rendition, not sure why there was orange flavouring in this, might be a slip of the baker who misplaced orange extract instead of vanilla in the batter. Regardless the texture and buttercream was delightful.

Besides their gyu sando, @jooeunchung and I also had their otah sando and teriyaki chicken don.

Their otah sando consists of breaded muar otah, kaffir lime sambal, coconut mayo and cucumber between two slices of Japanese milk bread. Both of us weren't big fans of the otah as it packed a little too much heat and you can barely taste the kaffir lime sambal and coconut mayo. It was also rather odd to have a cucumber stick in the middle of the sandwich. It did not add anything to the sandwich and was a little difficult to eat. Perhaps they should have julienne or ribboned the cucumber to make it easier to eat, and pickled it for more flavour.

We liked the teriyaki chicken don though. Unlike other eateries, @helloarigato.official serves their teriyaki chicken with the skin crispy. The meat was also tender and juicy and the teriyaki marinade just right.

Despite being on the pricier side, they are generous with their ingredients and portions! Prata was crispy as well.

This donut feels more special than the cinnamon sugar one, as cardamom is not v commonly used in SG. Cardamom was distinct but not too in ur face, giving nice warm earthy flavours. Ginger was not very prominent, but ginger powder can be kinda spicy so I'm glad that the cardamom flav was more pronounced.

Donut was soft and fluffy and tangy like I remembered, but I think it could have proofed more - they were skinnier than before. Idm tho! It can't be perfect each time, and it was still p damn good 🥳

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