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This jap-western fusion dish is definitely a must-try! Salmon was well cooked, and the Soba tasted really delicious with the accompaniment of shimeiji mushrooms and seasoned sunny side up

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Had two sandwiches but left after a terrible service. The saddest thing was that I’ve had great service here before. When I went to order at the counter at 330pm (they close at 5pm), I was told that the French toast & the pasta was “out of stock” despite it being a weekend, and these are two of their most well-loved food. As I’ve been waiting for my friend for a while now, I asked them why I wasn’t informed when I sat down. The reply, after telling me that “the staff forgot”? “You don’t have to eat here”. Which was appalling, to say the least. Not even an attempt at apology when I went back and said “I would appreciate it if I was informed when I sat down and the menu was given”. And proceeded to order anyway. Food that was served was decent, but gods, I will never step foot in there again. I believe it was the...owner? Who served me. She certainly didn’t seem like a staff.

Recommended for cheese lovers and runny egg lovers. Surprised by the running egg in the middle of the toast. HOW DO THEY EVEN DO THAT! It's gr8 but would have been nice to have some greens by the side. Also, I rly didnt get the bacon jam on the bread by the side hmmmmmm

Low and Slow Beef Brisket ($22)
Latte Large ($5)

The beef was braised in red wine, giving it a strong and rich flavour. Each shredded ribbon was succulent and the garlic crumb added a savoury punch to it. Paired with greek yogurt and basil pesto, the dips added a zesty twist and refreshing touch to the overall dish.

Parking was somewhat of a problem. Ordered the carbonara fries as well as toast. Unfortunately ordered forgetting to use the Burpple app.
Was told that they were unable to reverse the transaction, turned my back and walked away, didn’t really bother too much as price was reasonable, however staff challenged saying burpple rules having to show the promo before ordering... etc etc etc

Somethings better left unsaid, oh well :/

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Lucky still left some the last loft of traditional toast bread.
Location: Blk 24, Sin Ming Road, Singapore 570024
#sinmingroad #charcoaltraditionaltoast #sgbreakfast #sghawker #sghawkerfood #toastbread #burpplesg #burpple

One of the lazy Sunday AM, when u just wanna brunch & nua.
A very laid back & cosy cafe (but parking can be quite a headache if you drive)
This place’s not new to some but new to us 😬
Especially love the French Toast + Gashouse Eggs set. The big breakfast set is just “meh” - not quite worth the $.
Ordered the Ice Mocha - 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Will I come back again? Maybe 🤷‍♀️

Apparently famous, but disappointing. Apart from generous duck and decent herbal soup, most braised duck stalls can match this.

Great ambience. Pastas taken to another level~

Yolo burger ($19.80 on deliveroo)

Single patty- chose the beef, fried egg, fried spam, fried onion strings, cheddar cheese patty and smoked chipotle on sesame bun.

Beef patty was too salty, so was the fried spam. Fried egg was a little overcooked. Everything tasted too mushy and salty and oily.

Fries were thick but soggy and tasteless.

Overall a very disappointing meal. Will not order again.

Shroom Melt ($14.80 on Deliveroo)

Comes with fries.
Beef chuck patty, shiitake mushrooms, melted swiss cheese and garlic aioli sauce on whole meal bun.

Beef patty was too salty, the whole burger tasty too mushy. The mushrooms were not soft nor seasoned well.

Fries were thick but soggy and tasteless. I barely ate a few and threw the rest away.

Will not order this again.

That avocado smash is amazing! Yummy corn fritters but would be perfect if the fritter were more dense and the fillings do not fall apart so easily. Great taste nonetheless!