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Very tasty.

A must have vegetable dish for me each time I eat here.


Too much vegetables for my liking

But overall, it’s tasty, and every one of my family loves this.

The duck leg confit was greaaaat - the meat was really soft & rly fell off the bones!!! Needed not much of strength to tear them apart....and rly what can I say, absolutely loved this dish!!! :) the other ingredients were pretty good but I thought would be nicer if the potato came mashed.

The Wagyu cheeseburger was alright - good but nothing special to shoutout.

Quite a chill place to catchup and made super worth with Burpple beyond’s 1-for-1!!

The shop claimed that you will be mind blown by this soft serve. However, I am disappointed with it as there isn’t much coconut taste and it tastes like normal vanilla soft serve.

Specifically strawberry lemon and chocolate mint 😛Deal was made sweeter with a 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond

$6 for creme brûlée , not a massive fan but can give it a try. Good place to chill !

This is really good but I guess the portion was huge for me , jelat after 3/4 done. Overall would recommend !

Luxe up your dinner situation and order IKURA's Sea Bream Carpaccio with Uni ($38). Topped with truffle oil and creamy-soft uni, the thinly sliced sea bream sashimi was well complemented by the different textural components. A great umami starter indeed, the plate was both robust and refreshing!

Kick off your weekend with IKURA’s weekly special, Tai Head Sake Mushi ($28)! Limited each week, the fleshy madai head is steamed with their house sake based broth and assorted vegetables. Comforting and homely, the natural flavours of the firm fish was accentuated by the piquant as well as lingering sweetness of sake. Though notable, the taste of sake didn’t seem to overpower the other elements.

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Two Chefs
Sin Ming Avenue

Part 2/2
Having their first outlet in the commonwealth area, two chefs eating place has expanded and recently opened a new outlet not so far from the original stall at sin Ming area. Famous for their cheap and good food we decided to give this place a shot. Having learnt that they are popular for their creative butter pork ribs we decided to give this place a shot. What really intrigued us was that their butter pork ribs was coated in a thin layer of condensed milk then covered with lots of milk powder. To our surprise the butter pork ribs was extremely tender, the condensed milk elevated the sweetness of the pork and the milk powder gave it a slightly creamy taste to it. It’s definitely worth a try should you visit this place. Other popular dishes like the beancurd prawn roll and XO “San loh”Hor fun is a must try too. The beancurd prawn roll has a outer coating of crispy beancurd, dipped in the sweet sauce provided, each prawn roll was extremely crispy on the outside and very sweet and juicy on the inside. It is also my go to dish for every “tze char” stall.
All in all this place does live up to its name for cheap and good food, located within the heartlands of Singapore, this place is bustling with families having a nice heart meal. .
Stay tuned for more coming up tomorrow! .
Overall: 9/10
Taste: 9/10
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Seafood Marinara Pasta- Prawns, clams, tomatoes, chillies & spaghetti
✅ Spaghetti is cooked well
✅ Prawns and clams are quite fresh
✅ Generous with the amount of clams given
✅ Sauce is well balanced with the sweetness from the tomatoes, saltiness from the cheese and spiciness from the chillies