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Top 10 in Thomson

Top 10 places in Thomson, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Thomson

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Thomson, Singapore.

Initially disappointed over not having any salmon on the menu, this Big Brekkie showed me later that it could do without. The lemon, avocado, perfectly toasted bread and scrambled eggs was a perfect match with the stronger tasting bacon, sausage and sautéed mushrooms. Nicely done eggs didn’t have that fake full cream taste to it. I hardly take avocados in it’s original form and this actually had a nice texture together with the lemon that squeezed over it.

$19 feels slightly pricey but with Burpple Beyond 1 for 1, this is SO worth it!


This place is located at Industrial Park. Surprisingly the crowd is still there at 9pm. Foods are not bad and their beers price are quite reasonable. Will be visiting another outlet tomorrow

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The pastry crust was thin which makes it easier to focus on the egg custard. The egg tart ($1.60) wasn't too sweet though it didn't leave me craving for more. Lots of variety of bread available too, shall come back to try one day.

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Surprisingly good. Not many stalls do it the herbal way and glad i managed to find such a gem in a coffee shop. Meat was tender too and I love it when it is dipped into the black sauce/garlic. Bakuteh was $5 with rice (50c) and youtiao ($1). Cheap and good. Coming back again to try the other stalls. Location of the coffee shop is at block 20 rather than block 18 though.

A small and cosy cafe that sells a limited selection of brunch. I ordered the croissant with scrambled eggs ($11) and paired it with hot mocha ($6) while my bf ordered smashed avocado on sourdough toast ($12) and iced pourover($6.50). Overall, I feel the food and drinks is just average!

$18.80 for upsized don
Have been a loyal fan of Omote since it’s Sushiro days at the other corner of Thomson Plaza, but I have to say their standard has clearly dropped. The sauce has a weird synthetic saccharine taste, the cubes aren’t as fresh, and the portion of the original $12 bowl is much smaller. Would probably not go back for awhile.

Sister cafe of atlas coffeehouse and the culinary genes certainly run in the family. Generous cheese savings served on top of meatballs in mushroom soup - love that the mushroom soup is the right amount of thickness that you will not hesitate to down.

Another plus point: it’s a much bigger and quieter space than atlas coffeehouse so it’s a good place for groups!

Rating: 4.5/5

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I’ve been frequenting omote (previously Sushiro) since its opening, and their bara chirashi is consistently good and very value for money. They’ve upped prices in the few years since its opening, but I’d still say it’s very worth it. We had the upsized bowl so it’s larger than the regular, I’d recommend this size if you’re hungry!

Had their waffles here after dinner and I’d say they’re pretty decent, but not the best! Earl grey flavour wasn’t very strong in the ice cream so that was a big no for me, as I’m a fan of rich and strong ice cream flavours, especially for earl grey and other tea flavours. I’d still pick Creamier’s waffles over those here anyday. Portions here are good and pastas here are worth mentioning. Will be back to try some of their brunch offerings as well.