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Every slice of kaya toast comes with a huge slab of cold butter that you can actually bite into.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/sen-yen-charcoal-traditional-toast-kaya-toast/

Ordered 红油抄手, pork rib braised rice and intestine mee sua. Redeemed via burpple and added another ala carte main. The wanton skin abit too thick for my liking, not enough braised meat/ rice abit dry. I like the Intestine mee sua the most, the intestines is braised and well flavoured.

I’ve ordered this dish for 1-for-1 deal ($6.80) because the braised pork rice here looks nice but once you’ve tasted the ingredients, the pork is soft, the onsen egg is delicious and the cucumber acar is just so appetizing.

Have always been a big fan of Omote or Sushiro (as it was previously known as). Frequented the small shop of Sushiro before they expanded to a slightly bigger restaurant and finally to Omote. Their prices have always been wallet friendly (especially for a student like me) and they do not compromise on quality. Visited Omote 2.0 and it came with a new extensive menu (which was slightly overwhelming) which offered a multitude of options. Still, I stuck with my old time favourite bara chirashi don but I upsized it. Didn't disappoint as I was presented with a huge portion of salmon (my favourite!). Boyfriend got the kyoto glazed duck don and the sliced duck was so good and succulent. Had the soda called Island Sunset and boyfriend had the whiskey sour :) which were both good! Definitely would come back to try out other dishes in their big menu!

Sauce at the side tasted of truffle oil! Which was interesting to me haha chicken was not too bad too (:

Pretty decent! Went in without any expectations and was slightly disapppointed at the small portion but the chicken made up for it haha

Operated by a bunch of young, talented bakers, SCRATCH Bakeshop sold a variety of sweets, from cupcakes (S$4.00), cakes and cheesecakes (S$6.50), tarts (S$5.00) to large cookies (S$3.00). They also had a couple of tables outside their shop for diners who had time to sit down and chill over some cakes and tea.

And that was exactly what I did on a Friday afternoon, while enjoying the December breeze under the shady part of the building, having a pot of tea (S$4.50) with a Choc Caramel Beschuit Cupcake and a Lemon Meringue Tart.

The cupcake was kind of cutesy-looking, with what seemed like a caramel cookie butter filling, buttercream and crushed beschuit sprinkles on the top. I would have liked more filling to for a more elevated sweetness to it. Or maybe they were secretly wishing for me not to just stop at one?

As for the Lemon Meringue Tart, I felt that they managed to grasp the right level of flavour, but it would have been nice if the tart shell was just a little thinner, so that it could hold a little more lemon curd to be proportionate with the amount of meringue piped on it. But I must say I quite liked the texture of the baked meringue — definitely a light amount of sweetness!

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Taking over the previous site of Edwin and Cooks was Rice-O-Bistro, which currently served mostly rice mains and some appetisers (more main courses were said to be rolled out closer to Christmas period).

The Truffle Yakiniku (S$12.90) was a fusion Donburi that came with a rice base, complete with pan-seared Brazil beef sirloin, a sunny-side-up, carrot, cooked cabbage and sautéed Shimeji mushroom, before garnished with spring onion, seaweed and the Truffle Shoyu. While the essence of each ingredient complemented one another in this bowl, it was best enjoyed by stirring up everything in the bowl so you would get an even taste and flavour profile for it as a whole.

Sadly, there was one thing that did not work too well for me today, and that was the rice. Perhaps I marked my expectation too high, but I was hoping that the rice was cooked more consistently, as within the same bowl I had some undercooked rice and some soggy clusters too. I did hope that they pull their socks up in the consistency, as there were already a couple of Japanese restaurants in the vicinity, let alone restaurants itself, if they would wish to stand out from the crowd.

They had some seats along the corridor right outside their restaurant, and an indoor dining area which took up the whole of one unit, but subjected to availability if they would have a private event ongoing.


With its expansion from the previous humble stall to the restaurant, its menu also grew in variety and range of items. The drinks menu also appealed with the choices of colourful cocktails.
We loved every little details put into their menu design and restaurant decor. This season, collect their Christmas bear chopstick holder which makes a nice bookmark for the holiday.

This piqued my interest as soon as I saw it on the menu. Espresso poured over vanilla ice cream? Sign me up! The sweet ice cream overpowered the bitter espresso and they complimented each other nicely. The ice cream was unfortunately not enough to accompany all of the espresso and we were just drinking (and dying) from the extremely bitter espresso☕️

Taste: 7.5/10

This aglio olio was pretty spicy and not as garlicky as usual aglio olios but I think they still did a pretty good job with this! The grilled chicken was so tender and well seasoned! Worth a try and pretty affordable too