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first located at old semb shopping centre food court, the taste didn’t change much still after shifting places and opening more outlets. still keeping it at affordable price and decent portion. homely taste and feeling nostalgic. they only need to serve thai milk tea, that will complete my meal!! bought thai milk tea from nana thai located opposite of taste of thailand 🤣 #jxeatsrecommend

In my opinion, a better alternative to Udders along the Thomson stretch. The waffle was crispy and the ice cream was yums too 🤘🏻

Had a double scoop at their neighbour before popping over here and this rich & chunky ice cream was really the perfect treat to end the evening with! 😋

$6 for a serving of sourdough from Burnt Ends accompanied with EVOO and a hazelnut dukkah. There’s also a choice of truffle butter instead. The bread had a nice tang to it and the crust of the sourdough was quite addictive. The EVOO adds a richness to it while the dukkah adds a nice texture and a slight spice.

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Can’t even see the sourdough in this picture because it’s covered with a bed of tomatoes. The whole dish came together very nicely, the savouriness of the smoked salmon, creaminess of the chives sourcream and the fresh juicy pops of the cherry tomatoes. I added on a serving of scrambled eggs for $3 and they really lived up to the hype, real luscious in texture and well seasoned.

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Clearly for small eaters, I was still really hungry after this! Salmon and hotate were pretty fresh though, but I don't think I'll be back without burpple beyond.

Got both via burpple beyond and they were so good! We went with almond butter for the drizzle. Would not advise having one on your own post-meal (we regretted doing so) as they are extremely filling! Coco glow probably would be a better option for ladies as it came with coconut sorbet that's light and complements the acai well!

Topped up the Gashouse with some candied bacons for even more satisfaction from the bacon jam.
For a sweeter touch, their French Toast was a harmonious combination of caramelised banana, fruits and crunchy walnut with a good dark caramel sauce.

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Came here for this (The Works $20) after seeing so many recommendations on Burpple, and it far exceeded our expectations in terms of size. It really looked much smaller in photos, but we could barely finish this.
Buddy had this and she loved how thickly the bacon was sliced. We also thoroughly enjoyed the guac that came along. Really wonder what goes into it but we suspect there’s some jalapeños that gave it a little bit of heat?
Of course, the kurobuta sausage and sourdough did not disappoint as well. My advice is to come on an empty stomach so you can enjoy every bit of your brunch.


Used the Burpple 1-for-1 so this is the free dish (U.P. $17). Didn’t really expect much from the text-only menu (I’m a visual person), and this wasn’t heavily featured in the reviews, but I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a good sandwich.
Packed tightly with generous slices of roast beef, sautéed onions, gherkins, tomatoes, mustard mayo and rocket leaves, sandwiched in 2 huge slices of sourdough.
For someone with a relatively big appetite, I could barely finish it. To be fair, I was down with a cold and we ordered an additional side of truffle fries (which is a huge portion as well). Even so, this was so good that I really wanted to savour every bite of it.


sliced sashimi, tamago, unagi and roe atop a bowl of rice. a pretty decent and affordable bowl with good variety. quality of sashimi was not the best, but decent considering the price. among the fish, the tender and sweet unagi stood out. overall, quite standard japanese fare.

6/10 ⭐️