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Always back here for the fried egg and the generous amount of greens.

Mandatory order. But sadly, this was a far cry from what I’d expected. Moisture of brussels are gone from all that frying resulting in flaky, limp and crisp edges.

Expected the beef to be in cubes instead of shredded/pulled. Wish it was more tender, with some fats. Can’t help but feel confused with the Greek yoghurt and pesto, as it did not seem necessary. But ended up eating with scrambled eggs (green eggs!) 😅

Sautéed sundried tomatoes, white wine, Shimeji, herbed cream served with toasted sourdough & grated Parmesan. Very hearty dish, love how earthy and creamy the mushrooms are! Goes perfectly well with the silky scrambled eggs.

Sometimes, when we think of Vegan food, we may picture loads of vegetables and fruits. But WellSmoocht breaks that thinking and adds a twist to the ‘typical’ Vegan dish. They replaced chicken with pulled jackfruit and strangely, they had somewhat the same texture. The cashew ‘cheez’ on the pizza was as tasty as normal cheese and it made me wonder why more places couldn’t use cashew ‘cheez’ instead 🤭

Price-wise it’s a little expensive and around a normal cafe price but it’s worth the try, especially if you are craving some interesting Vegan food or if you are a Vegan yourself!

Can’t go wrong with a staple - the lu rou fan ($6.90) features white rice topped with braised meat. I would have like more sauce (I like my rice doused!) but it was definitely tasty. The meat is nicely layered and tender!

One of those places that have withstood the test of time!! Their noodles with pork chop ($6.90) is one of those dishes that make for a really hearty meal. Wished the portion of noodles was bigger, but it’s a delightful mix of QQ noodles in dark sauce and the fragrant aroma of fried shallots. The pork chop is slightly sweet, tender and crispy!

Norwegian smoked salmon, organic 65 degree eggs, tobiko hollandaise, bonito flakes, served with brioche & arugula. I could do this all day, all for that gooey goodness from the eggs that is soaked up by the soft fluffy brioche. Yum!

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Used the burpple beyond deal that only allowed for a large portion, which was extremely filling. The açai was nice, it wasn’t too sweet/icy and rather refreshing. The coco flavour wasn’t very prominent, and I could only taste it when I ate it without any toppings or açai. Granola (they use Sweet Home Farm - the one in a carton) and nut butter was good! A decent açai place, but I still prefer project acai’s :)

I ordered so many mentaiko sushi that I feel I'm in heaven!!! .
Each sushi only has a small amount of japanese rice, so you can eat a lot of yummy sushi before you fill up your bellies!! Their unagi & salmon were so fresh! Even the most basic dishes, Chawanmushi & Asari Miso Soup, taste so yummy!
Special highlight to the best of my favourite!!! Mentaiko Inari Sushi - the sweet beancurd skin with the savoury mentaiko!! OMG I feel so blissful when the juices explodes in my mouth!
Tamago Mentai Sushi - the tamago is thick & fresh! With the mentaiko, every bite feels like fireworks! .
You may think I'm exaggerating, you just have to go & try to taste all their fresh and yummy sushi! I would love to eat them every day if I could!

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crispy charred cheese on top of a fluffy toast and an oozy egg surprise in the middle! mushrooms were cooked well too
10/10 would order again

Mixed Tang Yuan Ginger soup ($3.80)

Ginger soup is not too sweet or too spicy for others liking. Main highlights are the yummy QQ tangyuan!! You may choose to have mix peanut /black sesame flavor or all for the same flavor.