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From Dumpling Cafe at Thomson Plaza. S$13 usual but used a Fave deal for S$21.80 to get 2 mains and 2 drinks.

These god damn chicken breast are tender. Putting shame to my cooking skills and my choice to only cook chicken thighs.

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Didn’t enjoy this as much as we did the hamburg, only because it lacked the fattiness we’re used to in a good piece of steak. The beef itself has great flavour, although it could’ve done with better seasoning. Shame we couldn’t afford the Ribeye (prices begin at $58!).

Also comes with a sauce, which was stellar!

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This was super delicious. Made with Hokkaido beef, the hamburg is cooked to a perfect medium rare (with a beautiful dark pink centre). The texture is every bit a hamburg is supposed to be - meaty and firm, but still relents upon your bite. There is the option for demi-glace or wafu sauce. We went with the former, which was excellently savoury and tangy. The chef seems to know his sauces, so I expect nothing less of the wafu either! Go for the extra cheese topping, adding a layer of rich, creamy yum on your hamburg. Also comes with fries, salad and your choice of rice or garlic bread.

The new Rubicon Steak House is a small hole-in-the-wall within Imperial Court, and it’s run by an adorably earnest Japanese duo.

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This pretty legit 茶餐厅 is located in the ulu area of Midview City, but is worth a detour into if you have a car. Even the staff speak Cantonese! Most customers order individual rice/congee/noodle dishes, but we went with plain noodles and orders of vegetables, beef brisket (suuuperbly tender), pork trotters, and half a concubine chicken (a little salty but still sogoooood).

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Noodle and sauce were both good and very Korean, but I've had better. I was mainly puzzled by the lack of meat in the sauce.

Every part of it was good and guaranteed to satisfy your tummies.

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One my favourite dessert!
Not too sweet, just perfect. Goes well will a cup of coffee (they serve Nespresso!)

Their black chicken soup is my favourite because it is so nutritious and tasty! The soups are actually boiled in huge urns and they use freshly procured herbs and ingredients for the soup. The rice is really great too- it has mushrooms and cabbage inside which makes it so fragrant and it’s perfect with the soup. Apart from this, I love the herbal chicken (which has lots of soup with it), the la la (clams) - very sweet, and also the beansprouts. Totally a comfort meal.

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Sad to say that this is one of those restaurants that got overhyped by the media players. These squid ink sushi variants felt like they were purely created for the gram - aesthetically pleasing but lacking in distinct squid ink taste. I was even more disappointed when I tasted the room temperature raw fish - bad taste aside, it's worrying from a food safety perspective.

However, I'd recommend their Mentai Chicken Wings ($8.90). While they arrived in very light brown colour, I was surprised that they were deboned for easy (and shiok) consumption. The interior was juicy, but I couldn't taste the mentaiko 😅

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