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The Columbus Coffee Co has such a big space located in Upper Thomson, with a really nice ambiance.
Smoked Salmon Benny (SD $19) - the hollandaise has overpowered the salmon and other flavors, which it become quite surfeited.
The Coffee has a little burned taste, but still acceptable. While the truffle fries taste pretty good (but not comparing to PS cafe).
If there is a long queue, I doubt the food will entice me to join the queue.
Satisfaction: 🤤 🤤 🤤
Price: $25+ (per pax), if 2 main dishes, 1 side and 2 beverages.
#eatwtiff #tcxsg

All the way to Sin Ming Road for one of my fav Roti Prata place.
Location: Sin Ming Roti Prata, 24 Sin Ming Rd, #01-51, Singapore 570024
#sinmingrotiprata #rotiprata #burpple #burpplesg #sghawkerfood #sghawker #hawkerfood #sinmingroad

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Upsized Bara Chirashi Don ($18.80) 👌

Their Upsized Bara Chirashi Don was probably the most value for money option here! Good sizeable portion of fresh fish that was nicely seasoned. Personally, I felt that the rice was drowning a little in the sweet soy-esque sauce that was poured over but other than that it was a good meal!

Not pictured:
Asari Garlic Flambé ($18.80)👌

The bowl of clams was delightfully flavourful with deep umami flavours, and the sauce at the bottom-oof! The garlic, chili, and spring onions mixed in the warm, rich sauce made the clams extra special and a delicious appetiser overall. However, the clams were a little sandy so there were a couple of unexpected crOnches oop.

Kurobuta Shogayaki Don ($19.80) ❌❌❌

This was the most expensive AND the most disappointing item of that night. The seasoning was reminiscent of satay (...but lean, dry, and thin...can you imagine) and the texture was almost jerky/bacon-like. Imagine a few slices of dry pork on a bowl of dry rice- yep. For $19.80 before GST and service charge, I would much rather eat a couple of sticks of satay and a ketupat. Honestly, the picture on the menu compared to the actual dish presented was VASTLY different. Stick to their raw stuff or try the beef dons, maybe they’ll fare better.

My go to spot for a comforting bowl of jjigae. Samgye-tang was delightful and the kpop playing in the background made me feel like I was transported to Korea 😚🇰🇷

Highly recommend! Addutucart now.

Refreshing! Açaí goes pretty well with coconut sorbet. I personally find it costly > $12

Not too bad. 1 for 1 with Burpple. However, friend got the gashouse eggs. That, a must try. Will be back for it.

A very interesting dish. The eggs were cooked well with the melted cheese, and tasted great with the toast. The side of bacon jam complimented well. A recommended try at this cafe!

We thought that this would be just a standard big breakfast set, but it was better than expected. The mushrooms and eggs were cooked and seasoned well, and the sausage and bacon were just right (in some other cafes it may be too salty). Overall quite well done as a big breakfast set.

Omote Chirashi Don at just $12.80! Value for money. The rice is seasoned with soy sauce that enhances the flavor of the sashimi.

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Our second option was a surprise delight 🎉We got the 𝐆𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐞 𝐄𝐠𝐠𝐬 ($13) which on the menu reads, runny egg & melted cheese 🧀 on a thick toast, served with homemade bacon jam! It looked quite normal when it was served, but WOW, the runny & ozzy egg 🍳 that came along upon slicing the toast made us burst with joy (i was so excited that I forgot to take any pics)😆 The melted cheese paired with the ozzy egg & the soft fluffy toast is simply a match in heaven💕 wasn’t particularly impressed with the bacon jam but the toast was good enough👍🏻

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We tried the 𝐀𝐥𝐥-𝐢𝐧 𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐤𝐤𝐢𝐞 ($19), which comprises of our choice of onsen eggs🥚, avocado 🥑 , bacon strips 🥓, sautéed mushrooms, chorizo, sourdough & side salad 🥗 The bacon strips were really savoury matching well with the plain sourdough! Overall, a hearty brunch option which made all our tummies very happy 😊 ⁣with the 1-1 mains deal!

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Pretty decent especially with the use of burpple beyond. It was slightly towards the saltier side but still acceptable. Apart from the sausage which is too porky for my liking.

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