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Don’t like milk tea. Don’t like tea with coffee. So was happily surprised to like this fragrant brew!

The few sandos I had in singapore were not much more than regular sandwiches so was fully expected to be disappointed by this. But it was actually good! Creamy egg, tasty bread, thick spam & tangy sauce. Was worried portion might be small but by 3/4 through I was thoroughly full.

Had a work meeting at this place today. They have all day breakfast and there are tables that can be combined for larger group meetings. The croissant sandwich was ok, the scrambled eggs was a little dry but the salad came with a very nice dressing.

The matcha latte was a little sweet. I hoped to have the option to adjust the sweetness.

The latte was pretty regular

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Pictured here are Carbonara, Truffle Fries and Bacon & Potato Omelette. The portion fed 3 adults as the carbonara sauce was on the thicker side. The bill came up to $56.80 but there was no service charge/ GST. There was no charge on plain water and I do recommend making reservation for this place!

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Beef steak (180g), teriyaki onions, king oyster mushrooms, egg yolk, nori, Japanese rice

I didn’t try this but my dad enjoyed it, and it smelt p good. The beef, onions, and mushrooms were flavourful, with the yolk adding more richness.

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Eggplant, tofu, king oyster mushrooms, crispy enoki, nori, togarashi, japanese rice

I only had a nibble of this but flavours were quite nice, ingredients were tasty. There’s soft, there’s crisp, I liked the different textures. However this small bowl is rather overpriced. I get it, cafe prices are typically like that. But at other cafes/restaurants the portions are better.

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Chicken & gruyere veloute, oyster mushrooms, herbed potatoes, spinach, capers, puff-lets

I found it very average, it wasn’t bad but I found the dish quite disjointed - just felt like different ingredients that happen to be in the same bowl of veloute. Chicken was soft, mushrooms tasty. Spinach was average and I’m not a fan of veloute I guess, it’s too thin to be gravy and also isn’t soup/broth. Pufflets were airy and not crisp. I saw a nearby table being cleared and all 3 pufflets were left uneaten. Overall would not reco.

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Cheddar & chive scramble, aioli, back bacon, caramelised onions, focaccia, tater tots

Not bad, eggs were at a nice done-ness, soft and not overcooked, and I liked the sweet caramelised onions. Focaccia was soft, tater tots were crisp.

However at other places I could get similar sandwiches that are tastier with a lower price point.

I quite liked Columbus before their menu revamp, but now the new menu options aren’t as attractive and most are rather overpriced, in my opinion. A pity! Lunar is already gone so the only place with the kinda ‘original’ menu is Atlas. Please don’t change the menu at Atlas, this is a sincere plea 🥲


redeemed the 1-1 main dish deal (note that burpple deal is only applicable for pastas and chickens). the portion of the chicken provided was good and the meat was nice and juicy! could not really taste any spiciness in the chicken but the dish was served with what tasted like thai chili. overall good meal but would only come back again for burpple deals as the other dishes were quite pricy.

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There is a hit and then there is a miss! This one falls into the latter category. The bialy supposed to be the healthier version of bagel with its lighter texture. Somehow it's quite chewy and greasy at the base. It could have had more desirable texture to have this bialy fresh out of the oven. However, when checking its oily base, I am not too keen to reheat and dispel it. The generous amount of sliced potato, onion & poppyseed gives a soft pat on my shoulder, maybe it's not my bialy day. 🤔


At 8:30 am sharp, people are already lining up to buy #woodlandssd freshly baked goods. So many sourdough choices to pick from. SD almond croissant is unlike anywhere else croissants. With denser texture, it tastes more like kouign-amann covered with crunchy sliced almonds. Just take a mouthful of this with your cuppa, the slightly sour full body of 🥐 goes so well with sweet almond paste. 😍


Cake was moist with a coarser crumb, wasn't as limey in the middle, but the bottom was super limey and zesty, makes u pucker but I like supersour stuff so this was great. The icing was v sugary but also v limey, tasted like lozenges for some reason. Honestly could do without the icing, it’s too sweet. But I guess it’s the standard bundt glaze. Overall not bad, would want to try the other bundt flavours!

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