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This portion is for 10 pax. Sliced duck meat is tender. Beancurd is at bottom layer, tasty with the braised sauce.

Pre-cooked and served with another round of fire to make it bubbling hot. Portion enough for 10 pax. Layered bottom is white cabbages, chicken mid joint, duck meat, sliced chinese yam, whole mushrooms, fish maw, white radish, dried scallop, broccoli, big prawns, canned whole abalone and superior savoury sauce.

Managed to learn about Que’s existence at Toa Payoh from Johnson Eatery’s Facebook page. Quite interesting to know that Que is a one-woman show; the lady boss being the only person running the stall — a brave entrepreneurial move considering how Que is her very first F&B venture that she is involved in.

I was torn between this and the Banh Mi but figured out it was better to start off from a safer item here first. The Bun Thit Nuong Bun Gio checks the right boxes here when it comes to the made-to-order spring rolls and grilled pork; while many places served up pre-cooked ingredients for their dry noodles that had been set aside for a while, the grilled pork and spring rolls were served hot — the former been tender, moist and savoury without being too tough to chew, while the latter comes all crisp without being greasy whilst well-filled inside. The rice vermicelli was also slurpy and springy, while the basil and chili helps to give it a distinct aroma with a slight umami flavour and a hint of pretty manageable spiciness. Recommend giving this a good toss, and portioning out the generous amount of ingredients with every spoonful; the simple ingredients here comes together for a comforting meal that is predictable yet flavoursome dish which is not too heavy on the palate — an item apt for dinner after the massive feasting after CNY.

PS: would try to make a visit for their Banh Mi another time; the menu illustration simply seems to be too tempting to resist ...

Because any trip made to this area of Toa Payoh is not complete without a visit to Creamier (or so, I feel).

Dropped by to grab a scoop; the Orange Milk Chocolate being a flavour that simply stood out to me today; probably festive enough for the CNY season. It’s rich without being overly sweet; consistently creamy as per the ice-creams that one would expect from Creamier, carrying notes of bittersweet flavour from the chocolate. There are nibs of soft marshmallow within for a chewy bite, while a hint of zesty orangey flavours can be detected within every bit of that ice-cream for a nice contrast that works for those who are into the chocolate and orange flavour combination.

Or even for a lunar new year dinner? This Teochew fish head steamboat might be a good option.
They cooked their fish head broth fresh every day, natural and fresh it could be tasted with every sip of the soup. Even the quality of every soup refill was not compromised so one could simply enjoy to his heart’s content. The big and chunky cuts of the grouper fish were just a pleasure to bathe in that broth till perfection.
For a Teochew meal, their braised duck was also recommended. With a bright modern decor, this Teochew restaurant at Lor 8 of TPY neighbourhood might be one good place for the festive celebration.

Set rice plate, deep fried sliced abalone mushroom covered with savoury sweet & sour sauce. $5 each.

Set plate of rice with fried monkey head mushroom cubes, then covered in gongbao sauce. Includes a fried egg. $7 each.

Another alternative choice for carrot cake in this neighbourhood, with not really a queue there. They served only the white version.