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Bubble tea has really evolved from the time I was a secondary school student!
This cup of earl grey rock salt machiato was one of the best I've ever had
Take 0% sugar and original konjac jelly to really taste the slight saltiness and brewed tea flavours; the jelly adds all the sweetness necessary
Trust me, it's better this way

I’ve always loved some sizzling hot action on the pan/grill 🔥 & @pepperlunchsg, almost a household name now, allows me to enjoy that! 💯 Especially with many outlets (both restaurants & express outlets in foodcourts) all over Singapore, now everyone can enjoy this treat conveniently! ✔✔✔
Enjoying my Beef Pepper Rice ($6.90), which features tender slices of beef served on their sizzling hot signature teppan. 😍😍😍 This may sound ridiculous but I always pretend that I’m a chef while I thoroughly mix the rice, corn kernels & meats together.👩🏻‍🍳
Absolutely love the ground pepper sauce doused over the short-grained rice 🍚, rendering an alluring savoury flavour amidst its peppery punch. 👊🏻 Complementing these fluffy grains are the fragrant margarine, crunchy corn 🌽 with a burst of sweetness, & the succulent beef slices 🥩. Drizzle some garlic soy or honey miso sauce for more variations! An indulgent meal! 🤤🤤🤤
With the introduction of the Reward Card (1 stamp for 1 main dish when you dine in/takeaway), you’ll get a chance to UNLOCK 1 of the 400 AMAZING PRIZES after collecting 8 stamps & registering for a slot! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Prizes include iPhone XS, Samsung S10 & more! 🤩 This promo runs from 13 Jun - 28 Jul & limited to the 1st 400 successful submissions so be sure to act fast! 👌🏻 Play the game at pepperlunch.campaign.sg to win dining vouchers for your next meal! 💕
Time to get your hands on this #sizzlinghotprizes at #pepperlunchsg! 😋😋😋


Celebrated my dad’s birthday in advance at Fragrance Wok Tze Char by Penang Bagus. 🎉🎉🎉While the food was generally pretty well done, the long waiting time (1 hour on a weekday night) was simply unacceptable. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Perhaps the dishes tasted better cuz I was really hungry by the time the dishes were served. 😂😂😂
Here’s the feast that we had:
🔹️Golden Yam Ring ($16)
🔹️Sambal KangKong (L - $15)
🔹️Fried Egg with Shrimp (L - $12)
🔹️Kung Pow Chicken Ball (L - $18)
🔹️Sweet & Sour Pork (L - $18)
🔹️Black Pepper Crabs (2 for $50)
As Teochews, we really adore our Yam dishes as it is with no doubt that we enjoyed the Yam Ring. ❤❤❤ The crispy exterior contrasted well with the firm yet creamy yam, making it a yammy affair especially when paired with other ingredients like cashew nuts, chicken chunks & mixed vegetables. 😋
While presenting a moderate spicy kick 🌶, the sambal kangkong had a slight bitter aftertaste - not recommended. 😔 Can’t go wrong with an omelette 🍳 but u have to settle for frozen shrimps. 👌🏻
The 2 meat dishes were decent but both meats can afford to be more tender. ✔ The sweet & sour pork leaned towards the sweet side, but I personally found the sauce to be pretty addictive. 😋😋😋 The crabs weren’t exactly the largest or super meaty but they sure were loaded with crab roe 🦀🦀 & I’m pleased that its flesh was sweet & firm, exemplifying its freshness. The sauce carried a good peppery punch but can be quite salty on its own - certainly goes well with rice. 👍🏻
While we were also charged $0.20 per wet towel, the cost of white rice ($0.80 each) was waived in compensation for the long wait. 👌🏻 With 1-for-1 deals using #BurppleBeyond, our bill totaled to $100.20 for 6 pax. Not a bad deal but I wouldn’t return if the long waiting time was a constant. 😔

One of the tasty soya sauce chicken rice in Toa Payoh.
Quite popular during lunchtime, regulars would simply order the food items verbally instead of looking onto the menu.
Of course, soya sauce chicken rice is their signature item.
Great vibe.


@creamier_sg is closing down their original outlet at Toa Payoh on 30 June 2019 😢! Do be prepared to queue abit, if not there is always their Gillman barracks and Tiong Bahru Outlet☺️but of cos it will never have the same hearty communal ambience like Toa Payoh🏘 it’s the final week to use your @burpple @burpplebeyondfans 1 for 1 deal as well! 😭 I was surprised to see the waffle come a stack of two when we ordered one🙊 obviously too much for us (considering it’s the last stop of our foodie night @fatpigdiary 🐷) even though it was crowded, the standard of waffle did not drop, still as light,fluffy and buttery as ever - made and served when ordered❤️ the ice cream scoops are generous, Creative and I love it that it’s not too sweet, Major plus point🥰✨ The staff still kept a friendly enthusiasm and even extend slightly beyond their closing hours for their loyal customers🌟truly believe that this place will always stay in the hearts and memories of many especially for the residents of Toa Payoh🇸🇬
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Got the Guinness pork ribs, 3 flavour chicken, 3 eggs spinach, deep fried brinjal. Honestly it was all nothing to squeal about; the meats and brinjal were too salty/sweet. Taste was too overpowering and wasn’t balanced well.

What was VERY disappointing was the service.
It was ABSOLUTELY bad. The waitress first told me that we could only use 1 voucher for Burpple Beyond, after which I said no, that’s not what the instructions says. Then she changed her stance and said, can use 2 vouchers but need 2 phones. Seeing the ordering taking place longer than it shld, a more senior lady (in rank) came to see what was happening, and corrected her saying 1 voucher can be used for 2 persons and 2 voucher for 4 persons. The waitress didn’t even apologised and walked away after confirming our order.

Lastly, we couldn’t finish our food and wanted to takeaway but was told that the free dish can’t be packed away. She said she mentioned this after we ordered (but she didn’t), and I said there is no such clause. She was adamant about it and say no taking away of your ‘for 1’ free dish, “I can pack the other dish, but your other free dish you can take away.” So I said, if you’re doing things to such an extend, I won’t take away anything at all then. The service here is really bad, perhaps they see us as BB users and treat us differently. Either way, if they treat customers who use vouchers differently, then it’s double standard. People in the service line shouldn’t even be treating customers like this. So I would suggest don’t come here, the food isn’t even jaw dropping enough.

Delightful bowl of delicious laksa.
Wallet friendly price.
Soft tender cooked cockles, half of hard boiled egg, taupok, sliced fish cake and thick bee hoon.


It’s not bad, just not fantastic. I find the coffee taste can be stronger.

Lovely refreshing combination produced with tender loving care by owner uncle. At $2.00, it's worth a try (or two).

Absolutely smooth, tender and delicious. For $1.10, it's absolutely tremendous value for money.