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We got black tea latte with taro q 25% sugar ($4.80). I love love love taro q and the black tea latte was decent too! Potentially can choose 0% sugar next time because the taro q is slightly sweet :D

Have you tried @subway.singapore’s newly launched sandwich/wrap? Packed with a tender slab of chicken breast, as well as a pleasant mix of both shiitake & button mushrooms, every bite was simply exploding with umami goodness 😋!

Check this out if you haven’t as it’s just gonna be available islandwide from now till 5 November.

Thank you @subway.singapore & @fullcirclepr for sending these shroomy treats over 🙆‍♂️!

Seven irresistible bite size goodies.
Hand made daily, brisk queue and consistently yummy.
Not bad!


Fluffy rice, crunchy peanuts, fried egg, chicken wing & tasty chilli sauce.
Not bad!


Pricey but still delicious dim sum! Very satisfying meal

Ordered the two pax set for $9. Price is reasonable. One bowl of kway is certainly not enough. Love the chlli too.

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Wanted to try this for awhile now after hearing of raving reviews, so decided to try it out today.
Expected a long queue but surprisingly it wasn't. Ordered the claypot hokkien mee at $10 for 2 pax.
When the food came, I was first drawn to the deep fried pork belly and then the amount of other ingredients in the claypot. There was squid, prawns, clams, and meat mixed with the noodles in seafood broth.
The most important thing for me in hokkien mee is the broth. It needs to have the wok hei taste and prawn taste has to be distinct. Furthermore, it has to be thick, but not till like lor mee texture. Alas, this broth to me was bland and only after adding in the sambal only did it have some kick to it. I was kind of disappointed as I expected more flavour from the broth.
Would I come back again? Most probably not. Maybe only to try the other hokkien mee at the opposite market.


Because in Chinese it's fried egg, which is a homophone for bomb. For me the best creation at Tiong Bahru Pau. Egg and meat encased in dough. Delicious.

Earl grey latte and green tea latter with honey pearls (which was good) but tea is not too strong. Staff was friendly and informed to shake well before drinking

I love adding tons and tons of the chilli oil paste to my noodle... Loves the broad, chewy texture of the noodle as well. Couldn't beat those which I used to eat in China but already the better one I found in SG. Added $1 for the minced meat but I just wanna slurp up all the chilli-coated noodle in tomato egg broth. I'm forever too full from this to even try the other hot fav 肉夹馍. The rest I didn't touch thou my fren commented that the skin of the Jiao Zi is a tad thick...

From vegetarian stall.
Fried Vegetarian BTM $4 for this typical combo.
Crispy vegan goose, char siew mock meat and cabbages.
Teh C so smooth.


crispy with w0k hei taste & c0mes with bits 0f 猪油渣
Fried Kai Lan with Fl0ss ~ t00 salty! 盐不用钱! even tried t0 c0ver é saltiness by eating é veg & fl0ss t0g but sadly…
Creamy Chicken Cubes? (奶黄鸡丁) ~ sweet & salty c0mbi, slightly less saltier but i als0 wun rec0 🙊
actually unless u just wanna eat é bee h00n, i think tis place is 🙅🙅

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