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4.5โญ Last visited many years ago at the former location. Since we are at Toa Payoh running some errand, brought WB here. We ordered a waffle with 2 scoop of ice cream, chose matcha and osmanthus lychee sorbet. The waffles consist of 2 quarter pieces which are stacked at the bottom of the ice cream, not very ideal to eat concurrently with the ice cream. The waffle are those belgian waffle type and are cripsy. The matcha ice cream is more creamy and I preferred the one at matchaya which is more concentrated. The osmanthus lychee sorbet is light and refreshing, not sweet at all.

Went to their pioneer shop at tpy and really like their ice cream and waffle compared to the other ice cream cafes around. Simply delicious

It's hard to pick out a place for family dinners when you have a mixture of seafood lovers and haters amongst the family. @uncleleongseafood is a wonderful find with LIVE CRABS๐Ÿฆ€, as the seafood lovers sing praise of its Signature Shimmering Sand Crab Delight while the seafood haters indulge in their other zichar dishes!

Here's what we enjoyed that nightโ€ฆ
้‡‘ๆฒ™่Ÿน Shimmering Sand Crab Delight
่Ÿน็š‡่ฑ†่…็พน Crab Roe Bean Curd Thick Soup
ไธ‰ๅ‘ณ็Ÿณๆ–‘ Special Sauce Deep Fried Style Garoupa
้‡‘็“œๅฅถๆฒน่™พ Creamy Butter Pumpkin Prawn
ๅ’–ๅ•กๆŽ’้ชจ Nescafe Pork Rib
็™ฝๆžœ่œ็ญ‹ Gingko Nuts with Broccoli

๐Ÿ‘‰่Š™่“‰่›‹ Egg Combination
๐Ÿ‘‰็ ‚็…ฒ่ฑ†่… Claypot Beancurd

Needless to say, my family and I walked out with our bellies full and satisfied. Head on down to @uncleleongseafood for your next family gathering before 31 Mar 2023 to enjoy 15% OFF when you spend above SGD150 on weekdays!
โ—๏ธSimply quote at their Toa Payoh outlet when you dine-in or do takeaways

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๐Ÿ“Uncle Leong Seafood (TPY)
Braddell Tech
15 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh 01-01, S319262

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One of the morning breakfast set.
Not bad indeed.
Turkey Ham & Cheese Croissant x Hazelnut Latte
Also bought the limited edition glass mug ๐Ÿ‘


From Hualong Fishhead Steamboat
A quick lunch of beehoon x horfun.
Yummy portion.


Retailing at $0.70 per piece, these mini longevity buns are a must try! The lotus paste filling is thick and not overly sweet. Bun to lotus paste ratio is perfect as well. Have been getting these buns for birthdays celebrations - highly recommend this place if youโ€™d like to get something for your old folks!

Wok hey meehoon with seafood at Toa Payoh, comes with lots of seafood ingredients like the prawn, sliced fish and lala.

The gravy was tasty, while the meehoon itself remain wok hey.

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One of the standout offerings at this cafe is their watermelon cake ($12), a nod to the famous version served at Australia's Black Star Pastry. For someone who have had the chance to taste the original, I can confidently say that the version served at this cafe is not too far off. Although I found the watermelon a little too moist to pair with the layers of sponge and cream, it brought me back to the old days when I discovered the surprising combination of both watermelon and cake.

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We ordered a small plate of Oyster Omelette ($5) to try and at first glance, it looked like a textbook-perfect Orh Luak - generous amount of egg (we secretly counted about 5?) well-balanced with the batter, and garnished with parsley. The first few bites were shiok as there were a lot of eggs latched onto the batter. But after a few more mouthfuls, it got a bit jelak as it was greasy. It was hard to miss the layer of oil sitting underneath the Orh Luak.

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The shaved ice were packed firmly, and I enjoyed digging into the ball of ice looking for the usual toppings of Cendol. It came with around 2 attap seed, kidney beans and the noodle-like pandan jelly. The Pandan Jelly had a Q bite to it which I preferred as compared to the soft and mushy ones. Though, I wished it had more pandan aroma.

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The cafe is known for their artisanal bakes while also serving quality coffees and brunch food. Being a cafe in a HDB neighbourhood, the exterior of Niche Savoureuse stands out compared to the neighbouring stores. It is the only store with a beautiful rustic look - wooden storefront with large glass window. You canโ€™t help but peer in to have a look at what is going on inside.

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The Uggli muffins were unlike the usual moist, dense and cakey muffins. It had a chewy bite to it. As it was freshly baked, you could smell a strong buttery aroma when tearing into the Uggli Muffin. Unsurprisingly, the muffins were also generously stuffed with toppings. I loved the macadamia toppings especially, every bite had a piece of macadamia in it.

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