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Bihun Goreng $4 only. Included egg.
Tasty as it looked.

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Radish Pork Ribs Soup ($4.80):
✅ Soup is brewed well and is well flavoured with dried squid, radish, pork ribs and goji berries
❌ Cutleries are not clean

Joo Heng noodles has their own spin on Wanton noodles by using spinach noodles instead of the traditional egg noodles. Apart from the fact that it’s green, their jade noodles ( 翡翠麺 ) were surprisingly springy which really helped to soak up their homemade chili sauce. Together with generous portions of char siew and wantons and we found ourselves the perfect hawker meal 🤤
Oh wait, did we mention that it only costs $3.50? WORTH. Check it out! ✌🏻

Perfectly grilled salmon in a delicious cream sauce. The rice was well seasoned and tasted really flavourful even on its own. What's great about this place is the free flow soup, definitely worth a try at this coffeeshop. .
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3pm is coffee time for me. And I’m just pretty happy that there’s a coffee shop near my place. It’s not usually very crowded but there’s still a handful of customers who visit them for tea break and desserts. I think the only drawback is the lack of free wifi? I guess that’s to prevent people from studying at the cafe. Other than that, I’d visit this place for a quick coffee fix.

$15. Sharing for 3, filling for all.

Your usual hokkien mee, but better. With lala, deep fried pork belly and in claypot! Nothing can go wrong in claypot style!

Cheap and good.


Daily homemade pearls
Today's pearl : Black sesame / honey
Pink guava green tea
Black tea Rock salt macchiato

Second dish for this trip with chilli theme going strong! 🌶 Didn’t have a chance to pick the noodle and we got this round white noodle with plenty of ingredients: carrot, kelp, mushroom and mock meat, tofu. The kelp has a unique cooling taste that contrast with the spicy hot broth 🤓
The overall flavour of this bowl is up to a personal taste bud. The staff is very friendly and good service. We might go back to try their hand pulled noodle.

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Have been waiting to try this for some time. We drop by to the hidden food alley and give their 2 dishes a try. The chicken cumin filling is tasty & spicy! 🌶 Would this replace our burger fix? We have yet to make that call as we feel the white bread bun is quite similar to the pita bread.

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One scoop of premium ice cream for $4.10. They have really interesting flavours but sad that the toa payoh branch will be closing down on 30 june 2019. The white rabbit 小白兔 ice cream cream wasn't too sweet and i am so happy they gave the starch paper too, which is the best part of the sweet. Go there before it is gone!