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Not bad, but I’ve had better. The rolls were unevenly marinated (because they were served separately from the gravy) and could afford to be thinner. But I enjoyed the delicately-flavoured gravy and the tender collops of BBQ pork.

🏅 7/10
💭 Can try!

Mum and I shared this taro special to cool us down due to insanely hot weather!! The taro chunks were tasty and really loved it together with the aiyu jelly and soya beancurd!! thought the yam balls could be improved though cause the texture was sticky.
(generally find blackball better but $2.90 for a bowl of goodness is 👌🏻)
will try their bbt next time hehe

Soft and chewy bread with spicy kimchi and melty cheese filling! Special and tasty 😋

Japanese rice bowls are all the rage now and Donya’s here to tickle your fancy. The salmon was grilled to tender perfection and carpeted with a layer of torched mentaiko sauce. The pollock roe (a tinge of salt, fishiness and the ocean) stands out starkly from the mayo, just enough but not overpowering. If I had any gripe at all, it’s that the miso soup and the teriyaki sauce coating the rice are both a tad salty.

🏅 8/10
💭 Definitely a donburi staple

Soft, chewy muachee in white peanut & black sesame flavours. They’ve got a hint of savoury from the fried onion oil used to coat the muachee, and the flavour coating is not too sweet. Yummy!

Finally tried Hollin’s bubble tea! I got matcha latte 🍵🌿 with sesame pearls ⚫️⚫️⚫️. What a lovely gradient! I really enjoyed the pearls, although they’re smaller than usual. They’re very fragrant and it’s almost like eating a sesame tangyuan filling, which is the BEST filling. Sadly the drink itself was a bit underwhelming. I don’t like thick drinks but this was too watery even for me. Would probably choose another drink in the future instead, but the pearls are a yes! • PS: they have different flavoured pearls everyday, so check it out at their insta page @hollin_sg

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Just for today, Mr Bean is celebrating their 23rd anniversary!!! As part of their birthday promo, you can get 2 Black soya items for only $2.30🤗 Taste-wise, the batter tastes almost exactly the same as the original, though just a tad drier. I usually just go for the old-school cheese pancake, but the hazelnut Royale was a pleasant surprise! The molten Nutella-like custard was unexpectedly flowy and indulgent, hiding crunchy little nutty bits!! It’s more of a dessert than a snack IMHO😋


Just for today, Mr Bean is celebrating their 23rd anniversary!!! As part of their birthday promo, you can get 2 Black soya items for only $2.30🤗 Of course, I simply had to get myself a ✨black soya soft serve (U.P.:$2.10) and a ✨hazelnut royale pancake (U.P.:$2)! Unlike other black soy products I’ve tried, I could just barely discern the earthiness of black soy...if not for the colour, I’d probably fail to distinguish between these and the normal varieties, especially so for the pancake. The soft serve is as smooth and dense as the original, though I think it melts a little faster. Make sure not to waste even a single drop!!! 😋


Just as I was lamenting there was nothing to eat at Mount Alvernia Hospital (no food court), I chanced upon this cafe. My stomach propelled me in and I was glad to see a pretty extensive menu. Prices were abt $7-12 in general.

My first choice was their prawn noodle soup. It was sold out! So I decided on this. Happy to see it had lots of gravy. Oooh it was good. I was quite amazed at its quality. Got 4 good sized prawns and lots of pork belly slices. Pity the pork was too fatty for me.


What a huge pc of chicken thigh it was! Pretty tender too. I liked the herb fragrance of it. The mashed potato underneath the chicken got it too. Must be the rosemary.


love their crisp and fluffy waffles, paired with the fresh, lightly spiced speculoos cookie butter and creamy, sweet banana chocolate chip crumble. they go so well tgt 🤤

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