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everyone who knows me personally knows my insatiable love for tofu!! + who doesn鈥檛 love the sizzling eggs on a hotplate, with a bed of vegetables, prawns, homemade tofu and braised minced meat and mushrooms laying atop it 馃憛 a simple yet well executed dish that makes all the difference!!!!

yalong bay is one of my fam鈥檚 top few tzechar picks!! we have tried almost everything on their menu and they鈥檙e all delectable!!

$3 a plate with heap of chicken rice, tender chicken meat. Self service soup scoop in a bowl.

A bowl of special biang biang noodle filled with cubes meat, tomato egg, vegetables, bean sprouts and cucumber with chili! Perfecto when all mixed together with the special handmade long noodle, sauce blended well with the ingredient.
3 in 1 (with meat)
2 in 1 (without meat)

This is actually the all new $1 TARO CORN PIE (aka the taro pie we know and love but revamped!)!! The piping hot custard within the crusty shell is as thick, sweet and indulgent as ever. Just that this time, it contains juicy corn kernels that heighten the squish factor of each bite. Yummy!!

Dirty bread trend has been going on for a while @breadtalksg. We had a messy bun (ultimate chocolate) $2.50 (100% cocoa powder coated) a while ago.
Today we tried one of the 2 newly launched flavours (green tea with cream) $2.20.
Too sweet to our liking and still prefer the ultimate chocolate to this flavour. 馃憣
Fun Fact: our puffer fish is 8 years old now which is quite old for his types but still young at heart! 馃槣 Hope you enjoy his shot!

Tasty, savoury, moist and sambal soaked into the green sweet potato leaves. Slightly oily for some. Best partner with steamed rice.

Well seasoned mid joints, deep fried to crunchy crispy skin and tender juicy inside. Finger licking good!

Handmade XLB with savoury meat inside. From the first stall next to food court entrance. Not bad.

Quite a common and typical dish from local ZiChar scene, however this is filled with yummy ingredients, taste as good as it looks. Braised chestnut adds the value. Awesome.

The tasty seasoned preserved cabbage is so good! Clear soup Yong Tau Foo is the soul food for both rainy days and sunny days. Curry Yong Tau Foo is thick coconut cream base with added chilli paste really enhance it. Shiok.

The signature noodles here, fragrant when served, impressive presentation, great to share of course. Inside filled with thick plump Hor Fun (flat rice noodles), heaps of Lala (clams) and the fried starchy crispy skin adds the enjoyment.