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Korean for dinner last night at Three Meals a Day! The last time I was here it was when they just opened 😂 Very lucky we managed to get a reservation earlier in the afternoon cause their queue was non-stop!

This was hand pulled dough in a seafood soup. These noodles are like your hand torn mee hoon kueh pieces with a chew, but done thinner and smaller. The comforting savoury broth had a mix of seafood like clams and mussels - we liked that the broth had a slight thickness to the consistency. They also do this in Spicy Mushroom ($15) and Kimchi with Seafood ($15) if you’re craving something spicy.

Good to note though, that we found it quite hard through the meal to get the attention of the servers cause of how busy they were. Probably not a spot if you need a quick meal, but otherwise it was a satisfying one.

This came with lots of kimchi and onions, with chicken and rice cakes. Thought there could definitely be more meat for a better overall ratio, but we can see why it’s popular with its strong kick of flavour and lingering spice. They do a similar cheese version at $35 or you can opt to add on additional cheese or glass noodles.

This stood out for us! Edges were crisp and while the centre was more airy, it still retained a good amount of crunch. We enjoyed that it’s not greasy and done in a good thickness, so you can easily go for more.

🧇Food review:
Definitely one of the best Ice Cream Waffles in SG! The toasted waffle smell constantly wafts through the air too!😍 This is located right beside Udders! So you can choose which parlour you feel like trying that day💓 I will be listing some of my favourite Ice Cream flavour:😋

My favourite kind of waffle is those that’s crispy on the ends and soft in the middle. This was perfect. They drizzled syrup onto the waffle, yet it still retains its crisp when you slice into it.

✨Lemon Cheesecake✨
This is easily one of my favourite flavours❤️ As a person who loves sour stuff, this is a really delicious flavour that is more sour than sweet. As it is a cheesecake flavour, it is also slightly creamier than other flavours, and it has little cookie bits inside as well! However, if you don’t like sour stuff, this may be too strong for you.

📈: 9/10

✨Roasted Pistachio✨
I have found a new love for Pistachio Ice Cream flavours. As I grew older, I really like food that does not have very strong flavours like this. This still has a prominent nutty taste, but I usually treat this as a palate cleanser when I order with Chocolate and Lemon Ice Cream🌟

📈: 8/10

✨Black Sesame✨
Surprisingly, this flavour is another one that has a light flavour! Usually, black sesame is quite bitter, but I think because they mix this into an ice cream, the flavour is more toned down, which is a good thing! However, it is slightly plain as compared to the other flavours they have. I recommend this if you are eating with friends or family who cannot take very sweet ice cream👍🏻

📈: 7.5/10

Crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Just the right level of sweetness. Thumbs up for the muffins here. Coffee was nothing to shout about.

portions here were all pretty HUGE but the stunner was the 12 diff free flow sides all of which were good and included PAJEON?? Korean pancakes!! which were cold and a bit too oily and soggy but i’m a variety > quality person ngl and this spread got me so pregnant🤰🏻

Crusty toast bread with kaya butter, half-boiled egg and kopi gao siew dia. Now I know why there is always queue when I am here over the weekend. Love it.

Location: May's Kafe, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Road Beauty World Centre, #B1, K20, 588177

I came here several time for this but they are either closed or waiting time is more than an hour. Lucky this time when I heard 10mins wait only 😍.
I personally love it, the wok hei and it's moist but not wet texture.
Location: Feng Ji Char Kway Teow, 144 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, 04-45, Singapore 588177

salted egg tasted a bit funky to me but not exactly in a bad way just in a non conventional salted egg sauce way. chicken was pretty juicy and tender. overall not bad

I have been here over 10 times over 6 months because the food is just so good! Owner is really friendly too. Come here for very authentic korean food. I would say it's better than the popular ones in the area ;)

Very large cup.

Kopi was superb according to my commander.

Thai milk tea was refreshing.

Kopi iced [email protected] $2.50

Thai milk tea large @$3.20