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Hmmm would have to say was mildly disappointed, perhaps because it was overhyped? The pistachio tastes very similar to the creamier one but I prefer the small smashed pistachio bits from creamier... That being said still very very good ice cream!! πŸ’ͺ🏻

Quite a nice seafood soup with a tasty clear soup, though expensive for the amount of ingredients. There’s prawns, fish, minced pork, a fishball, meatballs, fried fish cake, fish maw and lettuce. An extra $1 got me a lot of extra bittergourd. I like this with Ipoh hor fun.

Poached egg, ham and hollandaise sauce worked wonders with the prata for me! I rarely have prata but this makes me crave for it. Poached egg done well, hollandaise sauce tasted mild and does not overpower the rest of the toppings. Prata itself has a crisp to it instead of being soggy or too oily. The price might seem steep for prata but I would say its worth it. Coupled with iced teh tarik makes it even more fulfilling

Nice Ngoh Hiang which is better than other places. One unique thing they served is sotong.

Few years ago, when I was working and Bukit Timah is one of the pit stop before changing bus to go home, I would visit this porridge stall which is at the end of the hawker. When I jio to Bukit Timah, this is the stall I went straight. I'm not sure of the name but this stall is near a satay stall and this ceuntry egg & lean pork only cost $3 with so much ingredients. It is so worth it.

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Coconut curry came through, hearty dishes with hearty desserts and kuehs. A staple place!

Look at who is the newest exciting addition to Lorong Kilat - just next to Udders! Boasting a spacious and minimalistic space, it was a lovely space to chill in. We went with the popular roasted pistachio ice cream and though a touch sweet, we loved it. It was super nutty and even came with a number of crunchy candied pistachios. Waffles were enjoyable too, it was crisp and fluffy, not too airy on the inside. Their waffles come drizzled with salted caramel that served as a pretty nice pairing. Definitely foresee coming back often!


An inverted sandwich which comes with two slices of toast, which sandwiches bbq sauce and cheese that melts into ooey gooey goodness. The sandwich is then topped with your choice of turkey ham/mushrooms, bell peppers, mayo, more cheese, and a fried egg - hence the name open face toast.

Props for the cute presentation of this dish, as the sandwich was wrapped with baking paper in a sweet shape. However, by cafe standards, this seemed a little messy and executed with less finesse than I would expect. Despite appearances, this is indeed a very delicious sandwich. I was particularly impressed with the toast - no idea how they get it SO crispy but not burnt. The amount of turkey ham is pretty worth it, although I’d have preferred a choice of salad over nachos.

Overall, this is a dish I’d order again. Yummy and hits all the right spots.

This features a large sizzling hotplate piled with ingredients.
There's chewy tteokbokki / ddukbokki / rice cakes which take on the spicy savoury sweet gravy and become so flavourful, as well as crunchy cabbage and cucumbers with vegetal sweet notes.
But the highlight is the medium-sized chunks of whole baby octopus, bouncy and chewy in texture, literally bursting with juices (which squirts out when bit, splashing everywhere and possibly scalding your mouth).
Great spicy savoury sweet flavours here.
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Tender and very well seasoned soya chicken at Beauty World Food Centre
Location: Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle Rice, Beauty World Food Centre, #04-51, Singapore 588177
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You could immediately spot this satay beehoon stall with the never ending snaking queue πŸ˜‚ but to be fair the queue moves quite fast!

This satay beehoon was just so sinful and so fragrant 😭 there's no such thing as not enough gravy when it comes to satay beehoon because the gravy is the star of the show πŸ€ͺ the gravy is nutty, savoury, alittle creamy and paired so well with thin beehoon soaking in all the sauce 😭 been missing this ever since and definitely a must get when I head there again β™₯️

Checked out the new Salted Caramel; the homegrown local ice-cream brand had recently expanded its operations and has opened a new store along Lorong Kilat right beside Udders Ice-Cream β€” pretty exciting considering how Salted Caramel had been around for so many years, but had been stuck having just one store at Upper Thomson all these years while other establishments that have opened during the same time had since expanded.

Offering pretty much the same menu at Lorong Kilat as they have been at Upper Thomson, patrons can opt for their ice-cream to come with waffle cones, waffle bowls, waffles or brownies. The Espresso with Caramel Biscuits is a flavour that suits coffee-lovers (just like me); smooth and creamy, it comes with just enough flavour from the espresso which gives off a balance of sweetness and bitterness while the caramel biscuit (aka Lotus) biscuits come surprisingly crunchy, despite being churned into the ice-cream β€” provides a good textural contrast and another dimension of sweetness to the ice-cream.

Really glad that they have opened a new outlet; have always thought their ice-creams were decent and the better choice around Upper Thomson, though the environment of that outlet is a little off from desired. Loved how they have since strayed away from the now kiddy yellow and white theming into a more mature look with minimalistic furnishings with wood accents β€” pretty simple yet chic and spacious; guess this would be the spot I will be returning for ice-cream whenever I am in this neighbourhood!