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The texture of the Mung Beans were good and had a good consistency without being diluted or starchy. Look at the beans, they are still in shape and not too mushy.

This braised pork rice stand out from the rest in Singapore because of the pickled sliced cucumber. The tanginess of the pickled cucumber goes very well with the braised pork. Their onsen braised egg is also unique

Their Chives Pancake is also very good and an authentic Taiwan snack. They are freshly made and pan fried upon ordering. But at $8 for two pieces, it a bit expensive.

Yet for me, this is a place worth coming back to.

They have the most complete list of comfort food like Chee Cheong Fun, Curry Chicken, Fish Ball noodles, etc. But their Pork Trotters Bee Hoon is by far the best. And you can add on stuff like otah, fish cake, luncheon meet, even though it already comes with eggs, Chye Sim and load of canned pork trotters.


Continuing with this season of food week with something much closer to my neighbourhood: Malaysian-styled Wanton stall + Roast meats at Binjai’s Hup Choon Eating House!

Ever since we discovered Hup Choon Eating House hidden within the Binjai Park estate when I was a child, it’s been a staple in our breakfast diets for over a decade!

I remember covering the roast meats this stall has to over a bit ago, so today I’ll be focusing on my f a v item here: Their char siew wanton kway teow soup! (Yes, I know that is a very specific order.)

Some FYIs: The goodies tend to sell out after lunch; the entire coffeeshop is closed on Weds; the location tag is for the seafood stall that’s run by the coffeeshop’s owner, this stall is next to it!

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s why I’ve no problems eating their wanton kway teow nearly every single week for breakfast across multiple years (that trend is still going strong!):

The meat cuts you get here — be it duck, roasted pork, or char siew — are always freshly roasted, and are lean yet juicy. This doesn’t mean you end up with dry, bristled pieces. On the contrary, because of the roasting process, you get to savour the sweetness inherent to these cuts without being inundated with excessive fats and oil. (You can request for specific cuts — the uncle-auntie pair is really friendly and loves to chat!)

Their wantons aren’t anything to scoff at either. Each bulb is generously stuffed with meat and wrapped in a thin layer. The meat is never fatty, and seasoned just enough to provide flavour to pair with, but not distract from the soup. (Order a separate bowl of these/shui jiao on cold days for a treat!)

Finally, what really enamoured me to this specific dish is the soup. No, it doesn’t share a profile with complex double-boiled soups; instead, it offers a smooth, warm, comforting bloom of yellow beans suffused with vibrant greens — it’s the perfect complement to the heavier meats, and grounds you back into the simple yet blissful joy of enjoying a bowl of freshly cooked noodles. It’s a reminder that no matter how tough the day is, there is always a warm, homecooked bowl waiting to nourish you.

Curry Fish Head - $28
Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs - $12
Vegetable - $10

Able to call and place order in advance to pick up at a later time! 10/10 would recommend and the place was always crowded when dine-in was allowed.

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If you are craving traditional Chee Cheong Fun with sweet sauce, glutinous rice, yam cake, soon kueh, Laksa or bee hoon with pork trotters, this is the go to place in Bukit Timah. Not necessarily the best tasting but I must say I am impressed with their long list of comfort food and they even have Cantonese sweet desserts (糖水).

I’ll be back.

The jjm noodles were softer than expected, sauce was very savoury and got a bit salty towards the end. But there was a rather generous portion of onions + beef pieces. Decent but I’ve had better! It’s kinda similar to hawker beef noodles with 粗米粉.

Stew was meh, I didn’t have much of it. There is a part of a small crab which was surprising. Banchan was also average.

Crust was meh. Better when reheated, but still not great. For the filling its much much firmer than hangheung’s lpb, there's some crunchy thing? Also it has the banana soft roll taste. I wouldn’t repurchase.

[ Food Review — Trying more menu items! ] Before the no dine-in restrictions, a certain someone and I managed to squeeze in a visit to Flagwhite to grab some café food for dinner. (Like we said, we thoroughly enjoy the perks of being adults!)

Because we — by we, I really mean I — tend to get the same menu item 9 out of 10 times whenever I’m dining in a familiar spot, I tried r e a l l y hard to deviate from my comfort zone, and ended up getting their Baked Halibut Burger (w/ tater tots instead of fries; w/o grilled capsicum) ($16), while a peckish certain someone ordered the Beef Schnitzel (also w/ tater tots instead of fries) ($18).

Caveat: I tend to be really picky with my burgers, preferring to either subsist super budget versions or swinging to the other extreme of the spectrum by choosing gourmet options. It’s rare for me to get burgers in-between because after eating more than my fair share of burgers — most of them just do n o t justify the price point (and calories).

What I like about Flagwhite is that they do not hold back on portion sizes for their mains. While I was pretty filled up on my meal and it wasn’t bad — finishing the tater tots was quite the challenge — I’d hoped for a little larger a fillet patty. I wouldn’t have minded paying a couple of dollars more; the extra halibut would’ve helped balance out the thick tufts of aged onion jam. That said, the buns were fluffy and the jam had good flavour, but alas, the tater tots were a tad too oily this time round.

A certain someone’s schnitzel on the other hand, did not disappoint. The schnitzel was pretty decently sized without much — if any really — tendons or other similarly annoying tough/dry bits. The meat was pretty trim as well — always a plus point! Here’s something else that Flagwhite does well: They know how to season their crumb coat. Too many places don’t consider how a bland outer cover completely ruins any flavour within, but not here! The layer is thin too, which means you get the full benefit of the coat’s texture and its slightly sweeter profile, both of which complement the beef’s innate savouriness. Would defo get this again!

This wasn't as good, needed more kaya

If you close your eyes you probably can't tell it's matcha bread but it doesn taste different from regular bread. Otherwise the red bean paste was quite decent

Got both the sweet and salty ones. It was kinda floury, slightly crunchy but the pastry part was not v nice. The salty one is nicer, sweet one is ok only. Don’t think I’ll repurchase.