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This North Indian Biryani is so different from the usual I have. BUT IN A GOOD WAY OF COURSE! The rice is absolutely flavorful, fluffy and can even do without the curry. There were boneless chicken inside as well and the lazy old me is just so happy it is so๐Ÿฅนโ˜บ๏ธ Owner is also very nice and kind! Will definitely be back for more


We had
- Burrata from Puglia & Proscuitto from Parma w Roasted Tomatoes & Italian Foccacia ($25)
- Signature Pork Cheek ($19)
- Squid Ink Paella ($34 for 1-2pax)
- Micasa Famous Churros served w/ Dark Chocolate & Lemon Curd ($7.5 for 3 pieces, $12 for 5 pieces)

The burrata with the foccacia was great, the pork cheek was a bit meh to me, probably could have tried the beef instead. The Squid Ink Paella was flavourful with generous amount of ingredients. The Churros were thinner than I expected, the lemon Curd is a good sauce to dip in with it.

Overall, a good place to try but for the price point, I expected more. It will be hard to get a parking lot given the location

The total bill cost us about $100


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I simply like the ambience in this cafe. Very old school, homely feel. Even as i am writing this, I am seated on a traditional sewing machine converted into a vintage furniture.

The matcha latte was also wonderfully executed. The barista also took effort to design two different tea art for us. ($8.50 each, redeemed BB 1 for 1) Wonderful gesture.

The lemon cream tart ($7.50) was sooo good. The sour tinge of sourness, combined with the tart crust provides a wonderful combination. We really like this.

Will be back soon.

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take note : brunch is not avail on tues to thurs? cant rmb but we went on a thurs and they said smth along the line ya maybe yall can call bef hand and ask

๐Ÿ 7/10 : the pasta was cooked just nice!!! loved it but was abit too jelat for me. serving portion was quite alot, felt very full but might just be my stomach LOL ๐Ÿ˜... tooooons of mushroom! generous w it, but q basic as well

๐Ÿž 3/10 : my mum ordered this and it was q disappointing. its just ham, cheese and toasted bread imo, really not worth even after burpple :') wouldnt recommend. they mightve added other stuff too but i think this is smth everyone can make at home, and we couldnt taste anyth else too. yall can try the other dishes instead and give this a pass esp for the price w/o burpple!

overall, the menu options for the pasta were quite limited imo but yall can give the mushroom pasta a try

the servings were measly, especially the eggs benedict, and i found it hard to convince myself that the food was worth the price even after using the burpple beyond 1for1 deal ๐Ÿ˜ค the cornbread, albeit an interesting twist to mainstream eggs benedict dishes, fell short in its taste (or at least to my friend. personally i thought it was not bad). the ambience of the cafe was great though, and the staff were friendly.

Unexpectedly garlicky, but the kueh is too soft, lacks the bite.

First time trying wuxiang, didnโ€™t expect the bill. But overall quite decent. The chili has a little hint of lime juice which really elevated the taste. My mom said that the chili is a very important factor so they definitely checked that box!

Look at this beauty! โ€” Super crispy, eggy coating with soft radish cubes and bountiful of โ€˜chye pohโ€™ [a.k.a. preserved radish]. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

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This was my favourite Korean bbq place. At the end of last year in 2021, it used to cost $19.9+ for weekday lunch & it was so affordable & the food was great as well!

Over time, the price increase to $22.9+ in around early 2022. That was still alright and I continued visiting regularly. However, today (Sep 2022), when I visited, still a weekday lunch (fri), I was shocked to see that the price increased to $28.9+! inflation is urgh

Honestly itโ€™s such a pity, at this price point, they are competing with so many other chains and I canโ€™t brand them as affordable anymoreโ€ฆ Iโ€™m not sure if maybe Mon-Thurs lunch is still $22.9 and they changed Friday to not be counted as a weekday anymore but Iโ€™m just disapointed haiz :(

The food is still great, would recommend, but personally will not visit & would rather now go try other places at this price pointโ€ฆ

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Big breakfast was BIG! Love the mushrooms.
The coffee was a little disappointing as it was lukewarm.

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Founded by Jimmy Soh in the 1970s, this humble hawker stall has grown to be a household name, with outlets across Singapore.
Best known for their fried chicken wings amd barbecue chicken wings, the former has a crisp light golden batter with a juicy crunch, while the latter has a sticky smoky marinade with a moist tender bite.
Their chicken wings have lovely meaty savoury sweet spice flavour, perfect for snacking or as a side dish. Some stalls have a dipping sauce of garlic lime chili for pairing, shiok.
Chicken Wings
Tenderfresh Group
@ 9 Cheong Chin Nam Road
More details:

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