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Fondly known as extension bcm to ntu students, this place is a well known supper spot. The bcm is honestly quite good (better than the one at Pioneer coffee shop, by fei siong), and I asked the auntie for more vinegar bc I love that sour kick. Noodles are cooked well!

The stingray was so soft, tender and juicy, with the smoky barbecue flavour permeating through the meat.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/taman-jurong-market-and-food-centre/

“Casual afternoon tea” ・ 📌DEAN & DELUCA ・ 子連れで楽しめるカジュアルなアフタヌーンティーがあると聞いて、お友達家族と行ってきました。 アフタヌーンティーは、土日のみ15時〜18時までの開催で、1セット2人分で$35とお手頃。 そして魅力的なのは、アフタヌーンティーとは別にアラカルトも注文できるところ。 子供達に注文したのは Quattro Stagioni (4 seasons) $18 Quattro Formaggio (4 Cheese) $18 見た目が大人すぎたのか子供達がほとんど手を付けなかったQuattro Stagioniを食べたけど美味しかったです。 お友達家族と一緒だったので、それぞれ自分達で食べて、食べ終わってからはお店から見える広場で遊んだり、子供達がお互いの親に懐いてくれたり、子供も大人も楽しめました。 ホテルなどのアフタヌーンティーは子連れだとハードル高いので、こうしたカフェのカジュアルなアフタヌーンティーは有難いですね。 #deananddeluca #deananddelucasg #afternoontea #afternoonteaset #afternoonteafortwo #sgcafe #cafesingapore #sgcafehopping #sgcoffee #singaporecoffee #cafestagram #singaporetrip #travelsingapore #singaporeinsiders #singaporediaries #singapolife #シンガポール #シンガポールカフェ #シンガポールおすすめ #シンガポール暮らし #シンガポール生活 #シンガポール情報 #シンガポール旅行 #シンガポール在住 #シンガポールカフェ巡り #シンガポール子連れカフェ #シンガポール子連れ #子連れアフタヌーンティー #burpple #みど散歩

I only realised that I may have been 'cheated'/paid wrongly halfway through the meal upon comparing what I ordered to the menu. A 7 piece Yong Tau Foo Set (With noodles/rice/kway teow) would have costs $5.60 according to the menu but I'm not too sure why I was charged the Yong Tau Foo (9pcs) instead. :/

Yong Tau Foo Dry (7pcs) ($6.30)
Anyways, my contained 1 tomato, a bunch of golden mushrooms, a bunch of green vegetable, 2 pieces of tofu with fish paste, a slice of eggplant and a piece of bitter gourd with fish paste. A spicy fiery orange chili sauce and sweet dark red 'chee cheong fan' (hoisin) sauce can be found at the counter. The fish paste found within the ingredients were definitely not the freshest and I felt that the one found in the tofu was a tad too little. I didn't think any particular ingredient stood out which made the entire dish unremarkable and insipid. Nevertheless, it was a decent bowl with a generous serving of kway teow. The soup provided at the side was not too bland either though my dining companion said that it was just ordinary. Overall, if the price of this was meant to be $6.30, I would definitely not recommend as there are a far greater variety of dishes that can be found at more affordable prices. It's great for a filling meal though.
Price: 5/10
Taste: 5/10
Overall: 5/10 (Have it only if you really feel like eating Yong Tau Foo at Foodfare)

Picture of their menu can be found at: https://www.instagram.com/p/B50Ro_egEMI/?igshid=fwiv7tyysh46

Selected lightly salted, served with a dollop of minced ginger and lemon slice. Tender, fresh and tangy - tasty and healthy.

Pretty worth for the price and the portion is quite consistent. The cutlet was a bit too thin. 7.0/10

Not too big portion for its price. Besides that, well fried and seasoned. Not too heavy on the truffle aroma/taste though.

Very tasty bamboo shoot soon kueh, think skin, fresh crunchy soon, good flavour fillings without soil odour. Must eat!

🔥Trying their new seasonal Breaded Chicken Cutlet sub and Chocolate Orange Cookie.

Ordered the footlong combo meal with cookie and drink (S$14.50) for 2 person sharing. I chose the multigrain bread and honey mustard sauce (love it!).

The chicken cutlet was bigger than i expected, and they bake it for a bit once you order it so its warm and toasty 😁. Made from tender breast meat and topped with cheese, it has more 'bite' and it makes for a very satisfying and hearty meal.

The chewy Chocolate Orange Cookie 🍪 was sweet and tasted kinda citrusy (reminded me of the taste of fruit cake) and pairs will with the chocolate chips in the cookie.