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Two burgers and a beer is enough to celebrate the birthday. Big Shroom burger and truffle double patty.

We got the pulled pork and cheesy beef burgers. Both were slightly above average. What made the place great were their 1 for 1 drink promotions and the interior design. We called ahead and managed to snag one of the few indoor seats with AC. The rest of the seats are al fresco, so do be mindful of that. Would be back as I find the food and drinks to have great value, especially with Burpple Beyond!

no because these are so good and nostalgic albeit too sweet and i’ve grown out of them but very comforting still and the donuts barely feel oily!

so huge hefty and substantial for only $2.80!!! super good but not v pure so black ssm purists go brr. mochi v nice and milky and a huge chunk but could be more evenly spread

The Sea Salt Caramel has a really nice and had a subtle nutty taste. it was lovely and not overwhelmingly sweet at all. The Belgium Chocolate was smooth and rich, really really nice and super worth even without the burpple 1-1, because the scoop is rly big.

Also opens from 6pm - 6am, a great place if you're craving something sweet at night!

Returned to Lee’s Confectionery after more than two years of absence. And of course the desserts did not disappoint us. This banana 🍌 sponge cake topped with coconut 🥥 mascarpone cream paired with ice-cream is a pretty sight and received raved reviews from my family.
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this was way more worth it when it was on burpple 1-1 before they changed the deal. but if ur feeling carnivorous, can get it at regular price anw. rly A LOT of meat. and aglio olio and sides pretty good too. very substantial. if you’re 2 girls you can just share it

black ssm has a bit of a strange taste. yam is overly sweetened and not pure but at this price, can’t expect much. it’s still a tasty bun. pumpkin also doesn’t taste natural but same thing - cheap thrills . bread base super good tho thin dense and chewy 😘

Problems with these four items:
- top left: grilled hotate mentai - it was never served like that with the mentai just dumped on top and haphazardly torched.
- top right: mala beef roll - only one piece has got veggie and another one has got most of the mala powder. If it's a roll, I'd think all three should have a consistent presentation?
- bottom left: beef sushi - totally does not look anything like what's in the menu photo, it's not wrapped in the right direction and looking at it one gets confused on how to even pick it up to eat.
- bottom right: soba sushi - the first plate of sushi that was finally served after a long wait and all the pieces were falling apart. Deconstructed sushi maybe?

It's been a long while since we visited Genki sushi and we went with high hopes to satisfy our sushi cravings like we used to. It's our first time at the Westgate outlet and it has never been a more disappointing experience.

The food service was at its slowest and we kept seeing people around us having their food served. When we asked about our order, the staff said the kitchen is jammed so it's going to take a while, but that does not explain why people around are getting their food earlier than us. And when the food finally came it was assembled so badly that the pieces were all over the place (see bottom right photo).

Throughout the time the food came with two pieces of sushi stuck together and it's obvious the assembly was done haphazardly. The rice was stuck to each other and the top filling was overlapping. It was quite difficult for us to take one piece of sushi without making the other one fall apart. It was only after 5pm when the assembly of sushi became much better and there were two distinct pieces of sushi on the plates. The rice and the top filling were also holding together much better as well. So we suspect it was a change of shift for the chefs. Unfortunately we were down to our last two dishes by then.

And that goes to say a lot about the quality of people that they hire in the kitchen.

Will we ever go back to genki sushi again? Possibly yes, but not anytime soon.
Will we ever go back to the westgate outlet again. Never in this lifetime.

The wait staff were meticulous in their service, coming in to check on us every once in a while which left a great impression on us :)

Would recommend their regular beef bowl set meal (we got the Truffle Foie Gras Gyu Don), the Chawanmushi and Miso soup were the most premium kinds we've ever had!

My usual place for chicken rice in the west. Juicy and succulent poached chicken served with fragrant rice and achar.
Location: Yishun 925 Chicken Rice, Blk 132 Jurong Gateway Road #01-273 S{600132)


🍄 What we had:

Red Tom Yum Seafood Soup ($5.90) - good flavour, actually spicer than what expected! portion was sizeable, a lot of seafood in it!

Prawn Omelette ($9.90) - decent, with small prawns in the omelette. however a little bland, and oily.

Honey Chicken ($5.90) - honey was glazed on all the pieces, making it sweet with every bite!

Basil Chicken Wings ($4.90) - 3 pieces and they tasted alright. was really hot when it came, chicken was tender and falling off the bone!

Iced Milk Tea ($3) - not overly sweet, the best kind of thai milk tea

VERDICT: sat down and ordered, finished food under an hour despite busy service. totally fast and easy, servers are friendly and attentive! prices are super attractive. 100% will come back to satisfy thai cravings ☺️