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Price: $2.60 (ice)
Always craving for their yuan yang c peng especially under such hot weather. It is silky smooth and not overly sweet. Never enough for one.

Healthy options for lunch and low carbs intake. Noodles come with herbal soup which taste sweet and not oily. Suitable for both vegan and non-vegan 👍

One of the better egg tart in SG with good custard egg to pie base ratio. Soft and eggy fillings that give a really nice texture when bite into it!


The tart size is quite big with generous apple fillings. Love that their filling is not that sweet that complements the hot crusty pie base


Bet u will like here too; but don’t come here during the weekend morning haha - Long queue and table-waiting to be expected

Roasted Angus Beef Rib Eye served with smooth & tangy Blue Cheese Sauce. The sauce pairs perfectly with a hearty cut of steak.
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she came over to yew tee. so we drove down to bpp to abuse more entertainer goodness.

fire tenderloin medium for me, for nostalgia's sake and for the bo liao yet entertaining 1.5 secs . tenderloin medium with white asparagus for her.

both steaks were served in medium rare. with the meat still in medium rare doneness, we were able to use the hot plate to slowly cook the meat and micro to our desired doneness.

it was a swee swee mix of medium rare (acceptable by this noob) and medium. whole slab of meat was tender from start to finish. unlike the previous time i came here. and the charred bits at the end was the best part of the entire meal.
i also asked for their sambal sauce to go along with my steak. not that spicy. leaning towards the satay sauce taste. the white asparagus fell short of her expectations. it tasted off and sour. because we did not remember it being the same taste when we had white asparagus at botanico.

18 per pax with entertainer app.

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Opened early this year at Westgate, NY Night Market will soon have a second outlet at the heart of Orchard Road. Pictured is the Tianjin Jjamppong, which on first glance might not look that much but upon your first slurp of the broth, you can immediately feel the heat at the front and back of your tongue. This seafood noodle dish is not one to be trifled with as the spice hits you throughout the meal but oddly enough you will still keep going back for more. Perhaps we all like to be tortured but there’s just something in the broth and fresh seafood that makes it appetizing.
NY Night Market
Address: 3, Gateway Drive, Westgate Shopping Mall, Unit 01-08, Singapore 608532

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One of my go to comfort meals if I want to lunch out of school. The rice here is so fragrant that you can eat it on its own! The chicken is also very tender and smooth. The set also comes with half an egg, bean sprouts, oyster vegetables and tau kwa but special mention must go to the achar here! I find their achar really unique as they use Sichuan vegetable instead and the sweet marinate of achar mixed with the salty and sour Sichuan vegetable goes together really, really well 🤤 I also want to give a special shoutout to the black sauce here, it’s not too salty but also has a distinctive charred taste that is really fragrant when drizzled on the rice. A hidden gem indeed!

Met expectations. Pretty Decent Soft Shell Crab that was tasty and crisp even before dipping into the sweet homemade Thai chili sauce. ($6.80)

We also had the pho with all 3 - beef slices, briskets and meatballs. Contrary to most reviews here, the briskets were the kind of soft tenderness that had close to zero resistance. Simply press on it and the meat falls apart. The beef portions were also acceptable. ($10.80)

Don't get the Vietnamese pancake though, for $11+, it is quite underwhelming.