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👍🏻Tried this Peach Basil Sorbet ($3.80) with Rosemary cone (+$1). Loved this combi. I think it goes well. Not too sweet though it seem more mango than peach but still nice! Will come back to try the rest of the flavours!

Pretty decent froyo with two toppings of choice - I got the matcha sauce and strawberries. Worth it with the burpple deal.

Yummy and value-for-money chicken cutlet ($4.80). Asked for the lady to take out the mayo and add more cheese 😋 while they are very generous with the cheese, it can make the crispy skin soggy. Still very delicious! Chicken cutlet was juicy and thick. Really worth it!

The Xiao Long Bao was delicious as usual, but one broke before we got to dig in 😢 the Red Bean Pancake was surprisingly delicious. The bread part tasted like a butterfry, with some red bean inside. The sesame seeds made it really fragrant as well. Please give it a try if you happen to be around 😊

This hearty bowl of goodness really hits the spot. The noodles were perfectly cooked with enough sauce to coat every strand. The noodles will slowly soak up the sauce, which makes it more delicious as you eat it! Portion is a little small, but you can save your stomach space for the beancurd stall in this coffee shop!

Saw many people ordering the Murtabak ($7) but I have to say i was pretty disappointed 😔 the shredded chicken inside was dry, and too salty. Both the mutton and fish curries were a bit too salty for me as well. The cheese prata ($2.50) was pretty yummy, with what I think was mozzarella cheese inside. It was pretty greasy though. The onion prata ($1.50) was really delicious, with the onions perfectly cooked and so fragrant!

The Ca Fen exceeded all expectations!!! Taste so full of umami and wok hey omggg i’m blown away. Thought it will be bland but it’s the most delicious noodle dish I’ve eaten. Tasted a bit like shark fin but MORE DELICIOUS. Can get a slight bit jelak at the end but nothing the yummy chilli cannot solve ☺️ The chilli was sour, garlicky and really whet one’s appetite.

The Lor Mee was delicious as well, but pales in comparison to the Ca Fen. The soup tasted lighter with many vegetables and seafood. The noodle was really chewy and u-mian like.

The bill came up to $12.85 after using Burpple 1-for-1, which is a steal! Service was top-notch as well. Remember not to take the starters and wet tissue if you don’t want to pay for them 😊

Roasted chicken horfun just $3 per plate the sauce is nice with their silky smooth horfun noodle and tender chicken , best combo for lunch

At Sunset way, do check out this cosy ice cream place. Loved the slighted chared waffles with a selection of chocolate or maple syrup.They are crispy and fluffy. Goes really well with the Honey Chrysanthemum with Cacao bit and Pistachio double scoop ice cream for $12. They also serve you water in these cute 🐻 bear shaped cups
Will come back again to try the rest of the flavours.

Wow! This is one Super VaLuE & of great quality Ramen.😲🍜
Zion Ramen($5.80)(Miso Tonkotsu)
Soft thin wavy egg noodles in comforting savoury soup; topped with narutomaki, black fungus, spring onion, crunchy flavoured bamboo shoot, seaweed, wonderfully marinated perfect ajisuke tamago and 3 moderate slices of flavoursome fatty pork belly cha siu with chewy tender meat & melt in the mouth fats.😋
Aesthetic. Tastisfying.🤗
🚩Japanese Stall, Canteen 16, 35 Students Walk, Singapore 639548
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Pretty good. It's needs the sauce so thankfully the sauce is very fragrant and the sweet and saltiness are perfectly balanced, light but super satisfying. The Cheong fun is the very soft kind, and the filling was good too. A classic, and absolutely worth a try

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There's an astringent taste, taste like 2 very familiar kinds of chili sauces mixed tgt lol

Appom (S$3.50)
Available at @malaysiaboleh_sg in @jurongpoint
Light & crispy