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I straight order their sesame chicken as I found this on their menu. Unlike the other types of chicken, they required to fried my sesame chicken upon order.

Coated with sesame skin, making the chicken so tasty and delicious, while the meat itself remain juicy and soft. $4

In chili vinegar blend. Not too intense, pretty decent

Their food is decent, rather mild. None of the dishes were particularly noteworthy though, but our family has dined here for years for the hearty portions

Can't comment on the crunch cos takeaway but PSA ask for the socarrat, it's normally not included for takeaway

Their sauce was good and very generous, u can barely see any white part. Salted fish came in chunks, do mash it up into small pieces if u don't want intense bursts of funk. The chili is v similar to ckn rice chili. Their success lies in the multilayered flavour, from the sauce to the herbs to the chili. Ofc ckn was pretty tender too

Grew up in the area and ate it a few times, but didn't like it back then. Now that I grew to appreciate claypot rice, I can confirm this is a damn good bowl and quite unique too. Call in early to book!

As I arrived late in the day, Suzuki's Matcha drinks were unfortunately sold out. Hence, I had settled for their Iced Chocolate which turned out pretty decent. Rich, chocolate-y, and not too milky; the concoction was smooth and balanced. However, priced at $9, the option was certainly not the most value-for-money (the free lotus biscoff did soften the blow though).

Ordered $5 portions for take away. Portions are big. You get 5 X halves of prawns. Bit of Sotong and pork belly. Not much of wok heat. Chilli is quite mild. Please note if you want lard, you must inform them when you order.

Overall not bad but still far from the top ones in Singapore.

Even though the application stated that 1 for 1, but went to the shop to redeem, staff said that they never apply for Burpple

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Windowsill pies has become my go-to dessert to buy & share with friends, thanks to burpple beyond! I don’t think I’ve eaten pecan pie before so this was a great first experience! Love the peppermint pie, the flavours were great with the chocolate

Garlic ladyfingers

Misnomer because there's salted egg yolk also. But it's quite mild, not the super punchy salted egg yolk sauces. They weren't very salty either. Quite a light dish that my family enjoyed

Claypot mushroom. This probably needs a bit more time to soak, it's on the tougher end. The spices were quite close to mala with a starchy slant. Quite addictive actually, and the price was justified by the slices of pork belly

Decent portion of salmon, rice slightly vinegary, marinate for the salmon slices can be better.

20% off foodpanda takeaway

Meat was decent, it's a tad dry for their standard but still quite comforting. Really big chunks of meat tho haha. The noodles had a chew which is characteristic but not exactly my kind of thing. Rather mildly flavoured compared to their other stuff

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PSA satay only at night, min sticks of 5 PER TYPE(means u can't choose 3mutton,3ckn, 4pork to make 10 satay)

Good stuff, worth a try if you're in the neighborhood. The wait was 20+min? At around 1pm

Stock was umami, there was a little bit of wok hey and prawns were good. Pork lard was very crispy and toothsome too.
Chili was full of pure heat, goes well w the noods.

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