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Top 10 in Yio Chu Kang

Top 10 places in Yio Chu Kang, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Yio Chu Kang

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Yio Chu Kang, Singapore.

This place is located at Industrial Park. Surprisingly the crowd is still there at 9pm. Foods are not bad and their beers price are quite reasonable. Will be visiting another outlet tomorrow

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For $3.50, you get a slab of duck drizzled with sauce. The chilli has so much umami in it. The duck along with the herbs makes the whole dish so flavourful.

Hidden gem in AMK! Queue can be quite long even during dinner!

Musttttt take the chilli.

However, don’t order the whole duck for CNY. We tried once during CNY (dabaoed home) and it wasn’t that nice. Probably due to mass production.

Feat. dishes from @firstculinaryrestaurant_amk 💕
Sautéed King Prawn in Spicy Sauce ($18)
Braised Eefu Noodles w/ Boston Lobster ($38)
Braised Sharks Fin in Brown Sauce ($16.80)

One of their famous dishes right here! Although the butter smelled like planta or smth they used (wasn't a very pleasant butter fragrance), the cereal bits were clumpy yet crispy and as usual - goes superbly well with rice! (Although I'm no rice person) Large, crispy prawns where you can really just down the shells too. I love that it's served hot to the table.

A definite must-order here!

Special menu item only available for 2 weeks! The smoked chicken had a tinch of bitterness on its skin, but the meat was tender to the bite. We expected the smoked chicken to be served dry, but it was drizzled with some light sauce, said to help the chicken to taste more tender.

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Feeling peckish at this watering hole? Don't panic – there's an assortment of mains, from lasagnas to Korean spicy noodles, to fill you up.
Photo by Burppler Pearlyn Yeo

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Seemingly a Thai Style wonton noodle, garnished with loads of proteins... charred char siew, sausages peppered with lard chips... give this noodle alot of omph...

坐标:距离Ang Mo Kio车站5站地儿











The main winner of this dish is the noodles. The noodles are lightly coated in shallot oil and are really firm, giving them both the right texture and flavour. The char siew are not the "cardboard" kind available in most wanton mee, and are flavourful, with the right amount of char. The Thai sausages given are also worth a mention, as they were like upgraded versions of Taiwan sausages. The portions are okay and this bowl is definitely worth a trip down!!

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One of my favourite items to order at zichar is the Marmite Chicken and the ones from Hong Kong Street family restaurants totally hits all the right notes. With a tinge of the curry leaves aroma, each bite of the marmite chicken is a salty savoury explosion that is such a characteristic of a zichar dish.
Hong Kong Street Long Ji
Address: 151, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, Unit 01-1601, Singapore 560151
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ordered xiao long baos, sheng jian baos, kong bak baos, both dry and soup noodles, drunken chicken and pumpkin pastry.
xlbs were the more meat, less soup types. im the more soup, less meat guy. sheng jian baos were too oily for us. kong bak was oily and scaringly fatty. the baos were nice and fluffy though.
dry noodles was not bad. because the taste reminded us of indo mee. seriously. the soup version was bad. the soup was sweet like sugar has been spammed until the 死甜 level.
drunken chicken was nice but the portion was quite pathetic for $10.pumpkin pastry was oily but the red bean filling inside was quite interesting. these two items were the redeeming dishes for us.
im going back to @paradisegrpsg in the future. anybody knows if lot one's outlet is coming back?
$15 per pax.
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