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Quite impressed a hawker stall grills with charcoal in front of your eyes. This giant bowl with premium and indulgent pork neck, and even an onsen egg, was only $7. Unbelievable. Unfortunately, it's spoilt by macaroni, which I dislike.

Quite impressed a hawker stall grills with charcoal in front of your eyes. Giant bowl with big servings of vegetables and chicken. Smoky meat as expected.

Location: @madcharcoal, Orange Point Kopitiam, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #01-38 Singapore 569139.

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One of their most affordable lunch sets, and for great value! The slab of chicken thigh was enormous and we struggled to finish it. The pasta was al dente, and I liked that they used tagliatelle as opposed to regular spaghetti. The cream sauce is a bit on the heavier side, though, so it could get a bit jelat. In fact, since it was all served in one big bowl with the chicken on top of the pasta, it was difficult to avoid mixing the chicken with the cream sauce. This brought the aromatic fragrance of spices in the chicken down a bit. :(

Perhaps I will have the chicken with salad or Japanese rice instead next time!

This is one of their lunch specials, and it was delicious! How rare to have an indulgent protein for lunch, at such an affordable price-point at that. :) I could taste the smokiness from the charcoal in the meat, and savoured it as the layers of meat and fat melted together in each bite. The portion js a bit small but that is completely justified by the extremely low price -- in fact, I would pay more for a bigger portion of meat!

The salad was also delicious, slightly more elevated than what you usually get at a coffeeshop western stall because of the variety of greens used. The accompanying sauce was also surprisingly savoury. The onsen egg did seem a bit out-of-place given my carb of choice, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

We definitely ordered too much food, and ended up eating the rest of the food for dinner.

Overall, i can honestly say i liked all the dishes. Would come back again, but not anytime soon cause of the distance 😅

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One of the better coffeeshop dim sum stalls with prices that won’t make you feel like starving yourself for a week. 🤧

Here’s what’s pictured:
🍲 Century Egg & Lean Pork Congee ($3.50)
🥧 Salted Egg Bun ($3.80/3pcs)
🍡 Shrimp Dumplings ($3.80/3pcs)
🥠 Siew Mai ($3.20/4pcs)
🍙 Fried Shrimp Roll ($3.50)
🥐 Red Bean Sesame Pancake ($4)

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f0rgot t0 add espress0 in my nutella milkshake 🤦🏻‍♀ next time just 0rder nutella espress0 milkshake k 🤣
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1st time trying their 🥕🍰 ~ surprisingly n0t bad w0r 😋
quick #yahavafix bef0re they re0pen 0n 初三 f0r business

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I don't usually approve of this dish, because it's overrated fanciful, but here they actually make a mean version. Even the breast meat was decent.

Roast meat was biscuit, just not the best. Char siew was damn good, but it's cheating with its thick cut lol.

Bang average

And damn expensive to me.

The rice was also very dry.

Will attempt to try the other dishes.

Please dont disappoint me.


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