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Top 10 in Yio Chu Kang

Top 10 places in Yio Chu Kang, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Yio Chu Kang

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Yio Chu Kang, Singapore.

ordered xiao long baos, sheng jian baos, kong bak baos, both dry and soup noodles, drunken chicken and pumpkin pastry.
xlbs were the more meat, less soup types. im the more soup, less meat guy. sheng jian baos were too oily for us. kong bak was oily and scaringly fatty. the baos were nice and fluffy though.
dry noodles was not bad. because the taste reminded us of indo mee. seriously. the soup version was bad. the soup was sweet like sugar has been spammed until the 死甜 level.
drunken chicken was nice but the portion was quite pathetic for $10.pumpkin pastry was oily but the red bean filling inside was quite interesting. these two items were the redeeming dishes for us.
im going back to @paradisegrpsg in the future. anybody knows if lot one's outlet is coming back?
$15 per pax.
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Springy egg noodles tossed with ingredients such as char siew, lap cheong, fried wantons, vegetables and most importantly, fried pork lard! Not forgetting more boiled wantons in that flavourful bowl of soup.
Taste-wise, it wasn’t mind-blowing since it just had that tinge of uniqueness not found in our local version. But nevertheless, it was still yummy and enjoyable.
P.S. You can help yourself to the free-flow fried pork lard at the AMK outlet!
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I didn’t try anything else, so lemme know if their other pizzas are better. • • •


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Portion was huge, a little overpriced for Korean noodles but there were tons of ingredients. Overall good choice if you’re looking for spicy yet filling main dishes at this place!

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Featuring the bowl of Nutritious Double-Boiled Black Chicken Soup with Black Garlic and “Sheng Di” that’s is part of the Special 6-course Black Garlic Set Menu available at @firstculinaryrestaurant_amk priced at $68.00++ (non member) / $48.00++ (member)
Location: @firstculinaryrestaurant_amk ITE College Central, 2 Ang Mo Kio Drive, Block A #01-09, Singapore 567720
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A refreshing end of the robust six-course black garlic feast is marked with a shot of chilled coconut sago pudding that is milky-sweet and creamy, with jellied bites from the sago and a slice of sweetened and chilled osmanthus jelly that carries a faint fragrant whisper of flowers.

This pasta dish is served warm which is a little bit bizarre considering that angel hair pasta done in this style is usually served chilled so that the subtle marine sweetness of the scallop shines through and the truffle oil’s musky and earthy truffle essence does not dissipate from the heat.

This dish is disappointing and dull, the taste of truffles is almost non existent, the pasta is dry and all broken up into short strands from being stir-fried for too long, which resembles cheap yellow egg noodles, and the overcooked scallop is rubbery and bland.

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A whole abalone the size of a child's fist is braised and served drenched in oyster sauce and perched on a piece of home-made bean curd. The abalone is springy and chewy with a naturally sweet, buttery and salty taste. The oyster sauce though sweet, thick and syrupy, interestingly does not mute the natural sweetness of the abalone, the mellow brininess of the oyster sauce enhances the dish to create an umami marine taste with each supple yet tender bite of the mollusc. The bean curd is soft as a cloud, with a creamy bite.

Doused in a light yet flavorful chili soya sauce that is slightly spicy, fragrant and salty, the buttery white flesh of the steamed cod melts from the heat of the tongue, setting the mouth awash in a delicious blend of fatty, gelatinous and viscous Omega-3 juices. The pool of chili soya sauce that the fish sits in is thin, yet rich and flavorful, heavily infused with the musky and earthy aroma of black garlic with the hint of spice cutting through it.

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This bowl of double-boiled black chicken soup carries a strong woody herby fragrance that evokes a sense of childhood nostalgia for diners brought up in Chinese households where herbal soups are regarded to play a crucial role in the development of the mind and body.

The soup is thick, robust, full-bodied and teeming with generous portions of fish maw, black chicken, black garlic, goji berries and ginseng. The sheng di gives the soup an intense earthy flavor that balances out the sweetness of the black chicken essence and goji berries. The chunks of black chicken are soft and tender yet retaining a nice bite instead of disintegrating into a mush.

This prized little crock of soup will seduce your tastebuds and warm the cockles of your heart with its classic and nutritious Chinese taste melding into an innovative multi-dimensional weave of textures and flavors.

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This beautiful little masterpiece comprises of a plump king prawn and two chunks of pork belly served on a little platter that is adorned with a meticulously hand-painted sugar syrup illustration that differs for every single plate.

The black garlic honey pork is a tiny slice of heaven – the immediate exterior of the pork is roasted to a moist jerky-like consistency, and underneath that thin layer of al dente meat is a thick morsel of pure pork fat that melts like the richest and creamiest butter in the mouth. It is drenched in this intensely sweet syrup that is slightly salty and piquant.

Instead of drenching the prawn in the typical thick and gooey curried salted egg paste that can tend to get very sickening, the springy and succulent prawn is deep fried with salted egg yolk batter so that it forms a light, fluffy and crisp tempura crust around it with the curried richness of salted egg crumbs.

Professionally de-skinned right at the table upon order, each sliver of this peking duck's skin is slicked with a coating of glorious buttery duck fat, and has that perfect ratio of fattiness to crispiness. The skin is blanketed within a thin egg crepe and served alongside sliced cucumbers, leeks and hoisin sauce.