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We had the chicken burger and was pleasantly surprised that the patty wasnt dry at all.
It was also great to have the chicken flavour boosted by the saltiness of the bacon. A great companion to beer.

Sides wise, the yakitori was nothing special, but give the otah bombs a try. Think fish fingers, but otah.

+1 for service too because the staff poked a hole in the cover of the takeaway boxes so the food wasnt soggy by the time i brought it home

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I was glad to come and try out boon cafe at ITE! The dishes and drinks here are kept affordable for students. Curry was more towards the thick, heavy with spices side, so I preferred to breaded chicken/fish option.

Their famous garlic bread sells out really quickly (sold out by 1pm+) so be sure to get it on start!

For those who enjoy a selection of more unconventional flavoured sourdough donuts, The Fat Kid Bakery’s was certainly it. Starting from $14 for a box of four, their sourdough bombos featured a gentle tang and have a wonderfully airy, pillowy-soft, almost fluffy texture. The ratio of filling to dough was also decent - the lightness of the sugar-coated dough helped to cut the usual richness that you get with the confection.

Hence, stuffing myself with their Earl Grey (+$0.50), Strawberry Shortcake (+$1.50), Mango (+$1.50), and Chocolate Mess (+$0.50); I did generally enjoy the flavours with the exception of the Strawberry Shortcake as it lacked an oomph for me. My favourite out of the lot would definitely be the Earl Grey as the tea-infused cream was strong and fragrant. The Mango, following closely behind the Earl Grey, had a nice sweetness to it. However, I found the viscosity of their filling a tad too watery overall so it was a messy affair eating these.

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Savoury all day breakfast - which has scrambled eggs, sliced mushrooms, country loaf bread slices, chicken honey baked ham, and a small lettuce salad.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/boon-cafe/


Tried out the bombolonis from @thefatkidbakery! Really liked the passion fruit, strawberry shortcake and earl grey flavours. The sea salt maple was a little too salty for my liking #burpple #bomboloni

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🍴& 💵:
First time trying SOURDOUGH BOMBOS! I would say not much difference from normal bombos, except that there was a tinge of sourness from it but it doesn’t really affect the taste much.

Chocolate 🤩 ($4) - This was my favourite!!! It’s not the typical cheap sweet chocolate. It was so creamy and good. Rich chocolate flavour yet not too sweet. Really a decadent treat to have!

Roasted Oolong 🙆🏻‍♀️ ($5) - This is my mum’s favourite! A very unique flavour and yes definitely has the strong oolong taste. Nice fragrant tea taste. It somehow tasted like milk tea to me actually. To me, I find that tea flavoured bombo wasn’t the best combination. Nevertheless, the executed the flavour really well.

Strawberry shortcake ($5) - Has the most expectation for this but sadly it was not as nice. Doesn’t taste like strawberry shortcake. I rather eat the normal strawberry shortcake lol. I have no idea what’s that white cream. It tasted a bit cheesy but didn’t really go well with the strawberry jam. The strawberry taste wasn’t sour enough too.

Plain 🙆🏻‍♀️ ($3.50) - WAHH even the plain one was good. This shows that the bombolonis itself was just amazing! The texture was super bouncy, fluffy and soft! (Swipe right for the press test) Right amount of sugar dusted around it to make it so enjoyable to it!

Generally, the bombolonis itself has good texture and there was so much filling. All the way filled to the end. But ya it will kinda get too jelak from eating because it’s very creamy. There were sugar dusted around it but didn’t really make it overly sweet. Though it’s oily, which is expected of a doughnut, but the overall texture and filling, make me not care about calories! You can’t really taste the oil or sugar because there’s so much cream. Lol.

Though it’s more expensive than doughnut shack but the size is definitely way bigger!

Another day, another stall that serves up HK-style Cheong Fun. Heard of this relatively new HK-style Cheong Fun stall that also serves up Ban Mian at Ang Mo Kio 628 Market & Food Centre named 大家来 Da Jia Lai — fairly easy to locate considering how it’s situated rather close to the bus stop that leads towards the food centre.

There was a short queue at the stall while we were looking for a seat at the food centre, but the queue pretty much subsided when it was time to make our order. Was fairly surprised by how they claim to be serving up “raw rice stone-milled cheong fun” here — apart from the Fresh Prawn Cheong Fun, they also do serve up their HK-style Cheong Fun plain, with char siew, and also one with “sauce flavoured mince meat”. Perhaps because our order was made for an earlier takeaway order which they decided to let us have first, the Cheong Fun here did feel a little dry. That being said, it does carry that slight qq-texture that is typical of stone-milled cheong fun that we have tried, though the one here is probably the least prominent as compared to the other stone-milled cheong fun that we had tried. Prawns were chunky and fresh, though it lacks the oomph that some others have with smaller bits of prawns overall, while the light soy sauce here is sufficiently savoury — chili was pretty pedestrian, being savoury and packs a pretty comfortable level of heat for those with lower tolerance of spiciness. Portion size is pretty big though on first look, and is rather fair for its price at $4.20, though they did include a layer of shredded lettuce and beansprouts to prop up the Cheong Fun a little on the plate which I found a tad unnecessary.

Considering how this isn’t too far out of the way, I do feel that this is pretty decent plate of HK-style Cheong Fun for those who aren’t too particular with their Cheong Fun. That being said, having tried several other stalls serving up stone-milled Cheong Fun, the rendition served up here does feel closer to a slightly above average version of the standard handmade Cheong Funs without the stone-milled flair elsewhere — not exactly one I would make a special trip down for. That being said, if one does relatively close by, this does make for a decent option to get those HK-style Cheong Fun cravings solved.


Middle ground. The sheets are thick so don't expect the silky type of ccf. But that thickness also made it a more substantial eat.

The Hong Kong type. Three large pieces in one order. But quite bland. A little pungent too.

I may not like this place's prices, but this standard I'd gladly pay. Possibly the best dim sum pork ribs. Meaty with almost no bone.

Another bakery that gained some popularity for their sourdough bombos. Started as a home based business before they found a physical store at this place.

Their box of 4 started with the price of $14, and add on the customisation cost based on what fillings you choose.

I gotten the chocolate, blueberry cheesecake, sea salt maple and yuzu creme.

They are all comes with generous fillings in each of them. Fluffy and tasty.

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