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Nesuto, translating to “nest” in Japanese, symbolises home and family. It aims to bring the feeling of comfort, peace, and rest to every customers who step into its doors. Helmed by Head Pastry Chef Alicia Wong, Nesuto serves cakes and entremet made using quality and premium ingredients directly imported from France and Japan.

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The strong, roasted hojicha flavour and it's rich creaminess is balanced out by the moist chiffon sponge cake. I love the 1:1 ratio of cream to cake, and especially how the hojicha cream is bittersweet and not overpowering. Ps. Love how it is called konichiwa hojicha, and made with premium hōjicha from Shizuoka, Japan.

All the cakes were super good except the suzette which was disappointing as the cake at the center of the mousse was very little and the mousse tasted like whipped cream. Hojicha cake was not too rich but had a decent amount of hojicha flavour. It was alternated with layers of cream and sponge, in which the sponge was slightly dry, but overall super delicious and not too sweet. Earl chocolate had a decent earl grey taste and was really rich as the bottom was a rich brownie base and mousse. Hazelnut praline had a fragrant hazelnut flavour and had a crunchy base which was really a good addition to the texture of the cake.

🍊🧡 Duo Suzette (16 cm - $78.00) (part of limited specials under CNY 2021) tangy jelly filled with walnuts for cake 🧡🍊

The slight bitterness of the Matcha is present. It's actually quite a decent. If you like matcha and light creamy cakes this is for you. If you want an strong intense green tea cake and you don't like it cakes airy and creamy. Do not order. Unfortunately I belong to group 2. Probably not my type of cake.

This is their Chinese New Year cookies. I love the sesame and the coconut. I am not a fan of the orange pistachio. How is wish we can buy individual jars of 3s to mix and match. I would really love to buy their Matcha cookies.

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Came here specially for the chestnut cake as I’m a sucker for chestnut cakes but was disappointed. I generally like nesuto’s cakes as they are light and fluffy, with good flavour. This was indeed light & fluffy, but my bf & I agreed that the chestnut flavour didn’t come through. The most chestnutty part was the piped cream on top. The diced chestnut felt a bit out of place, would have preferred a paste! Didn’t like the chestnut rum pairing. The taste is a bit off. Sad, really wanted to like this :(