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Nesuto, translating to “nest” in Japanese, symbolises home and family. It aims to bring the feeling of comfort, peace, and rest to every customers who step into its doors. Helmed by Head Pastry Chef Alicia Wong, Nesuto serves cakes and entremet made using quality and premium ingredients directly imported from France and Japan.

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at Nesuto
Cake & Drink
SAVE ~$14
Cake & Drink
SAVE ~$14
Cake & Drink
SAVE ~$14
Cake & Drink
SAVE ~$14

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Would prefer cassis orelys, it is in blueberry flavour and the base is made by varlhona dark chocolate. It is very worth with 1 for 1 deal.

A time-limited high tea set comprising of sweets and savouries served in an open-faced bird cage and placed on a bed of "grass". The set came with a refillable pot of artisan tea of choice, of which we had the lychee oolong that was fragrant and refreshing.

Key highlights for me were:
- Truffle Ham & Cheese Croissant was flaky, buttery and cheesy all in one.
- Shot glass of tiramisu was creamy and lightly sweetened, with enough kahlua and espresso to taste and topped with choco bits.
- Cranberry Scone with Mascarpone Cheese & Apricot Jam was incredibly good that we ordered extras. Crumbly, buttery, moist and light, this British treat was a perfect pairing with the spread.

Spent approx $15 for 2 cakes and 2 drinks. The Lychee Oolong tea goes really well with the cake as it helps to cleanse the sweetness of the cake.

Would recommend the cheese cake!

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Cakes go for around $9~ and drinks at $5~. Chilled place - chocolate dessert was really good & so was the iced latte. Matcha cake was more of a miss though. Nice servers :)

This is my second visit to Nesuto and the cafe never fails to amaze me with their cakes. Ordered C3 cheesecake and Yuzu Raspberry cake this time round and I especially like the latter as it has a refreshing taste which is not too sweet or sour.

Usual price per piece of cake is about $9 on average, which is a little pricey as compared to other cafes/bakeries. However, it is quite worth it with the Burpple 1-for-1 cake+drink deal.

Le Omm
$9 | Needless to say, Matcha and Azuki red bean paste always goes well together! Cake is very moist and soft. Azuki red bean paste was spread between the layers of the cake and it’s not too sweet. Slightly disappointed at how the matcha taste is not very strong.

C3 Cheesecake
$9 | Delightfully light. The salted caramel chocolate base was a good touch as it takes away the rather cloying nature of most cheesecakes we usually think about.

If you are a cheesecake fanatics, then you might be disappointed with this as it does not have very strong cream cheese taste. For people who are neutral with it or dislike cheesecake for the jelak-ness, then this is a good alternative.