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From the Burpple community

Delicacy for some, Fear Factor food for others. Some might say we Chinese always make full use of the animal we eat. Here, pork offal (stomach and intestines in particular) are braised until tender in soy sauce and herbs along with meat, skin, tofu, tau pok, boiled eggs and fish cake. Best eaten with kway (rice flour sheets) in broth. Tangy chili dipping sauce is a must. #hawkerpedia #foodporn #kwaychap #localdelight


Unlike most "yong tau foo", this is the unhealthy version. But it tastes good so some leeway is given. Every single piece that you pick from the display of fishballs, assorted beancurd, eggplant etc. (except for the leafy veg) gets a quick deep fry, creating a light crisp bite. After that, the items are chopped up before being covered in a slightly thick and savoury dark sauce. If you like some carb to complement, you can get small bowls of thick beehoon topped with the same sauce and bits of minced pork.

Fishball noodle with lots of bean sprouts. #burpple #5s