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More Reviews at New Mahamoodiya Restaurant

More Reviews of good food at New Mahamoodiya Restaurant

Coin Prata comes in a set of 6, with mutton cubes. The Coin Prata is crispy and chewy inside. Although the mutton curry is fragrance, the potion is way too little. I only managed to find 3 small pieces of mutton cubes. Personally find the Coin Prata w/ Mutton Curry overpriced.


Super yummy. Naan at 4$ (I think) and butter chicken at 7.50$ .

2 plain Prata, 1 egg Prata, 1 cheese Prata, butter chicken and Maggie goreng at 20.40$

Yummy :)

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The old and almost archaic facade of this place is an absolute disguise imho. Why? Well, here I had one of the best pratas for now; crisp externally, nicely cooked and substantial on the inside.

On a second visit, we entered with ravenous tummies and got ourselves a full table compromising of what I would loosely define as “the whole suite of dishes you get at your favourite prata place (ranging from curries, noodles goreng, nasi briyani and here they have a North Indian selection of naan etc). Leaving completely satisfied, I was especially drawn to the butter chicken for probably its tender chicken chunks, but really that kick ass blend of a gravy that I crave as I write.

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This humble hole-in-the-wall eatery nestled in Simpang Bedok serves up some of the best crispy prata in Singapore. Each prata is pressed till thin and then fried in a pool of ghee (clarified butter). The result? An insanely buttery prata that was almost cracker-like around the edges yet beautifully soft and fluffy in the centre. Each order includes fish curry and their unique homemade sambal chilli. The curry was nicely done, being slightly sour and spicy to balance out the oiliness of the pratas. Their sambal added a refreshing twist, with sweet and spicy notes that's sure to send flames down your throat. Oh and did I mention that they are open 24 hours? So make sure to ‘jio’ your supper buddies to check this place out for some seriously delicious roti prata.

🚫No Air-conditioning
👣Free Seating
💸Prices stated are NETT
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Crowded During Peak Hours
🌇Open 24 Hours

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Coin Prata come in a set of 6 here, with mutton cubes in the curry instead of the normal plain curry (to justify the higher price I guess). Kinda ex compared to kosong which is only $1 each but sometimes you just have to indulge with these crispy ghee bombs which are super crispy outside and decadently fluffy inside. Mahamoodiya is the best in the East for kosong and coin if you like your prata super crispy like I do (only weirdos like soggy prata right? ). Crispiness here is way more consistent than Mr Mrs Mohgan at joo chiat. However, Springleaf siglap is better for the flavoured and novelty prata as this place somehow cannot do flavoured prata in a crispy way.
🚗 : Free Malaysian style parking is available just outside the shop. If you can't hack it then go for erp parking across the road at the open air car park.

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Great to satisfy my cravings for butter chicken rather then running to the west for it! Usually available before midnight :)

I'm big fan of crispy prata so coin prata is perfect for me. This comes with mutton curry instead of the usual fish curry. Rating: 8/10

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The normal prata is crispier, almost to the point of being biscuity but less chewy so i guess it's up to personal preference. I prefer the texture and ghee of the coin pratas. Anyway the fish curry wasn't impressive as it was diluted and lacked oomph


Coin prata was crispy and chewy as popularly touted but what impressed me was the curry and the sambal. The curry here is really unique and it's lighter but fragrant and there's a special blend of spices. Mutton chunks were incredibly tender and didnt require much chewing at all. Sambal is unlike anything ive tasted as it was sweet and more watery compared to the usual. Im guessing it's home made and tailored specifically to accompany their prata as the two of them combined gave a really deep, pleasant flavour.


Open 24 hours, seven days a week, New Mahamoodiya Restaurant is a reliable option to head to when prata cravings strike. This Simpang supper hotspot has been gaining a steady reputation for the one dish you'll find everyone tucking into — Coin Pratas ($7). Unlike regular flattened pratas, these come coiled up to look like coins, and every bite presents an unbeatable mix of crisp golden exteriors, soft and fluffy insides and the unmistakeable fragrance of butter. Each order comes with six coins, and is paired with either mutton or chicken curry — both come served with hearty chunks of meat for a satisfying supper. The icing on the cake for Tastemaker Julius Lim? The accompanying sambal chilli sauce on the side. For a spicy kick, dunk your coin prata into the sambal AFTER mopping up the curry.
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Julius Lim

The coin prata is crispy on the outside and really buttery, with the sambal chilli sauce. DAYUM!! its a good treat once in a while, its a bit oily tho. Will only come when im around the area!



Fret not as prata comes to the rescue!

New Mahamoodiya Restaurant, which opens round-the-clock 24 hours daily, is one of the popular supper spots in the Simpang Bedok area and they have created this unique and interesting rendition of a prata that proves to be a hit. When I was there, almost every table can be seen having an order of this Coin Prata ($7). The set comes with 6 coin-sized prata that are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The accompanying complement is a serving of either mutton or chicken curry which the latter comes with chicken cuts coated in a thick curry sauce. Another differentiating factor here as compared to other prata stalls is that they served their prata with an additional sambal dip, creating a unique experience of curry and sambal.

You can never go hungry in Singapore with the many supper spots around our tiny red dot island.

New Mahamoodiya Restaurant
Address: 335, Bedok Road, Singapore 469510

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The place with one of the best Naan in SG !!! Especially the garlic one! Not a fan of garlic, but this change my mind for garlics !!!

They hv adopted a rather thick consistency but still managing to keep a crispy texture. After the first piece I was stuffed and satisfied but decided to finish the second piece cos it's soooo good! #burpple #shiok #prata @burpple @that_dex


This Simpang supper hotspot is gaining a steady reputation for this one thing — Prata Coin ($7). Unlike regular flattened pratas, these come coiled up to look like coins, and every bite presents an unbeatable mix of crisp golden exteriors, soft and fluffy insides and the unmistakeable fragrance of butter. The icing on the cake however is the accompanying mutton curry, which is more than just an afterthought like in so many prata shops. The curry here is extremely flavourful and generous with chunks of meat, and it pairs fantastically with the prata. After his first bite, Burppler Dixon Chan actually excitedly shared the news among five Whatsapp chat groups — it is THAT good.
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler May Cho

Looking especially ordinary like any other prata stall in Singapore, you probably would think much could be in store. The pratas here are served with a special dip unlike the regular chicken/fish/mutton curry. Sweet slightly tangy sambal......ooohhh. Prata which is crispy golden brown on the outside, soft buttery taste on the inside. Can be quite difficult to get a seat as it's always filled with hungry patrons. Pratastic: 4/5


$7 worth of crispy, buttery, guilty pleasure and one of the best prata curry (flavourful+ goes really well with the prata) I've had with so many chunks of meat. Also had their egg prata, not bad but preferred this to the fish curry.


Saw Burpple Tastemaker Dixon's review on the Prata coin here and I just knew I had to specially make a trip down for myself. I came with high expectations and this Prata coin proved itself worthy of his extremely positive review. Soft, fluffy yet still very crispy, the Prata coin kind of melts in your mouth. The Prata coin smells invitingly of butter, which nicely complements the fragrance of the chicken curry served. I initially thought the portion was too much for me, but the whole plate disappeared without me noticing. Definitely coming back for more!

Oh gawd, this is good. Probably the most memorable prata experience I had in the last 10 years. Every bite is filled with sweetness, flavor and fragrance of oil. Couple it with the mutton curry, it's batman and robin in the making. I probably shared this to 5 Whatsapp group chats after the first bite. You got to try it for yourself!