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Reviews of good food at New Ubin Seafood

Definitely not the cleanest-looking collage I've put together, but this is what tzi char dishes are like - big, bold and complex flavours going on with a variety of components on a single plate.

Seafood is clearly the star of the show here. The Hokkien Mee costs a hefty $14 (small) for something comparable to a good $3 plate from a hawker centre. The chilli crab's sauce was superb for being thick and creamy, not too sweet and sufficiently spicy (best with their deep fried mantou which costs $1 per piece 😥). The fish head steamboat was over $80 (😱), but it was the largest I've ever seen and the soup was down right rich and flavourful. Finally, nobody really leaves this restaurant without getting their US Black Angus Ribeye Steak ($14 for 100g, min. 600g to order) which was cooked to a perfect medium. It comes with 3 dippings, potato wedges, and fried rice cooked with beef fat (arteries-clogging food right there).

This is a place you'll probably go only once a year because no middle-class citizens like many of us would spend $400+ on a meal for six.

and the hungry souls whacked a kg of it. just a dab of sea salt and heaven is a place in your mouth.
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Meat is glorious just with a pinch of salt 👍🏻👏🏻(note: min order of 550gr per table)

Ordered 550g of beef which came with heart attack fried rice - tasted alright. Salted egg squid wasn't too bad. Boss beehoon ($9) was my favourite - strong wok hei + flavourful.

USDA Black Angus Ribeye Steak. USDA “choice” quality beef is used, and each piece of steak is guaranteed to be tender, juicy, and flavourful.

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Right after the Grand Prix, I just had to treat myself to the #makanmerger between @woowaileong and @newubinseafood. The first dish served was porridge with tofu butter, puréed century egg yolk, topped with pickled daikon and swordfish sashimi. My favorite type of porridge is the thick, gooey Cantonese style congee so this was right up my alley - the puréed century egg yolks created this layer of complexity in the flavor that is unusual but exciting. The raw swordfish slices cooked gently with the residual heat from the porridge - a mouthful with swordfish and pickled daikon was a very satisfying feeling, especially when I am reliving the taste in this wet weather right now. I did feel the porridge was just a tad too thick and sticky for my liking but that could just be me. A very pretty dish you would rarely see at a cze char place. #burpple #newubinseafood

The first dish that arrived was a beautiful claypot of Porridge with Tofu Butter, Puréed Century Egg Yolk, topped with Swordfish, Crispy Shallots and Pickled Daikon.
This version of zhok (粥) is the Cantonese version of porridge where the consistency is thick, rice grains broken & almost gooey, but that's I love and remember having growing up.
With the addition of Tofu butter & puréed century egg yolk, you got yourself a savoury yet fairly heavy tasting base, but the pickled daikon & crispy shallots that comes along helps to pack each mouthful with a surprise element, cutting through the heaviness of the porridge.
A fairly simple dish, but definitely one of my favorite from that night!
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This isn’t your standard Chinese wedding dinner longevity noodles. Each strand is imbued with insane amounts of umami. Maybe it's the home-made 'MSG' powder used. The deep fried Thai-style omelette served alongside is more crispy edges than omelette, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, although I found it bordering on greasy.

Taste: 3.5/5

Coffee ribs like you’ve never had them before at New Ubin Seafood’s “Truly Singaporean Makan Session” last month.

Masterchef Asia winner Woo Wai Leong’s
72 hour sous vide USDA choice beef short rib is fall-off-the-bone tender and glazed in a sweetish brown butter puree and a really addictive brown butter crumb.

Apparently New Ubin Seafood sometimes has Carabineros served sashimi style.
I only learned of this because @jiax22, whom I was seated with at @woowaileong’s pop-up dinner, ordered it. Up till that moment, I don’t think I had ever clapped eyes on such a gorgeous member of the shrimp family - thanks for opening my eyes to this @jiax22 😄.
The Carabineros immediately went on my must-order list at New Ubin Seafood. Hopefully they will have it the next time I’m there.

Mad props to Masterchef Asia winner Woo Wai Leong for his wildly original take on tze char that I had 30 beers ago at New Ubin Seafood’s “Truly Singaporean Makan Session”.

Runaway favourite of the evening has to go to this glorious plate of slippery egg custard slathered with the briny creaminess of uni sauce spiked with grated salted egg yolk – the penultimate umami indulgence. What really elevates this dish is the stack of humble dough fritters(youtiao) that transform into something utterly delicious when their crispy lengths are dunked into the warm embrace of sea urchin gonads.

Taste: 4/5

While I like my rich food, I wish they could have dialled back the decadence for some of the dishes at last month’s “Truly Singaporean Makan Session” with Masterchef Asia winner Woo Wai Leong.

Going from 0 to 100 right from the start was a particularly gluggy porridge thickened with tofu butter and century egg yolk puree. The flavours were there, but perhaps the execution needed a little more refinement, particularly since the swordfish was rendered unnecessary as it simply got lost in the heaviness of it all.

Taste: 2/5

Thought this was quite average for its price - not the most crispy and the meat could be more tender and work with more flavour. We were all more impressed by the accompanying red wine sauce!

Good yes but not spectacular, could be a tad more spicy & savoury, umami basically. Personally I prefer my Mee Goreng to be a little wet (you know it's good especially when it's wet 😉), as this here is the dry version. 🖖🏻
It's paired with @ryepint Rye & Pint Trippin' Wheat Ale. The duo does fair well together, the Wheat Ale calms the spiciness of the palate & cleanse it for the next dish. 🔖

One of the must-tries if you are there, is New Ubin Seafood’s Chye Poh Kway Teow ($10/small, $18/large). Flavoursome and simply satisfying, the thin rice noodles were expertly fried and injected with a good dose of ‘Wok Hei’. Comforting yet sinful, the garlicky fragrance along side the salty-sweet flavour of the preserved radish also made it an instant hit with my oil-loving tastebuds. And though I don’t usually eat chye poh, it added a great crunchy texture to each forkful. It does however comes off a tad too greasy towards the end especially with the generous chunks of fried lard so pairing it with lighter dishes might be a good idea (but if lard is your bff than you will love this).

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