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From the Burpple community

The mochi skin is unbelievably soft and chewy, with sweet red bean filling, encasing a nice plump and juicy strawberry that literally bursts in your mouth. It’s about $4.30 a piece, but just so good.

Even though the price might be abit steep by food-court standard, but it's worth every cents, given at the amount of ingredients they gave! I really like the texture of the noodles as well, it taste so good when everything are mixed together!

Ban Mee starting at $5.90 and there's 5 levels of chilli for you to choose from.

Located at Nex's Food Junction Level 4. Stall Name: KL Traditional Chilli Ban Mee.

10% discount with passion card presented on weekdays.

The strawberry latte tasted like an atas version of a strawberry milkshake, with pulps of strawberries in between sips. These are no cheap strawberries, you are really able to taste the genuine flavour of the fruit itself with the taste lingering after each sip. Strawberry lovers need to try this.

I really love this luxurious bowl of Sotong Mee Pok at @guansmeepok ! Look at the generous serving of fresh sotong, fish maw, yummy meatball, minced meat and that super gorgeous Japanese soft boiled egg. This bowl of mee pok really took my heart away for its perfectly cooked mee pok, mixed with really delicious chili, vinegar and pork lard. I’ve to be honest, I usually pick out all the pork lard and throw them away but this pork lard here, makes this noodles even flavourful and extra crunch. You’ve to taste it for yourself. The ingredients in this bowl is really fresh and perfectly cooked as well. Each of these ingredients compliments really well with the noodles, bringing this unique fusion bowl of mee pok to another level. 🍜✈️ .

Special mention to the egg. Look at the yolk, cooked to perfection, super well marinated even to the yolk. The reason why their egg is so good and delicious is because their boss ate 10 eggs daily before launching this to the customers in order to obtain the correct consistency and texture! This spirit and attitude, effort 101! 🍳

Give it a try, @guansmeepok is available in 6 different locations now! 😍
📍Guan's Mee Pok
NEX Mall Food Junction
23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 038989
Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm

Thank you @eatwithjw for the invite and @guansmeepok for the warm hospitality! 😊

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Hands down the best fried fish soup you can ever have. Just discovered that their fish is coated with JUST eggs. No doughy soggy coating! Highly satisfying. Please try 👅 There’s one at Sembawang Shopping Center too!

Not too longer, this was blamed for causing obesity and chronic heart diseases, but now it's regarding as a super healthy food. LOL! Expert advice huh!