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Not the most perfect Creme Brûlée around but quite decent for an eatery of such a calibre. Yes; the sugary layer doesn't cover the entire top but the part which gets covered has a light and crisp layer of sugar. The Creme Brûlée itself here is also a tad heavy on egg whites; not as sweet nor eggy as the usual though the torched sugar layer just gives it a good level of sweetness.


Next Door Deli is one of the places I would dine at in Sengkang if I am looking for something that's decently priced, simple and for somewhere that isn't too commercial.

Finally trying the Grilled Chicken Steak the first time after their move from Ang Mo Kio to Compass One — always pretty impressed with their chicken dishes; despite lacking that chargrilled flavour of coffeeshop western stalls but still very juicy and tender with a crisp skin that shatters with every cut of the knife. The accompanying sides are still pretty decent though nothing quite worth noteworthy. Still quite satisfying overall for something below $10.


Sometimes creativity does not guarantee sustainability. I will stick to old school laksa in future. $8.80

Also one of the signature items available at Next Door Deli way back in the day — in fact you will most probably either get this or the Brownie with Sea Salt and Ice-Cream back then. A simple plain chiffon cake with a cup of lime-infused Margherita on the side; stir well before pouring in and sprinkle with a little sea salt provided before enjoying. The soft, pillowy chiffon cake has a light touch of vanilla flavour, matched with the zingy and zesty Lime-infused Margherita (essentially lime drizzle that one may find atop a cake with Margherita) and a little saltiness which may sound pretty apt but intriguing from the sea salt. Worth a try.


Opened for a day after its big move out of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, Next Door Deli is now situated at Compass One at Sengkang (formerly Compass Point). Serving a slightly more concentrated menu as compared to their previous outpost at Ang Mo Kio — more similar to the initial offerings when they first started operations (e.g. Wok-Fried Dry Mee Siam, Grilled Chicken Chop etc.). One of the long-standing items on. Their menu is this Wok-Fried Dry Laksa that comes with their signature Chicken Wing (they never are kidding about how good this is), fish cake, sliced tau kua and shrimp. While the condiments are nothing much to talk about especially how lacklustre the dry tau kua was, the chicken wing was served hot; crisp without a thick coat of batter and especially juicy that it spurts when one takes a bite. Noodles had a nice rempah spice flavour; not as Lemak as the usual Laksa but flavourful considering its wok-fried and dry; add some chili from the collection area if you are into having a savoury touch and some spiciness. I have visited the old Next Door Deli outlet a couple of times, and I must say that the quality of the food here hasn't really changed much from my last visit — there are also familiar faces amongst the staff. Definitely one place that I wouldn't mind dining at in Compass One; the chicken wing is to die for!

PS: If you love Pine Garden's cakes and live in Sengkang; there is one right at Compass One just beside Next Door Deli.


Ordered 3 different dishes and got the food quickly. Service was good but one dish was not really that good. The 3 dishes we ordered was the Seafood Aglio Olio, the Japanese curry rice and the pan fried mee Siam. All the foods were reasonably priced and quite delicious except the seafood Aglio Olio. The Aglio Olio was also reasonably priced but it had this weird bitter aftertaste and was not good. Don't recommend it. But the rest of the foods were simply delicious and Devine !! Will definitely come back again !!