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From the Burpple community

my god i’ve been sleeping on this😩 i’ll choose it over the ppongs (can’t beat the sweet potato pizza tho) next time. it’s actl q spicy & creamy! alotttt of seafood and cabbage, the ratio of ingredients to risotto was like 2:1🥰

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been quite some time since my last visit but it still tastes as good as i remember. noodles are cooked to perfection as usual, super springy and chewy, and the broth is packed with wokhei 😮‍💨 level 1 is getting a lil mild for me (though a note of caution it is rly quite spicy) so i might try level 2 next time!

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A must for those who prefer creamier bases! Bathed in rich tomato cream🍅, this can become quite jelat due to the thickened sauce from the sheer amount of cheese🧀. What impressed me the most was how the noodles managed to stay firm and chewy 🥢

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my favvvvvvvvvvvvvvv here omg yall seriously gotta try this if you haven’t

it’s basically a seafood jjamppong. there was an abundance of ingredients inside, but I felt that the soup was too salty and kind of lacked depth. the noodles were softer than usual also, but could be because of the soup

this was super refreshing!!! this is the 500ml one, they have it in 1litre too😧