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Non Entrée Dessert Cafe

2019 Wishlisted
Modern take on classic European desserts, pastries and artisanal Gelato ice cream. Exquisite fine dining desserts in a casual setting at affordable prices.

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🐠 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Featuring the new 'Zen' koi cake series.
We had the Taisho Koi ($8.90+) that has a white base overlaid by patterns of both red and black.
This consisted of a Roasted Green tea mousse, azuki bean, green tea crunch, almond sponge.

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😍 .

If you're familiar with Non Entrée Desserts, you should know that they're popular for their desserts which resemble other desserts, snacks and even local food! Some of their past creations include a dessert which resembles kaya toast & eggs, a mega-sized Gem Biscuit inspired treat, and the Bak Chor Mee - which looks like a bowl of our beloved local noodles but which actually is a dessert! 😱 .

This time round, the folks at @nonentreedesserts have taken their ingenuity to the next level with a series of cakes ($8.90 each) which resemble Koi fishes - hence I call them 'fishcakes' (geddit?!) 🐟🍰 .

There are 5 desserts under their 'Zen' koi series and each koi possesses a unique look and its own distinctive flavour. We had the Taisho Koi which comprises roasted green tea mousse, azuki beans, green tea crunch and almond sponge. Silky smooth on the outside and spongy with hints of crunch from the green tea crunch on the inside, this koi was an enjoyable treat to eat though we were a little disappointed by the mild hojicha taste of the mousse 😔 .

I would still recommend trying this though as it's not everyday that you get to eat a real koi much less a dessert koi like this right? 😏

Well, I’m always losing the battle when facing desserts so what’s new right?! 😂😂😂 My ideal waffles have to be perfectly crispy on the outside while remaining moist & substantial inside (not too fluffy nor dense), with the buttery waffle flavours filling your mouth in every bite. 💕 Honestly speaking, the waffles here at Non-Entrée was not impressive, just decent. So let’s just focus on the ice cream! 😎
The good quality of the ice cream was evident from the relatively slow rate of melting! 👏🏻 Both my scoops were lusciously creamy & flavourful so let me introduce them:
🔹️BLACK SESAME: having an old-school tastebud, I absolutely LOVED this! ❤❤❤ Extremely smooth & full of the nutty flavours of black sesame, be prepared to have the fragrance of black sesame linger in your mouth for some time. 🤤 Liked that it was not overly sweet either so it just tasted intensely rich & authentic to its raw form (excluding any unpleasant sandy texture) - a testimony to the generosity of ingredients used. 💯
🔹️PISTACHIO: a less aromatic version compared to black sesame, this is still an enjoyable creamy treat with a strong hint of the nutty tones of pistachio. 💚 Would have loved for the pistachio flavours to be more pronounced though, as that would really complement the warm buttery waffles really well. 👍🏻
They offer many different ice cream flavours, some that boast of local flavours such as Gula Melaka, Pandan Kaya & even White Rabbit (remember the chewy milk candy we used to eat when we were young? ⭐). You’ll be spoilt for choice! This waffles with 2 scoops of ice cream ($13.75 nett) will be good for sharing! 👌🏻

The matcha avalanche takes some time to assemble as it comprises of a lava cake filled with matcha white chocolate warm lava with azuki beans flowing onto chocolate soil, vibrant edible flowers, crunchy almond nougatine and roasted green tea gelato.

It’s a real sight to see when it’s served. I believe the way it’s supposed to be eaten is to cut into the lava cake so that the matcha lava flows into the hole in the nougatine to envelope the gelato and chocolate soil. Unfortunately, butter fingers (aka me) utterly destroyed the gorgeous dessert and broke through the nougatine layer so the whole lava cake ended inside the glass bowl. Despite that misshap, the dessert tastes as amazing as it looks. The matcha lava is thick, aromatic and has a lingering bitter aftertaste. It’s balanced nicely with the white chocolate so the resultant mixture isn’t too sweet nor bitter. I love the contrasting textures and flavours of the thick matcha lava, creamy houjicha gelato, crunchy almond nougatine, plus crunchy chocolate soil bits. The houjicha flavour does tend to be lost in the mixture as it’s muted so perhaps the only thing that could be improved is a bolder roasted flavour - and also some instructions on the optimal way to cut the lava cake for dummies like myself 😂

冰火两重天 咸蛋黄吃出新高度
Salted egg warm lava @nonentreedesserts looks good and taste amazing! The warm cake is soft, not very sweet. Salted egg filling is spicy, can see pepper and basil leave inside, the texture is quite thin, even better than the thick version. Pumpkin Gelato taste quite pumpkin, not very sweet, great match with salted egg filling and Kataifi (the crispy thing underneath). Nougatine taste very sweet but it's a fun to break it.

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Okinawa Black Sugar Mousse, Mango Apricot, Ginger Jam, White Chocolate Almond Crunch. Non Entrée Desserts had recently launched their new series of Zen entremet cakes, featuring Koi fishes in various colours and flavours.

Thought the Ochiba Koi was the more daring one of the lot with its flavour judging from the various elements used. While the Okinawa Black Sugar Mousse did bring a slightly earthy note to the white chocolate Mousse, we felt that the white chocolate mousse was on the sweeter side and could have carried a more intense note of the black sugar to bring those flavours even further. Otherwise, the ginger jam did provide a slight spiced zing that cuts through a hit of that sweetness and the tropical notes of the mango apricot, while the white chocolate almond crunch helps to add a crunchy texture to provide a textural contrast to the cake overall.