Noodle Cafe is the 1st authentic thai boat noodle in Singapore since 2014, from the famous thai boat noodle

5001 Beach Road
#B1-08 Golden Mile Complex
Singapore 199588

10:00am - 05:00am

10:00am - 05:00am

10:00am - 05:00am

10:00am - 05:00am

10:00am - 05:00am

10:00am - 05:00am

10:00am - 05:00am



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Reviews at Noodle Cafe - Thai Boat Noodle (Golden Mile Complex)

Reviews of good food at Noodle Cafe - Thai Boat Noodle (Golden Mile Complex)

Some may think that it's weird to have what is practically duck noodles in a Thai restaurant. While I agree that this is nothing like what people usually order in a Thai place, this is also nothing like what duck noodles usually taste like elsewhere!

The fragrant soup has a Thai flair to it - think thai boat noodles - and goes so well with the springy and silky smooth glass noodles. The star of the show though is undisputedly the duck; so tender and tasty just like what I would expect of good duck meat. Get it! πŸ˜‹

Had this which is considered most authentic version available in SG. However I would suggest to order big bowl ($5.90) as it’s more worth it. $1.90 for small bowl unlike in Thailand maybe $0.3 per bowl where you can eat to your heart content. Nevertheless, this is still delicious and I get to customize everything like the type of soup, noodle, spicy lvl, meat and I can add braised egg Yay! Totally recommend this place

We feel that this stall sells the cheapest and most decent boat noodles. Ordered the big bowl for only $5 and this can definitely whet your appetite. We topped it up with boiled kang kong for an extra $2 and braised pork leg for $8. Not too bad if you want to have a local thai taste.

The best Thai duck meat boat noodle that I ever had in Singapore. Giving you the experience like being in Bangkok city during your lunch time!

Price: Sgd6

$5 for the bowl of goodness. Got the beef ball, glass noodles and special soup. Ttly worth it. Super rich soup and QQ noodles . Definitely coming back for more.

Would also like to mention their Thai milk tea taste slightly different from the ones we always have. It had a slight rose taste. Idk if it was an accident or something but it tasted extra good!

Discovered the wicked combination of sashimi and Thai flavours (spicy and sour, SO GUD) at Jeh O Chula in Bangkok. An item off their normal menu, this was pretty good, though still not a match for the original in Bangkok. Needs more lime !!

So we travelled to Golden Mile for more! Pig Leg Rice β€’ Boat Noodles β€’ Milk Tea πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­πŸ€€

It's gooood. Broth was flavourful and spicy. The bowl is customisable with a choice of meat (beef or pork), noodles (glass noodle, kway teow, egg noodle, beehoon, etc), broth (special, clear, tomyum, etc) and degree of spiciness. Opted for pork, glass noodles, special, and normal spicy. πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’

Simple, energetic, vigorous, all in a small package. Like getting kicked in the face with FLAVOUR.

My first try of Noodle Cafe's boat noodles was during the Thai Festival 2016 held at Royal Thai Embassy this weekend. There were several stalls selling boat noodles but this had the longest queue and so, of course I joined in! Ordering was simple, either pork or beef and spicy or not. Toppings were pork balls, pork slices and livers. The noodles soaked up the flavorful and so addictively spicy soup. It had us sweating and craving for some icy cold Thai milk tea but we still couldn't resist to keep slurping it down. I'm super sure I'll be visiting the cafe soon to have more!

This place scores once again - insanely tasty, rich, decadent.. Freaking tender and fatty braised pork. Savoury and sweet just where it needs to be 😍

Midnight small talks over countless outrageously spicy, tiny bowls of beef/pork noodles in various broths + pork crackling + pork lardons. 1.9bucks for a bowl you'll gobble down in 2 mouthfuls, but be ready to get hit with spices and flavour bombs. Go easy on the spice level, they do pack quite a punch! This little joint opens daily 11am-5am (yes! you read that right, up to the wee hours in the morning). Keep an eye out for their new menu item coming up next month!

Located in one dubious corner at Golden Mile Complex lies a small noodle house that serves Thai style-noodles in small servings. It's the best, when you want to basically try everything. Had their house special soup base, and I found it so delightful and a great novelty (at least for me). For someone who loves to have a lot of variety, this place sure do help people like me, by dishing out small servings (at most 2 mouthful). The special soup base, is light, very Thai (there is no way of describing the taste) and murky in a good way. I choose it to be less spicy, because I chicken out a little, and I am glad too. There are sauce and dried Chili flakes for you to amped it up of you want! Very street, very dingy but just so Thai-wonderful.

It's been a while since we've found a food place in sg that's quiet, air-conditioned,

Halfway break cos it's SO DAMN spicy but also really good for if you're missing the simplicity and deliciousness of Thai food. A bit pricey at $5 but for the clean, quiet and charming ambience i'd come back anytime.

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