277 Orchard Road
#01-17 Orchard Gateway
Singapore 238858

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Reviews at Noodle Place Restaurant (Orchard Gateway)

Reviews of good food at Noodle Place Restaurant (Orchard Gateway)

Before diving into my weekend, lemme begin my Friday with a plate of Twin Mixed Roasted Meat Noodles ($10.50) - fatty but delicious roasted duck and sweet tender char siew served with considerably springy noodles tossed in canto-style soy-based gravy. Remember to top with the flavourful chilli sauce for some hot kicks and shiokness! πŸ˜‰

Rise and shine to this Century Egg with Lean Pork Porridge ($8) from Noodle Place Restaurant (εŽθ‹‘ι’η²₯小厨) @orchardgatewaysg. I was pleasantly surprised to find tender pulled pork in this velvety smooth Cantonese style porridge where some places serve either minced pork ball or tough pork slices. πŸ‘

Have some crispy and savoury Deep Fried Salt & Pepper Pork Ribs with Rice ($13.50) from Noodle Place Restaurant (εŽθ‹‘ι’η²₯小厨) @orchardgatewaysg. The meat is thicker and surprisingly juicer than some very well-known Chinese restaurants in town. πŸ˜‰

Food was ok, but because it was only ok, it was definitely way overpriced. The only thing I thought was good was the shrimp wonton noodles, which again was overpriced considering the amount of food you get. The roast pork was tasty but the skin was not at all crispy. Service was also really bad. I've never seen anyone so unhappy serving customers in my life.

Previously at Centrepoint, this restaurant has been around for yooonnnkkks, for good reason. The food is good and it is among the first in Singapore to offer authentic Hong Kong cuisine.

I've had my favorite congee which didn't disappoint. Smooth tasty congee in a big bowl, sufficient to keep you full till the next meal. Mix it around as the lean pork and century egg slices are at the bottom of the bowl. Good, simple comfort food.

4.0/5. It's $8 before GST.

#porridge #congee #hk

I loved the juicy shrimp dumplings and that I can choose hor fun instead of the usual egg noodles. Took a bite from the bf's beef brisket noodles and I would say it was way better than Mak's as well. Their menu is also large, much like a chinese restaurant instead of just a noodle house.

The Boat Congee (艇仔η²₯) here has fish maw, duck, and fish. The smooth congee consistency is velvet on the tongue. (After typing this I have a problem with this description- if you have licked velvet, it's not that pleasant really)

Been going back to Centrepoint shopping centre for this and their beef brisket noodles since I was a kid. This is still as good! This hot bowl of soup noodles never fails to warm my πŸ’“

Wasn't too bad but not worth the $19 😑 Should have gone to Imperial Treasure instead. Moreover service was merh. Asked for the bill and waited and waited. πŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ‘ŽπŸΌ

($8.50+) Yay: you could taste the "Roasted" fragrance (烧味) in the meat. Thin springy egg noodles, one of the finest I've tasted.
Nay: Sadly the roast meat was slightly dry, and overall everything could taste a tad too salty. Noodles portion here is small compared to usual standard 青 portions elsewhere, go for the additional noodles option because they r worth it if u like your noodles thin.

Was missing hk a little, the menu said that it was the first to bring in hk style wonton mee but oh well I was quite disappointed. Soup was saltier than usual and although there were 4 wontons, each only had a single shrimp and again it was too salty. The only positive point about the dish was the noodles which were almost the same as the one in HK

If you're too lazy to Q for dinner especially on weekdays after work, hop on and give this Beef Hor Fun a try! It's not too shabby :) Just nice to fill the tummy.

Noodles might seem clumpy on first sight but when mixed with the sauce, was savoury and in fact rather chewy yet easy to seperate. Love the Roasted Meats; roast pork had a nice smoky and charred flavour with a savoury crisp skin while the charsiew was meaty with a honey sweetness on the skin. Meats are all on the lean side without much fattiness, so it's pretty much healthier for the health-conscious.

The egg noodles seemed a tad clumpy on first sight, but toss the noodles slightly to mix the sauce up and take a bite; it's pretty chewy but easy to bite off. The savoury sauce added just enough amount of flavour, while the roast duck not only had crisp skin, but juicy and plump meat.

Surprisingly better than the egg noodles, the Hor Fun seemingly absorbed the savory sauce better. Shrimp Wantons were huge and plump; even generous with the amount served. Packed with a whole prawn and mushrooms within, not only was it fresh, it was chewy and juicy as well!

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