Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen serves authentic Thai cuisine in a modern presentation, without compromising on the ingredients. This restaurant serves Thai noodle bowls and other affordable sets for lunch, while communal Thai-style dining is the focus come dinner time.

327 Beach Road
Singapore 199560

11:00am - 03:00pm
04:30pm - 10:30pm

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Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen

$29.90 NETT (U.P $41.90) Dinner Platter for Two

1. Dinner platter includes Mango salad topped with fresh prawn popcorn, two pieces Pandan chicken/four Spring rolls (subject to availability), Chicken Tom Yum soup, Stir Fried Mixed vegetables/Kailan mushroom (subject to availability) and two Jasmine white rice 2. Valid from 5pm-10pm daily

Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen

$41.90 NETT (U.P $61.90) Dinner Platter for Two

1. Dinner platter includes Papaya salad with grilled chicken, Deep-fried Seabass (whole) with homemade spicy sauce, Prawn Tom Yum Soup (choice of clear/milky), Thai-style kangkong/ Mixed vegetables (subject to availability) and two Jasmine white rice 2. Available from 5pm-10pm daily

Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen

$25 Bucket of Beer

1. Bucket of Chang Beer (5 bottles): $25; Bucket of Asahi (5 bottles): $28 2. Available all day

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Double Grill Chicken Jade Noodle

Flavour-wise, I thought I actually pretty liked this dish but it's the texture of the noodles here that made it slightly short of impressive. The sauce that the noodles were tossed in was brilliant; a little sweet and a little sour that it's actually pretty delicious — a little bit like Thai Chili sauce with a dash of savoury flavour. The slices of chicken were a little bit on the dry side, but honestly it was of a pretty reasonable grade for the nature of the dish and place — I enjoyed it for how it was marinated and seasoned with Thai herbs and spices that made it pair well with the noodles. The poached egg was wobbly and jiggly; the yolk oozes out when one pokes it through to mix it all up with the noodles. Wanton skin was also satisfyingly crisp here. The jade noodles here however felt like they could do a little bit more cooking; a little short in springiness and felt a little hard to chew and swallow. It's pretty value for money at $6.90 (comes with a complimentary drink!), but it would really work out very well if they are able to achieve a better texture for the noodles especially — it can really be a little more than just being good with some improvements done.

Red Ruby

Keith, the friendly owner of the restaurant, actually suggested to mix everything before consuming, but I actually enjoyed the thick, luscious coconut cream as it is. Still, mixed together, this icy dessert with an assortment of ingredients was great respite in the sweltering heat. Also, such a gorgeous dessert!!

Sticky Mango Rice

I knew I couldn't leave without trying this when the next table ordered one immediately after they finished their first.

The mango, cut in thick slices, was fresh and sweet. I loved the inclusion of the purple rice as well; it felt like I was enjoying 2 desserts- the traditional mango sticky rice with the white rice (yum) and pulut hitam with the purple (double yum!!).

Grilled Chicken With Jade Noodles

Springy noodles tossed with a sauce that packs a punch with its strong lemongrass flavour. I love the addition of the perfectly sous-vide egg; burst it to coat each strand with the creamy yolk or slurp it all in one enjoyable mouthful. The crispy cracker was a trusty sidekick that provided a satisfying crunch in between bites. I'd definitely have to try their signature basil chicken next.

P.S. to up your noodle game a notch, try experimenting and adding a little of the chillis provided on each table. Even my friend who can't really take spice thought it really elevated the dish even further.

Authentic thai food in SG

Man where do I start.. If you ever take a bus pass this place, alight immediately for this heavenly mango sticky rice. 😋

Mango Sticky Rice $7.90

We shared this among 4 friends and there was not a bit of coconut cream left!! Particularly enjoyed their pulut hitam rice. Aromatic, pleasant, and ah!! Such sweet mangoes.

Mango Sticky Rice ($8)

Desserts here are not bad👍🏼 liked their dip and sticky rice😛

Mango Sticky Rice ($8)

What a wonderful way to end the lunch with the iconic mango sticky rice from a Thai restaurant. The glutineous rice was fragrant and not too hard. The mangoes were fresh and sweet. We loved it so much, we got 2 sets!

Value Lunch Set!

With this came a free drink✌🏻🍹 can't remember the exact price, but for the taste and the filling portion, I would recommend it✌🏻

Basil Minced Chicken Jade Noodles

Love the mild spicy sauce that goes with the jade noodles. The minced meat was also a delight especially if you leave it as the last and take a whole mouthful. 🤤
At $6.90 for the lunch set, it comes with a sou vide egg and a lemongrass drink. Really affordable set that leaves you just enough for desserts.

Phad Thai + Drink ($7.90)

Their phad thai was bamz man. 💥💥💥 It's flavour was slightly over the top and bit too much for me to handle. I wasn't able to contain a whole spoonful of noodles in my mouth because of their sharp taste. The portion of noodle was just perfect tho- finished them in smaller mouthfuls and was feeling quite satisfied after that. And.. can more prawns can? But really nice wok there 😁👍🏻

Beach Road // Modern Thai

BILL: $23.30nett
Basil minced pork jade noodles $6.90
Green curry don $6.90
Spring roll $5.50
Thai lemongrass drink $2.00
Iced lemon tea $2.00

WAITING TIME: 5-10 min

Generous portions. Nice presentation. Friendly staff/owner. Good service.

Thai + Noodle?

Anything for a bowl of hot comforting spicy noodles.
From this humble shop at Beach Road, this Thai style noodle soup hits the right notes, is spicy but not over.
Chicken wings were great too. Pad Thai no, lacked the Wok Hei.

But can come try try.

Thai Thai Beef Noodle

Sliced beef, radish, beef ball: wat else 😅and aroma soup base... guess it 😁 superb soup and filling. Add on thai chilli flake for puffy Taste.

For Thai Noodles with a Spicy Kick

Know that going into Noodle Thai-Thai Kitchen means there’s a possibility of you leaving with puffy lips, runny nose and a fully satisfied tummy. Located a few doors down from Mrs Pho on Beach Road, Noodle Thai-Thai Kitchen dishes out flavourful and authentic bowls of noodles. Their Spicy Thai Thai Soup Noodles ($6.90) is not to be reckoned with — its soup is cooked with a generous portion of fiery hot chili powder commonly used in Thailand. What makes this stall stand out from the rest is its abundance of ingredients, from crispy pork rinds to fishcakes and meatballs. If you’re not looking to sweat it out, opt for the superb Signature Crispy Pork Jade Noodle Dry ($6.90) instead — al dente thin green noodles served with tender, flavourful slices of pork, a wobbly egg and fried wonton. The sweet-tangy sauce served on the side is great for dipping your pork into! Pro tip: Swing by during lunch with your colleagues and have the set lunch (from $5.90) — it comes with a traditional Thai dessert and a drink!
Avg Price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Alvin Wang

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