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From the Burpple community

Hiked out here for the coffee. My sleep schedule is upside down so having coffee at night is my new normal. The place is located in an oddly-designed building whose architect's guiding principle seems to be ensuring you can't get to where you want to go. Enter at your own risk. Fortunately, November 8 can be accessed directly from the street, provided you are lucky enough to stumble upon that entrance. Good thing I have plenty of practice locating things using GPS, thanks to geocaching. The barista was super nice and tried to brew us a small cup of Panama Esmeralda Geisha from some leftover beans, which only stoked my desire to have a full cup soon. The coffee was pretty good, sticking to my own rule of thumb -- V60 for citrusy varieties and affogato for dark chocolaty varieties -- yum yum. The waffle was very enjoyable, crisp and light and perfectly complemented by the creamy ice cream. Gone in minutes 😋


The ice cream had a good milk tea flavor. Authentic and sweet just like its Thai counterpart. The waffles although crispy was a little too heavy for my liking. Maybe I was already full from dinner. The Gula Melaka sauce was too watery and tasted kinda artificial. Could try to take a leaf out of hatter's street Gula Melaka sauce. there's still room for improvement but still a decent dessert.
Monster loves his Thai milk tea!


Despite the waffles looking as if they were fairly shagged and limp after a hard day of grading papers, CCA supervision and other teacherly endeavours, the moist and doughy quadrants were surprisingly fragrant and sweet, with a familiar pandan-esque charm that made me forget I ever thought of telling them to have a bath and freshen up first before meeting. The scrambled eggs portion was generous, and the piggy components suitably salty. 3.8/5

(Now if they find a way to handle the long waiting time and, more importantly, the unsavoury Chomp Chomp-esque smokiness in the air, I would more strongly recommend you give their cafe fare a try...)



WHOOHOO lemme indulge for a while (even though I know the biggest hurdle has yet to be conquered...)
Hehe anyway #throwback (again) to really good {Strawberry Waffles}! This is one of the underrated waffles out there. But it's light and crispy and definitely worth a try!

A closer look for the egg Benedict. The toast quite crispy. Very filling portion for the price of $14.50.

$6, quite thick. Just nice to warm for a gloomy day.