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From the Burpple community

Slightly spicy from the black pepper. Lime provided a citrusy clean taste. Very crispy.

This giant bag of chips was awe inspiring. The chips themselves were pretty standard, with a mild seaweed flavor. But what I enjoyed the most was the sheer quantity of them. No need to restrain myself at all. Perfect for movie night.

The chips had a very slight sweetness and was a little bit spicy. Quite savory overall with a sourish finish from the sour cream. I was surprised by how good this was. Had a hard time putting this down.

This was really spicy and delicious. The egg yolk taste was good. Fish skin was crunchy. Overall seasoning was on the strong side which I enjoyed.

This was indeed crispy. But it was too salty for me, and not spicy enough.

This really suited my palate. The honey lent a very slight sweetness and the soy chicken was the salty type that I love. So crispy too. But eat in moderation cos it could get really salty if indulge too much. Currently my fav potato chips.