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What you should order at Nunsongyee (Bukit Timah)

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Reviews of good food at Nunsongyee (Bukit Timah)
Chocolate Banana And Injeolmi

As good as always, just that the condensed milk was kind of more diluted than before.

Green Tea Bingsoo & Black Sesame Bingsoo

Love the generous ingredients given in these bingsoo which made it worth the price ($18.90 each)!
The black sesame and soybean powder used in the Black Sesame Bingsoo made it especially fragrant. Eating these bowls of bingsoo never gets monotonous, as it's accompanied by crunchy sliced almonds and chewy injeolmi.
Those who want to eat more healthily can skip the milk sauce as the red bean paste provides sufficient sweetness!

Injeolmi Bingsu ($14.90)

I'm not really a fan of complicated bingsus and favour the traditional flavours more. We went with the injeolmi bingsu from the snowflake range. A bowl includes a big mound of finely shaved milk ice, topped with soy powder and sliced almonds. Injeolmi is Korean muah chee - of the tteok(bokki) family - and is buried in and around the bingsu for a QQ surprise with every mouthful. This made for such a refreshing treat on a humid evening.

Aside from serving high quality bingsus, Nunsongyee is open 24 hours a day (woo supper!). I'll be defo be back!


Injeolmi Bingsu ($14.90)

Finely shaved bingsu topped with soy powder! Available 24 hours to satisfy your bingsu cravings anytime!

Something Sweet And Refreshing!

For $14.90, reward ya tummy with some Korean dessert! Recommend to share if ya feeling very full๐Ÿ˜›

Green Tea Bingsu [$18.90]

My search for great bingsu in Singapore ended with Nunsongyee which I thought were pretty authentic compared with the ones in Korea.
This green tea bingsu could be my favorite flavour here, besides the black sesame. Besides the super soft and fine ice which I absolutely love, this also came with crunchy almonds, azuki red bean paste, green tea ice cream and matcha pour that all worked well together. Perhaps the ice cream could be more matcha-y.
This place met my prerequisite for a good bingsu is the ice - has to be soft and super fine, and has to be even lighter than Taiwan's snow ice. Definitely my go-to place, especially being conveniently located at Beauty World MRT at Bukit Timah.

Choco-Banana Bingsu

Mountain of shaved milk ice with a peak of vanilla ice cream and slopes of chocolate powder. Some call this "atas ice kacang", but I don't discriminate โ€“ I'll eat them all, atas or not!

Oreo Bingsu

Another bowl of bingsu! And this bingsu, it requires some technique while pouring the milk over. Because it spills if you don't create space for milk to sip through the oreo. It's delicious but do not forget to drink more water!

Black Sesame Bingsu

$18.90. Really worth it especially when you are sharing it with other people. Something I like about this Korean bingsu place is that they serve rather quickly and it is a vibrant place. Look at the huge amounts of red bean and black sesame that they give, really generous with their servings. Also, the milk to be poured over the bingsu is free flow. Would recommend this to anyone who loves to eat bingsu, especially if you are looking for good quality ones that give you large serving sizes. The rice cake is also rather huge, making it a bang for your buck!

Black sesame bingsu, @nunsongyee Bukit Timah.

The ground sesame is more a spread of fragrance to accentuate the huge, moderately sweet ball of pat.

Coffee Bingsu

$16.90. Average price for a bingsu. I would suggest going for premium bingsu because it looks nicer and more worth it. This place does not take too long to serve the bingsu even though there are a lot of customers, which is great because it means less waiting time. The bingsu is really nice and pouring milk and coffee over made it much better. The ice cream portion was huge and the puree on top of the ice cream helped to sweeten the bingsu. Very nice ambience and environment to eat in!!

Black Sesame Bingsu [$18.90].

Sometimes I lament my lost youth for discovering bingsu only recently. You might have known that I don't follow hype, hence I've never thought of trying bingsu until I happened to be in a restaurant that serves one. And gosh, that soft pillowy ice.. Feels like you're closing your mouth onto clouds. I'm hooked ever since.
Second visit to Nunsongyee, this time I tried their signature black sesame bingsu which belongs to the premium range. It is sprinkled with black sesame powder and roasted almond flakes, topped with a huge scoop of red bean and finally powdered Korean soybean rice cakes. But I actually prefer their cheesecake bingsu [$14.90], cos all the ingredients felt lighter, and they have a closer texture and consistency to that of the soft pillowy ice.
The Koreans were also extra friendly and helpful today. Such a pleasant place to have my desserts.. Location is convenient for me so I'll be back often. Wonder which flavours I should try next?

Black Sesame Bingsu

Have this after some Korean fried chicken next door and you don't have to fly to Seoul! Save money! LOL

Cheese And Mango

So what I have here is Snow white and Mango bingsu.

Snow white bingsu (that is showered with cheese and more cheese), really cheesy, drizzled milk on top and perfect! Only recommend if you are a cheese lover.
Mango bingsu, covered in real fresh mangos and cubes of mango cheesecake, melts in the mouth! However, mango was slightly sour and less sweet. (Which might be what some are looking for)

Damage: $38.00

Ambience is awesome, crowd with young adults. Great meet up for an impromptu supper because it opens 24hrs!!

Cheesecake Bingsu ($14.90)

I was searching for good bingsu around the island when some of you recommended Nunsongyee. And thanks for the recommendation, I no longer have to search much longer.
This is the cheesecake bingsu [$14.90], decorated with cubes of light Japanese cheesecake and topped with vanilla ice cream. I thought it was sprinkled with peanuts but I was wrong, those are the biscuit crumbs just like what you get as the base of a cheesecake. The ice is soft like clouds as well, and filled with milk (plus more condensed milk on the side) so the interior without the toppings are enjoyable. To our surprise, two of us finished the bowl.
One bonus is that the place is staffed by several Koreans, so that's the touch of Korean software there.
There're many other flavours, and since this is near my place, I'll be back very often to try all of them.

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