[CLOSED] Nunsongyee (Upper Thomson)

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The aggressively tart berry compote beneath the soil cuts through the Oreo and icy milk consciousness like a scarlet parang, whilst elsewhere the buttery fingers played it like it was Chinese New Year early. 3.6/5


Was a disappointment at first glance as the bottom half was completely melted into a soup. The extra condense milk given was also really hard to pour due to the extremely smooth surface of the container and more landed on the table than in the bowl. However the chocolate banana was definitely tasty paired with the bingsu milk. The ice cream was also really rich and smooth. Quite an enjoyable delicious dessert if not for the minor mistakes.


Be prepared to burn a hole in your wallet for this $18.90 (before ++) dessert. It is nice and yummy but I've paid lots lesser when I had this in Korea. I just feel it's overpriced in SG.


This is the best bing Su i have ever tried!!

I ordered a mango BINGSU which had really yummy cheesecake bite size pieces, super sweet soft mango and loads of digestive biscuit crumbs!!! 💕🙆🏿

I really like that it's not overly sweet unlike Omaspoon at 313. You won't get sick of this!! 😍

It's quite expensive though.

🌚 Damage: $20.20

✏️Rating: 9/10


This cafe is located among all the cafes in thomson. The cafe is clean and a great place to chill. When I first saw the menu I went like oh $12.90 for a bingsu its fine. Then I had to pay $13.80?? I looked at the menu and at the bottom, there is a very small font saying gst not included yet. Okay then.. Then when the bingsu arrived and I tried it, I think that it has very little taste and most of the flavour comes from the oreo cookies. The condensed milk definitely helped. If people who find o'ma spoon abit too sweet, then they probably will like this more. The vanilla icecream was not bad so overall it was a 6.5-7/10 since I like sweeter deserts. But overall, its a new bingsu cafe so why not try just once?☺️

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Best bingsu in Singapore in my opinion. And this is speaking from someone who went to Seoul and ate a bingsu (or two) almost Everyday for two weeks. So I think I can safely say I'm quite a bingsu connoisseur 😉 what makes this the closest to Korea's Sulbing is the consistency and texture of their shaved ice. Neither is it supposed to taste icy like our local ice kachang, nor anything like the Taiwanese shaved ice. However, their red bean paste is a little too sweet for my liking. For a truly authentic bingsu experience, get the injeolmi version which is actually a bean powder (not peanut powder as many think!)