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Residing in the heritage enclave of Ann Siang Hill, Nutmeg & Clove has taken a historical perspective with our cocktail offerings. Embracing the progression from colonial outpost to modern metropolis, we incorporate familiar elements of the diverse cultural and culinary heritage to create a list of avant-garde cocktails featuring classics reinterpreted with a Singaporean inflection.

8 Purvis Street
Singapore 188587

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04:00pm - 10:30pm

04:00pm - 10:30pm

04:00pm - 10:30pm

04:00pm - 10:30pm

04:00pm - 10:30pm

04:00pm - 10:30pm

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From the Burpple community

My 2 SG cocktail festival experience summed up as trying to capture drinks under dim bar lighting and wondering if it was the baijiu or
vegan foam that made Ju Hua Tai’s “follow your heart” taste funky.
Dear Teresa was lovely, you can hardly go wrong with Hendricks Gin I guess.

This place got pretty crowded later at night but at about 9pm it was a great place for chill conversations. I am not a fan of liquor so I asked the bartender for recommendations suitable for a sweet tooth. I really enjoyed this drink with a tinge of chocolate(?)

My go to place when you really just want to chill with friends. We all have those moments when you want to relax, have nice conversations, and avoid interactions with waiters/waitresses. Perfect location, staff are super chill. The location is a bit hidden, almost like that shared secret spot with friends.

Ok I am not an alcohol connoisseur so everything I say here is just based of my very shallow understanding of the alcohol world. Obviously spirits can never go wrong but I never know how to tell a good whiskey from a bad one. As for cocktails, be very careful cauz bro if you like girly drinks and want something sweet/pretty, ain’t gonna get it here. Or maybe it’s just my friends and I who always order bizzare drinks. The take home message is, if you want that instagramable pink shimmering drink with flower petals and whatnot, this might not be an ideal location. But if you want to have a good time with friends and cry to each other about how tough life is, perfect choice💯.


Top Left: The Prosperity Flip ($18++) is a special drink this Chinese New Year season. This Pineapple Tart in a cocktail kinda grows on you.. 🍍 🍸

Bottom Right: Tsukiji Fizz is a SQUID INK cocktail (!), & Blood Debt is their twist on a Bloody Mary. A truly entertaining night!

These were $22++ each, but during Happy Hour you get 1-for-1 on selected cocktails, spirits, beers. That would be... All night on Mon & Tues, 6-8PM on Wed - Sat.

There was barely anyone else around on a Monday night. Oldies songs were playing in the background, which is totally up my alley. & a great quiet place to catch up with a good friend.

Would recommend, & will be back!

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats
💻 Accepts reservations - I used Quandoo
📶 No WiFi


Nutmeg & Clove is now one floor above Gem Bar at 10A Ann Siang Road, with Singapore nostalgia-themed menu titles such as Trading Post (sample drink: Barrel Aged SG Sling), Crown Colony (sample drink: Holland Village), Banana Republic (sample drink: Air Raid) and Sovereign State (sample drink: The First President). Aside from the amusing chingchong-ness of it all, the drinks are rather fantastic - they don't pussyfoot when it comes to alcohol generosity.


Essentially like your classic Singapore Sling, but with a more assaultive sling shot that sends you straight outta soberville.
My friend told me I should set up a local drinking community and organise #InstaDrinkSG sessions - just your garden variety degenerate drunks going on barhopping trails trying out different concoctions and having sharing sessions as to which drink lit up their hooch the most for each joint. How wicked would that be?