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From the Burpple community

Crisp and crunchy roasted almonds. Perfect as a low calorie snack.

I just love these! So garlicky. There were bits of garlic inside as well and when I bit into them, they were like mini garlic bombs exploding. So so delicious.

I fell in love with their garlic cashews. When I spotted this almond version, I knew I gotta have them. And they were indeed yummy. Fresh crunchy almonds with bits of roasted garlic hmmmm. The garlic taste was on point, and the smell of them when I opened the pack was unbelievable. More savory than sweet.

These were crunchy and fresh. Nice roasted aroma. I wanted to use them for baking but ended up finishing up the whole bag while watching tv. Far superior to the ones I usually buy from supermarket baking section. Price was good too.

The cashews were coated in cocoa powder and they were not sweet, with a wonderful dark choc flavor. Best to finish ASAP cos they can go soft quickly.

Takashimaya B2 Food Hall

First time trying pecans without it being baked in a cookie or a pie. Tasted very much like walnuts. They use resealable bags now, which is really useful for keeping the nuts fresh and crisp.