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Singapore 819666

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From the Burpple community

Got the burpple set ($79++). Overall, this place is overpriced and I am NEVER returning. Would not recommend this place to anyone. There are many other places with much better value, quality of food, and service.
Service: Subpar at best. Initially there were problems with the app and the deal was shown as "Not Available". When we checked with the waiter, the response we got was quite defensive and he emphasized on how it was not their issue, but an issue with Burpple's system. Understand that it is not the fault of the restaurant, but felt like it could have been handled better - perhaps handling it in a less defensive tone (pushing everything on Burpple). Apart from this, service was poor as the servers all felt very new/untrained. The same request had to be repeated several times (e.g. requesting for dessert 3x just to get it served). Items were also served up haphazardly with the mains coming before the sides. The service is, to put bluntly, damn poor for the prices being charged. If you are going to charge high prices and market yourself as a higher-end restaurant, then your service better live up to it as well. Otherwise, lower your prices.
Food wise:
- Appetisers (leek soup/bread dip): bread dip was not bad, the bread was soft and the dip was interesting. Soup was soso and nothing to rave about.
- Sides (calamari/truffle fries):calamari was not bad, crispy. Truffle fries (replaced since tater tots OOS) was very BLAND. Truffle taste was so mild if you told me it was plain fries I'd have believed it. Even fries from McDonald taste better.
- Mains (pork jowl/truffle chicken): pork jowl saved the day. It was tender and well seasoned. The chicken, though, was very very mediocre. Not tender and no truffle taste at all - have tasted better chicken chop from coffee shop Western stalls at less than a quarter of the price they charge here lol. In addition, the portions are damn small - if I came here and ordered ala carte and received this, I would be very upset.
- Dessert (matcha churros/tiramisu): the other saviour of the day. Both tasted great, only gripe was how long it took them to serve it. Had to ask the servers 3x and waited quite a long time despite it not being a full house.

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We had a wonderful experience at NY Verden Bar and Grill with our Burpple 1 for 1 set meal.

The staff were friendly, attentive and went the extra mile in serving and assisting us (we wanted hot water and one of the staff actually got the kitchen to boil some for us, and were obliging in preparing our takeaway orders for our leftovers).

We ordered multiple set meals with the following:
1. Bread with hummus
2. Cream of Leek soup
3. Iberico Pork
4. Truffle chargrilled chicken
5. Truffle tatter tots
6. Calamari
7. Matcha churros
8. Tiramisu

The cream of leek soup and Iberico pork deserves a special mention. The soup was creamy and flavorful whilst not being overpowering, and the perfect start to the meal.
The Iberico pork was flavorful and extremely tender: in fact so tender that it fell apart on the fork. The thinner pieces were delicate and slightly overdone, but the thicker center cuts was nice and juicy, with a slight melt in the mouth texture.

Calamari were perfectly fried with a nice crispy exterior and juicy squid rings. Some pieces were a tad too chewy though (being the tentacles of the squid).

Nothing much to be said for the bread and tatter tots, though the tatter tots did lack the distinct aroma of truffle that i was hoping for. Would have been great if more truffle oil was used as it felt like regular tatter tots.

The servings of sides and desserts were also pretty substantial, and we had to ask for takeaway for our leftover tatter tots and churros. Tiramisu was pretty hefty, but it was throughly enjoyable.


redeemed burpple 1-1 2x and had 4x of the 4 course meal!!

bread and dip - hm didnt fancy this too much cos the bread was abit on the charred side and the dip wasnt the best but it was not bad! 3/10
roast leek soup - WAH I LOVE THIS!! its really very tasty and so good! and the addition of the ravioli was superb! 9/10

truffle smoked chicken - meat was soft and juicy!! but there was abit burnt taste to it and didnt rlly taste the truffle. but i really liked it still! 6/10
miso iberico pork - LOVE!!!! SO TENDER AND SOFT!!! yall really should try this man… 9/10
gnocchi cacio e pepe - i love this dish. such a simple dish yet prepared really well! 8/10
truffle mushroom pasta - sadly im not a big fan of this :”) 3.5/10

signature calamari - i love it! fried well!! dip that cane with it was very nice too 8.5/10
truffle pommes noisettes - its actually tater tots but truffle flavoured! 6/10

tiramisu - made to near perfection 9/10
matcha churros - THEIR CHURROS ARE FRIED SO WELL MY GOSH!! cane w whipped cream on its side and it went well together! 9.9/10 😋

overall the service was really good too :)) the staff were very nice :D


Tried the 1-for-1 4-course meal ($79.90) on Valentine’s Day which seemed like such a good deal. The service was a bit strange because we got served all courses almost at once (the dessert was served with the appetisers at the start)

Appetisers: this was the best of the whole meal. We had both options of leek soup and bread with dip. Highly recommended!

Sides: calamari and truffled tater tots which were not too bad as well

Mains: tried the famous pork jowl and truffle mushroom pasta. As someone who likes fatty pork, this was a disappointment as it was 90% fat with barely any meat. With the fried sides, this left us with a greasy meal. The standard of pasta is what you would get at any regular pasta place, but overall very salty.

Desserts: we had both options of matcha churros and tiramisu. The churros added to the greasiness of the meal and was very sweet, so was the tiramisu.

Overall we had higher expectations especially with the good reviews on food king. As one of the reviewers also mentioned, it was probably more worth to get the $29.90 per pax 3-course set meal instead.

Iberico pork was very succulent (albeit salty) and
the calamari was light and crispy. We initially
dropped by for the 1 for 1 4-course deal (3-course + dessert) going for $79. However, we went for the 3-course set instead as it costs $29.80 per person. That would mean saving $20 for 2 desserts which we weren't willing to pay for.

When we first entered, the young service staff asked “sparkling or still (water)?" we assumed if we said ‘still' they would provide tap water - WRONG LOL. They brought over a $6 Acqua Panna (before GST and service charge) and cracked it open before we could stop her. Since the service staff was young and that it was also our mistake to assume, we let it go.

We thought things were going well after our still
water crisis but things took a turn when they
brought out tater tots aka burger king hash-browns. Turns out 'Truffles Pommes Noisettes', one of the options for sides on the set menu, meant reheated tater tots with truffle oil (see pic).

Needless to say, I'm not quite sure whether l'd
visit again especially if I’m sleepy or mildly drunk. STAY ALERT.


Featuring wood-fired grills and elements of smoke, enjoy an exquisite selection of their signature dishes in the specially curated 4-Course Set Menu ($79++)! Tantalise those tastebuds with their delicious Truffle Smoked Chicken, feast on the Miso Iberico Pork or Gnocchi Cacio e Pepe as your main, and finally topping off some Signature Calamari for a dose of seafood culinary thrill. On desserts, choose from their Tiramisu or Matcha Churros.
Photo by Burppler Shawn Sim