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Nylon Coffee Roasters

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A micro-roastery, pop-up brew bar & space to share and enjoy coffees.

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Cold Brew
Long Black ($3)
A small and cosy cafe under the HDB.
Good quality cuppa with reasonable price!

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For coffee lovers only. πŸ˜β˜• A tiny standing room-only joint serving up amazing coffee at an affordable price, @nyloncoffee is well known for its roasted beans which are supplied to several cafes in Singapore.

I chose the 5 oz White Coffee ($4.00) and miraculously found myself a quiet spot in a corner with my book of the day. Sipping on that cuppa amidst the crowd, it put a little smile on my face just knowing that moments like these matter. ❀️

And that coffee. Brewed using Pacas beans from El Salvador, that perfect balance of comforting chocolate finish and creaminess of milk in each mouthful was heaven in itself. Only regret is that I didn't order the 7 oz instead. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Had an iced flat white and filtered coffee. Usually I am not a fan of coffee with citric sensation, but their coffee are well balanced; not too overwhelmed with the sour taste.

Cheapest long black I've had at a cafe, at $3. Service was really good. The place is small, mostly for standig. Yet I saw 4-5 staff around. Coffee itself was great.

12 Jan’19, Sat🌦
πŸ“Nylon Coffee Roasters
- White 5ozβ˜•οΈ

Like the medium bodied coffee with nutty finish, Nylon are good at striking a balance between the milk and coffee, making the aftertaste so pleasant that one would want more...

Been going back for their coffee and really gotta say their coffee is nice!

Note: Standing cafe, limited seats available (3 indoor and probably 8 sharing seats outdoor)

Damage: $5

When out in town, escape into quiet Everton Park for winning drinks at this standing coffee bar. Sporting the smell of freshly roasted coffee and a communal bar table to huddle around for coffee and conversations, it's no wonder Nylon is so well-loved. Come for an Iced Black ($4) β€” a cool, bright cuppa to fuel you on your day.
Photo by Burppler Eleanor Tay