Hailing from Seoul, NY Night Market brings to Singapore a taste of cosmopolitan markets in New York City where one can find a wide array of international street foods, as well as exciting Western fusion delights with a unique Korean touch.

3 Gateway Drive
#01-08 Westgate
Singapore 608532

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 10:00pm

11:00am - 11:00pm

11:00am - 11:00pm

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Another F&B establishment from Korea has arrived in Singapore, and it's located at the courtyard area of Westgate.
Expect New York street food favourites fused with Korean elements, such as baguette or rosti with bulgogi beef.
And the most Instagrammed dish is probably this waterfall of mozzarella and emmental over a hot plate of grilled prawns, broccoli, oyster mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Very, very cheesy.
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I had my reservations for this creamy dish initially but was still really curious upon reading reviews. It was served on a hot pan with a swirl of whipped cream that looked like a big fluffy cloud. The flame was then lit so that the cream would start melting.

As the cream melts, you could stir to give it an even mix into the red curry. Interestingly, the sweetness of the cream blends well into the curry and even reduced the spicy heat of the curry, although it was still pretty spicy! The curry really got my lips and tongue burning. Thought it might get jelak, but surprisingly the cream was quite tantalizing. A sinful indulgence, but worth it for the chewy Tteok-bokki (Korean rice cakes), diced mushrooms, green and red bell peppers as well as some broccoli. Sadly, the beef portion was quite little.


Whether it is classic Mac and cheese, with seafood or meat, NY Night Market has it all covered!

I am not exactly a cheese lover but even the photo Iooked so enticing. We had the M.A.C feat bacon which seemed to be a popular choice. Served on a hot plate, the macaroni was cooked till firm and chewy. The best part of enjoyment was to see the cheese melt over the macaroni, bubble and slightly overflowing when it was presented right in front of my eyes. Indulge in the hot melted cheese as it gets pulled for intense satisfaction.

Crispy deep-fried potato strips were topped on the dish, it was as though I was eating the crispy ee mian. The bacon strips were deep fried till a little too dry though the oily meaty flavour was well coupled with the cheesiness.

NY Night Market @nynightmarketsg under the same group who owns and operates Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory and Masizzim in Singapore, has opened on 13 Mar 2018 at Westgate @westgatesg
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Location: @nynightmarketsg #01-08 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532
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Cream the Curry — a generous amount of fluffy whipped cream that is stirred in with the red curry to give a hint of sweetness to the savoury curry. Tuck into chewy toppoki, beef slices and green/red peppers, all covered with a thick coating of that indulgent sauce!


In terms of food, you can say it is a menu of popular Western comfort food from fried chicken, pastas, pizzas and stews, many with that unique Korean twist.

The recommended highlights include the 50cm Baguette, Cream the Curry, Finger Steak, and Waterfall Cheese Shrimp doused in cheese fondue on a sizzling hotplate.



150g of grilled flat iron steak, served with BBQ sauce and butter

And even though they have already toned down the spicy level, this korean pasta still comes with quite a kick! Can’t imagine if they didnt tone it down. The dakgalbi aka grilled chicken is well marinated and the whole melted cheese totally worked for me!
For non-spicy lovers, you’ll still be spoilt for choices because their Mac&Cheese with Bacon ($10.90) and Rosti&Beef ($10.90) are the all-time favourites here.
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This Korean-American fusion restaurant was opened by the group, which has brought us popular Korean brands such as Chir Chir and Masizzim.

Some of the highlights that you should definitely not missed out on include the 50cm Baguette ($13.90) which has been loaded with bulgogi beef and shredded cheese, paying homage to the ultimate comfort food of cheese and beef steak sandwich, Finger Steak ($14.90), Rosti & Beef ($10.90) and M.A.C. feat Bacon ($10.90). With such comfort food, it goes hand-in-hand with their range of alcoholic drinks and a perfect setting for an after-work hangout place with friends and families.
NY Night Market
Address: 3, Gateway Drive, Westgate, Unit 01-08, Singapore 608532


GAD I CREATED BURPPLE JUST FOR THIS. GOOD ENOUGH THAT I CAME HERE TWICE IN A ROW. Always happy to have more reasons to drag my friends to the west. So NY Night Market recently popped up and replaced idk what I guess it's irrelevant but MANNN. It's pretty good for the price honestly! The portions are a tad bit small but $14.90 for this I'm down anytime! Tried the Beef (Bulgogi?) Rösti and the pasta and the fries and it's all pretty good! I might sound biased but both my friends agree so I'm a YES on this one!

Can’t go wrong with crispy shredded potato and sour cream 😍😍 given a Korean twist with bulgogi beef! Mmmm #burpple

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Russet potato pancakes homemade from scratch and crisped up in a pan, served with ribbons of bulgogi beef and a generous pat of sour cream. One of the dishes I look forward to digging to at least 10 times over the next couple of weeks!


This is the highlight of our meal at this restaurant. There's tteokbokki, pork slices cooked in curry stew. You can't see them because of the interesting cream all over. So the fire beneath slowly melts the cream away and blends with the curry stew giving it a buttery flavour.


Don't be fooled by the 50cm Baguette ($13.90), it's not as large a portion as it sounds. Sliced beef, jalapeños, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, cheddar, onion salsa, BBQ sauce and butter come together in what I call an elevated version of old school "pizza bread". It may sound overwhelming, but don't be fooled. The medley of ingredients do work well together, even though the sweetness of the beef & sauce m a y be a tad too strong for a select few.

M.A.C feat BACON ($10.90) is the quintessential creamy mac & cheese you'd find at fun, Korean-fusion chain restaurants (think: Chir Chir's mac & cheese), enhanced with bacon bits, that were sadly lacking and would've been better crisp, and shredded potato (fun to eat, like super duper skinny fries). A very safe choice.

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