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Korean Dessert Cafe specialised on Bingsu(Shaved Milk Ice)

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From the Burpple community

Haven't been here in a really long time but glad to see that the queue was still long! This is the stall's signature Injeolmi Bingsu for around $15, and you have the fluffy shaved ice covered with a lot of kinako soybean powder, and it is topped with rice cakes, red bean and peanut bits. It was really nice although I think the shop overdid the powder as you can really choke on it if you are not careful. Hence, would advise everyone not to eat this in big mouthfuls.

Serving is pretty big so good for sharing amongst two to three persons.

Went to O'ma Spoon after soooo long and had the Very Berry Bingsu🤤 $15.90 and cravings satisfied hehe👍🏻💯

One thing i really like about O'ma spoon is that the shavings are actually milk shavings, not just ice!! It really adds a lot more flavour compared to normal shaved ice bingsus and its my favourite bingsu cafe in Singapore😍

Matcha Mochi (Rice cake) Bingsu ($16.90)
Albeit closer to green tea, the "matcha" flavour was decently strong, and I'd suggest pouring more of the milk over, so you'd get a more milky flavour from the shaved ice. The red bean was pretty sweet, but it did help provide more flavour to the bingsu.

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Caramel Honey Butter Bread
Quite an enjoyable toast in terms of flavour - for those who like it sweet, this Caramel Honey & Whipped cream would provide the sweetness you'll like. Toast itself is nothing special, not the fluffiest out there but good enough to satisfy some sweet toast cravings.

Black Sesame Bingsu ($19.80)
This bingsu comes with chewy green tea rice cake, which isn't really strong in the green tea flavour, so don't expect too much from it! I quite enjoyed the first layer, in which you could taste the black sesame grains, but beneath it was just shaved ice/ milk that wasn't milky/ flavoured enough.

Signature Injeolmi Bingsu ($16.90)
This is quite a classic, with Injeolmi and sweetened red bean that I really enjoyed. There's soybean powder at the top layer to provide flavour, but the subsequent layers of ice lacked flavour.