[CLOSED] Oceans of Seafood

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Nestled in PasarBella, Oceans of Seafood is a purveyor of the freshest seafood in town. The produce are brought in twice weekly. Here is where patrons can expect to see a smorgasbord of seafood, such as succulent Boston lobsters and Pacific oysters. Patrons can also experience the way of life at Tsukiji Fish Market right here in Singapore.

200 Turf Club Road
#02-K2/K11 PasarBella The Grandstand
Singapore 287994

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From the Burpple community

Boost your libido level with some naked aphrodisiac morsels that are freshly shucked and free of any fishy odour. Squeeze a slice of lemon, drizzle some Tabasco sauce, and you'll have the perfect oyster shot before making out. 🤗

For those who're still single and looking - don't give up! Here's a little poem to cheer you up :)!
Enjoy! 🌹
It's now or never. Clench your fists.
Puff out your chest. And, scare the
away. This is your moment.
Don't let anyone seize the
Studies can wait, lunch can wait, but this is
your time to shine;
Plunge into the
and reveal your sword.
Be on the offensive and whack those
Whack it like you mean it. Whack them till they drop.
Whack harder. Your life depends on it.
When it's over,
suck the emotions back into your glands.
Nothing's over. This is only your
battle. Don't lose the enthusiasm, and
never stop fighting for what you desire.
Retreat for now;
head home and indulge in the
red velvet cupcakes
that you had bought yesterday.
You are ready for your next battle.

P.S.: He can wait. 😉

You can buy the boxed Tuna and the chef will prepare it for you at no extra charge! Points for effort though, with the mini umbrella and all. You can also get the other fresh seafood at the counter and they will always prepare that for you. (Rating:😍)


This comfort meal features a variety of seafood and vegetables, the ingredients are then steam atop a boiling pot of miso soup base. After which, egg and rice is added to the miso soup and that makes a traditional zosui. Alongside with dipping sauces like ponzu, gomadare and their in-house chilli sauce for the win.

Also, simply quote 'OOSJACQSOWHAT' for a complimentary dessert when you dine-in, with any purchase of their new items (12 chirashi, Seiro Mushi & oceans platter). Do so by 30 September 2016.


I love the 3 choices of sauces complementing this -Chilli, Gomadare (sesame) & Ponzu. Miso soup base was used to steam these seafood and vegetables. The juices drip down into the boiling pot was used as a broth to boil the rice and egg converting it into a traditional zosui (aka porridge). I finished about 4-5 bowls of that soupy porridge alone!
Nestled within Pasar Bella at the Grandstand Turf Club, Oceans of Seafood rolled out 12 new Chirashi starting from $22++. Quote "OOSCHOY" to enjoy a dessert when you order new Chirashi! 😉
Thanks @oceansofseafood and @brandcellar for the warm hosting!

Fresh seafood was really enjoyable but the jap menu was quite mediocre. Would suggest skipping the chirashi dons and maybe order some sashimi/sushi that you personally like instead. Would also suggest that U FOCUS ON THE IMPORTANT THINGS aka FRESH SEAFOOD.

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Hokkaido scallops, in cheese and garlic respectively (S$12 for 3 pieces). So shiok to slurp down the cheese scallop in one mouth. And the garlic version's similar to our fave garlic butter sauce we usually had for their lobsters.