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From the Burpple community

Kway Chap with a platter of goodness such as Pork Belly, Large Intestine, Pig Stomach and Braised Egg
Location: To-Ricos Kway Chap Old Airport Road, 51 Old Airport Rd, 135, Singapore 390051

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Kolo mee is rarely poor, but this was. In fact, this was more an imitation of kolo mee. Several ingredients betrayed it.

We were looking around for new stalls to try at Old Airport Road Food Centre and we chanced upon Jin Hua Fish Soup Bee Hoon (#01-120)! Seeing the long queue in front of the stall, we decided to see what the stall has to offer! We tried one of the healthier options on the menu, which was the fish soup with 粗米粉 and without milk in the soup!

Indeed, the dish tasted healthy as the soup was rather plain, with a slight sweetness from boiling the soup with the vegetables! The fish slices were pretty fresh and did not taste fishy at all, which is great! However, the queue was long really because there is only one hawker at the stall and every bowl of noodles is prepared one by one. Hence, the queue moves slowly and you have to be patient to get your bowl!

Okay claypot rice with tender yummy chicken, super saltish salted fish and some greens, then drizzled in thick dark soy. Chicken is delicious, rice is alright with a little burned bits which is good but overall taste is over-salty. Thanks to the salted fish, felt like I needed a kidney washing after having this.

Comfy, homey and tasty soup with pearl rice, crispy rice puff, clams and marinated fish. Simple yet so nice. Good for rainy day.

Decent savoury Kway Teow with good amount of bean sprouts, lup cheong, egg, spring onions and cockle. Portion quite big. Paired it with their solid spicy sambal to fully feel satisfied. We had the sambal not cooked in it cause they don't eat spicy but I believed if cooked tgt will certainly hype up the taste.