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🍧❄Chendol dessert (S$2) at Old Airport Road. Shaved ice with gula melaka sugar, coconut milk topped with kidney beans and green jelly. Nice but very sweet! Recommend to ask for less gula melaka sugar.

Ice Desserts (01-31)
Old Airport Road Food Centre
51 Old Airport Rd
Singapore 390051

You can't visit old airport road food center and not have this

Super value for money. Much better than the big name outlets.

The fish tasted fresh and the bun was simple and nice. All for $3.

Combine it with the sugarcane juice $2 and you got yourself a great meal

The sugar donuts from Old Airport Road are unbelievable. They’re fluffy, chewy, and both slightly sweet from the sugar and salty from the dough, which tastes a bit like you tiao. They have to be eaten on the same day though, or the dough loses its springiness. Love having this with jam, but even more so alone, so you can appreciate the subtle saltiness of it!


The beef noodles are really good here! Flavourful and the soup is soooo good! Worth a try for 5.50 only.. Uncle is very friendly and polite too

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$2 chendol that satisfied your sweet palate on this hot weather! They got the correct balance of the gula melaka and fresh coconut milk.*thumb up

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PRICE: $8 for this bowl (1-person portion)
Charges by portion, not weight
$1/veg and noodles
$3/seafood and beef

WAITING TIME: Less than 5 minutes on a weekday past 8.30PM

SPICINESS: Drew a huge circle with two hands when I ordered 大辣. But it was hardly spicy. No peppercorns. More like 不麻不辣锅.

- Filling enough for one at this price
- I like that mushrooms are charged at $1 per portion here. Can be expensive at other MLXG shops.
- I like that the fake fish maw thingy is charged under meats at $2 per portion. Still scarred by that one other MLXG shop that dared charge it as seafood, by the weight.
- Pork belly is nice
- Portions are okay. Didn't feel shortchanged.

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