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While sauntering towards a noodle stall, we did a double take when passing “Golden Scissors Curry Rice” (#01-40) because their display was just too enticing. @Huatkaliao and I immediately decided to get a plate each. While he picked their Set A which consists of a piece of tender, properly braised pork belly, a fried egg (if only the yolk was runny!) and soft stewed cabbage with rice, I decided to go the a la carte route. That’s how my order ended up being the bigger of the two because besides the fried egg and cabbage, what I really wanted to try were the Pork Chop (it‘s thin, very crunchy and well marinated) and Stirfried Brinjal (enjoyed this a lot as it had a tasty and mildly spicy sauce). I found the stall’s #curry gravy more fragrant than most, and it possessed a consistency that suited my tastebuds - not too thick nor starchy. Plus it paired deliciously with the “zhup” (dark sauce from the braised pork belly).

Bottomline: I would definitely return when the urge for “Curry Png” hits, especially since it is located close to home. As their meats fall on the small / thin side, I plan to add on an extra piece the next time.

(Unfortunately this stall doesn’t have an English name but it is the stall that sells all this fried )

Get the bang for your buck !

I previously wrote about these delectable handmade crystal dumplings filled to the brim with oh so aromatic dried shrimps ,turnip and carrot. They were initially selling these at a corner stall in ghim Moh market but no longer now .

I just got reunited with them at old airport hawker in the most unlikely of places at 吃爽爽 which supposedly sells fried fritters but now is selling these handmade crystal dumplings .

You can eat these by the dozens especially with their homemade chilli.

Skin is thin and soft and ingredients are in abundance . Can’t find the standard anywhere else in Singapore 🥰

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Intestine Prawn Noodle Soup

The prawns not fresh with mushy texture, all uneatable. The broth was also loaded with msg sweetness but lack of the crustaceans umami taste, just ate some noodles as I was starving at almost 1:30pm (first meal of the day). One of the worst eats at the food centre.

(from Albert Street Prawn Noodle)

An impressive looking display with dozens of dishes to choose from, does make a stall very attractive. Yet ironically, one of my favourite breakfast spots for fried beehoon is about as low-key as you can get in terms of visual merchandising.
The elderly couple who runs it, keeps things super simple. While the husband does the cooking, the wife takes orders and collects payment. She also manages the amount of food on display with a tight fist, and only instructs him to cook an item when it runs low or out. Hence, inevitably there are moments I have had to stand around and wait as he fries an egg because the person ahead of me in the queue swiped the last few for their order. But I don’t mind because it means I get a piping hot egg to enjoy my beehoon with and we all know how much better that tastes, don’t we? 😋😋
I can’t recall the unit number but it is situated along the middle section of the second last row of stalls, facing the direction of the carpark. You can look out for “Toast Hut” (they are popular for their coffee and kaya toast sets) as the fried beehoon stall is just diagonally across from them. Do note the elderly couple operate only in the morning and usually sell out by lunchtime if not earlier.


For me, the exceedingly fresh tasting minced pork and dumplings are what sets Old Airport Road Food Centre’s “Bedok North Minced Pork Noodles” apart.
Manned by two ladies, one does the cooking while the other who deftly uses a single chopstick to push lumps of pork from a bowl onto wanton skins to form the dumplings, takes orders and collects payment. She seems to do all of that rather effortlessly.
I am partial to the dumplings here because they add quite a lot of “ti poh” (dried sole fish) to the minced pork which gives a tasty umami-salty kick.
Located at #01-25, this stall does both dry and soup versions of the popular #noodles but I have only ever had the latter here. Can’t seem to break the habit but it’s not like I want to either.
Do drop by early if you wish to give their food a try because they start in the morning and usually sell out by around lunchtime.


Xin Mei Xiang Lor Mee was sold out so everyone was queuing for Xiang Ji. Lor Mee is easily the food with the longest queue in the hawker centre.

They are generous with the ingredients - a lot of flaked fish, some ngoh hiang, pork belly, one braised egg. Taste good but to me, Lor mee all taste kind of similar actually 😬

It was a 40 min queue on a weekend. I’ll maybe only queue 5 mins again for it if I have craving for lor mee.