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I have been going to different places to find the best chendol, after few attempts i think this is the best so far! The ice is smooth which layered with think saltish coconut milk with gula melaka. What impressed me the most is the chendol strips which is very fragrance with pandan juice! Definetely 5/5 🌟 for this!

Their cold-pressed coconut milk is rich and creamy without being overpowering, and combines beautifully with the deep, smoky gula melaka sourced from Sarawak. I’m usually not a fan of red beans but those here aren’t overly sweet or cloying, and played their part perfectly in this balanced dessert. @oldamoychendol

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I’m so glad that Old Amoy Chendol decided to set up a temporary stall while Chinatown Complex Food Centre is on a three-month long renovation project. Located along Trengganu Street - it’s stall #12 - the last stall of the stretch of stalls.
This time, I requested for more Gula Melaka cos I wanted it a little sweeter and I’m glad I did - made it a perfect ice cold dessert to beat our unpredictable Summer heat...!!
By the way, a bowl of chendol now cost $2.50 instead of $2.

Freshly made daily with no preservatives, using 100% natural pandan leaves, cold pressed coconut milk and drizzled with the right amount of gula melaka from Sarawak.

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of traditional homemade chendol with azuki beans? It’s $2 only btw.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Perfect bowl of chendol as dessert after lunch in this sweltering heat. Stay hydrated guys! ⁣


So we did a taste rest and compared this with some of the top chendol in Singapore, and this emerged victorious. Gula Melaka here is “pure” - it’s not mixed with any other ingredients like corn syrup. How did I know? Just check out how it gels smoothly with the melted ice when you’re eating it. Not lumpy at all! And red bean paste was not cloying sweet, and its texture soft yet not overly mushy. Chendol jelly is handmade too - soft and melts in your mouth easily. 5/5!