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Whenever I need a kind of soupy comfort food, this stall is on top of my mind. Located at level 1 Amoy Food Center, a bowl of noodle is priced at $4-$6. The soup is flavourful with generous amount of minced meat. The chopped chili padi with fish sauce adding a spicy salty flavour to your noodle.

S $4 / M $5 / L $6


They only serve one dish on the menu which is the minced meat noodles (soup). Traditionally, minced meat noodles are served in soup and not the well-known dry BCM we know today.

Overall soup is tasty and they had dried flat fish in their dumplings no wonder their dumplings have a unique taste and a burst of flavour.

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Tried the minced meat noodles(BCM) from Old Chai Chee Minced Meat Noodles stall at Amoy Market the other day and it was love at first bite. ❤️ While it might be due to the fact that there aren't many soup BCM around, but the unique flavor of this bowl of noodles secured a place in my heart and taste buds with its hearty, garlicky broth, plump meat dumplings and generous amount of minced meat (which were hidden under the noodles in my photo). Definitely will by something that I'll crave for randomly in the future.
For $5, I got 4 dumplings, lots of noodles and minced meat, which was more than enough to fill my hungry tummy. Usually the noodles are topped off with chili and coriander, but you can be like me and ask for none.

Do give it a try if you pop by Amoy Market during lunch time! As it's the stall at the back of the market, less people tend to go that side.

My default bak chor mee combi is always dry mee kia with chilli, so I was really interested to try the soup version when Old Chai Chee Minced Meat Noodle by Liang Haus Noodle Bar opened at Amoy Street Food Centre (#02-82). This stall sells soup bak chor mee with a choice of mee pok, mee kia and kway teow only. The first thing that struck me was how flavourful and garlicky the broth was - it really packed a punch, although towards the end I found it a little salty. The soup came with a generous amount of minced meat, garlic bits and plump wantons. I like that the noodle was not overcooked. A pretty filling and satisfying lunch for $5!

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