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#02-14/15 The Star Vista
Singapore 138617

11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

11:00am - 09:30pm

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11:00am - 09:30pm

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Reviews at Omoomodon (The Star Vista)

Reviews of good food at Omoomodon (The Star Vista)

Pretty tender and juicy sirloin steak. A little on the pricey side, but overall still a satisfying meal as the portion given was huge.

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both for $10 nett each.
Have been wanting to try the birdnest dish for the longest time since we first dined here. Glass noodle is as nice as Seoul yummy's! But portion was Abit small for this. Rice portion is much more filling with 3 chicken variety!
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Love this jijidon ($10) with its generous servings of meat. All very tangy and delicious - I can't decide which I like the most. Extremely filling and satisfying, especially with the BBQ mayo sauce! :)


I’ve always wanted to try this store after my friend recommended it to me when we were at Star Vista and I finally did! 💕 Omo-omo is a korean-japanese fusion concept and sells a variety of dons to suit everyone’s taste!
I have to say, I was really impressed! The steak was well seasoned and even though the meat was cooked over my requested “medium-rare”, it was still really delicious. The star of the show however, is the Multi-Grains Rice which was cooked to perfection. This store cooks up one of the best multi-grains rice that I’ve ever had 😍 I’m seriously craving this as I’m writing this review so I’ll definitely be back soon!
📍: Omo Omo Don; The Star Vista #02-14/15
🕑: 11:30am-9:30pm

While there are a variety of Japanese-Korean fusion bowls from meaty, seafood and even vegan options, you can also choose to build your own bowl from $8 onwards. I had salmon with white rice topped with onsen egg because they ran out of brown rice. 😭😭 This bowl cost me $10 with a really small piece of salmon. But the free-flow sauces like BBQ mayo and Yuzu miso sauce were really interesting and yummy. Overall it was really nice!


Didnt expect it to be so soupy as it wasn't illustrated to be so. Another fusion of Jap and Korean. Soba and kimchi was good! The soup wasn't too sour or spicy either.


Interesting fusion between Jap and Korean, slightly too salty near the end, as the glass noodles absorbed all the teriyaki sauce.


Was initially worried that my Korean glass noodles would turn soggy (we brought it back for lunch in school), but was surprised by their takeaway packaging - loved how they thoughtfully separated out the saucy spicy chicken! I liked that they didn’t drench the noodles in their BBQ sauce, but just the right amount to give the flavour. Topped with onsen egg and tobiko, tossing them all together gave this creamy, savoury and slightly sweet combination. Chicken was well marinated and a little spicy. Pretty good overall! Queue was a little long when we were there during lunch hours, it'd be good to ask about the waiting time before ordering.

Reasonably priced and tasty Korean dish. This new place at Star Vista is here to stay. 😋


Tobiko was generously given as it could be tasted in every bite!
P.S. @omoomofoodconcepts at @thestarvista functions as a self service order system and thus only card payment is available.


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For Singaporean tastebuds & fast service as well.
Love the concept of self service ordering at the counter. Great vibe here.
Avg price: $20 per person
Halal certified


Yes Sir Yes Sirloin Don ($12) was surprisingly decent for a Japanese restaurant! I chose the Build-Your-Own Don ($8) that comes with chicken karaage and it would have been perfect if the Bimbimbap sauce wasn't too tangy & tastelessly spicy. Complete your meal with a side dish (we picked crispy Fried Ebi & creamy Takoyaki) & a drink for $5. Would definitely come back to try other dishes!

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Spoilt for choice at Omo Omo Don by their 18 signature Dons comprising of meaty rice/noodle, seafood rice/noodle and vegan Dons, and they all looked so good! Also, you can have a choice to customize your own Don.

Settled for this Grainy Salmon Don as the Bird's Nest Don was sold out. Made up of multi-grain rice, onsen egg, tobiko, and the teriyaki-glazed grilled salmon! Feels healthy with a good mix of proteins and carbs. Really enjoyed the feeling of the bursting tobiko together with the onsen mixed with rice. The Salmon was grilled to such tenderness.

There were also other dipping sauces to go with the ingredients in the Don such as BBQ Mayo, Teriyaki, Cho Gochujang, Bibimbap and yuzu wasabi provided. I tried all, and my favorite was the Yuzu wasabi. Not the spiciness that I expected, as the wasabi was probably well blended with the yuzu flavour!

For $10 nett, it was really value-for-money and I will definitely be back to try the other Dons!


Korean glass noodles in BBQ sauce with spicy chicken and onsen egg, garnished with furikake and ebi-roe. Loved this Korean-Japanese fusion concept with the option to Build-your-own-bowl as well. Lots of options so there's lot of possible combinations and taste-wise, it's pretty good too! 👍🏻

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A happy fusion of the two well-loved cuisines, the variety of delicious-sounding rice/noodle bowls available on the menu of this lil eatery will make you go 'OMO' (Korean slang for 'oh my') indeed. Each (giant) bowl is composed of a base (purple/white rice, soba, korean glass noodles, udon, salad), a protein (spicy korean chicken, unagi, grilled/smoked salmon, ...), and sides including kimchi omelette, onsen tamago & tobiko, and more, and a sauce (gochujang, yuzu wasabi, bibimbap, teriyaki, bbq) to dress it up. Choose from 18 signature dons, or build your own, like I did.

The full-house eatery seemed promising, and it certainly didn't disappoint. The individual items that I had were tasty enough on their own – the juicy kimchi omelette and springy glass noodles deserving a special mention – and came together and made my tummy a very happy one. Definitely recommend this place for an affordable, satisfying meal. Good for groups as well; there's definitely something for everyone - all items are pork-free, plus vegan options are available here as well.

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