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#03-24A Thomson Plaza
Singapore 574408

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11:45am - 02:15pm
05:45pm - 09:15pm

11:45am - 02:15pm
05:45pm - 09:15pm

11:45am - 02:15pm
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11:45am - 02:15pm
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11:45am - 02:15pm
05:45pm - 09:15pm

11:45am - 02:15pm
05:45pm - 09:15pm

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From the Burpple community

INSTAGRAM: @weitingforfood
Dropped by Omoté before an interview and adored their lovely ambience and the amazing, affordable chirashi! Unfortunately, the Tokyo Gyu Don ($13.80) paled in comparison to the outstanding chirashi. Although the beef was tender and flavourful, it was on the saltier side, and the rice was also soaked in soya sauce which made the whole thing a salt fest. The egg, however, was done perfectly with a gorgeous flowy yolk. Nonetheless, coming to Omoté should mean instinctively sticking to their chirashi dons, which is rightfully what they are known for.

Great restaurant hidden away in a corner of Thomson plaza. We ordered the upsized chirashi and the tamago mentai chirashi, both were extremely tasty, however, I felt that this time the fish wasn't as fresh as there was a fishy aftertaste, however, it was still delicious with abit of wasabi and soy sauce.

Overall, both service and food was good, would reccomend to visit. Just remember to make a reservation or risk a long queue

*my girlfriend liked the design of the chopstick holder, which looked v similar to ice bear from we bare bears, so extra points for that haha

This cocktail made up of dry gin, yu zu, green shiso was sweet and very refreshing. Kirin Beer was perfect to clean the palate of all the dishes we just had.

This was the best dish I had that night. The pan seared beef cuts were tender, juicy and smoky. A little salty but just nice with rice. We managed to finish the huge mountain of rice from the Mount Chirashi thanks to this dish.

Finally got to try the “Second-Gen” Mount Chirashi after all the hype. Pretty fresh sashimi but the sushi rice was disappointing. It was clumpy, sticky, and dry. The worst sushi rice I’ve ever had. Will I be back? Yes to try other dishes, but definitely won't be ordering the huge mountain of rice again.🍚

Recognised as the OGs for Affordable Chirashi Dons in 🇸🇬

From an unassuming 12-seater space named Sushiro to a modern, contemporary Japanese restaurant, @omotesingapore is not only known for their chirashi assortments but also their fusion dishes. Thanks to their extensive menu, there is certainly something for everyone. Even the fussiest customer will be satisfied.

👉Truffle Roasted Garlic Chirashi - SGD21.80
👉Yaki Soboro Nasu - SGD13.80
pan seared baby eggplant, grounded pork belly, honeyed soy
👉Prime Beef Tataki - SGD16.80
thinned onion, pestled wasabi, roasted garlic
👉Coldwater Snow Crab - SGD12.80
saltwater kelp, tobiko, spicy sudachi vinaigrette

❗️Be sure to make an early reservation by clicking the link on their IG bio to avoid the long queue.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thomson Plaza
301 Upper Thomson Road 03-24A, S574408