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301 Upper Thomson Road
#03-24A Thomson Plaza
Singapore 574408

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11:45am - 02:15pm
05:45pm - 09:15pm

11:45am - 02:15pm
05:45pm - 09:15pm

11:45am - 02:15pm
05:45pm - 09:15pm


11:45am - 02:15pm
05:45pm - 09:15pm

11:45am - 02:15pm
05:45pm - 09:15pm

11:45am - 02:15pm
05:45pm - 09:15pm

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Ordered the Grilled Unagi Chirashi and topped it up with a set lunch menu consisting of Chawamushi, hot and cold sides and 3 slices of salmon sashimi. Portions were generous and shashimi was fresh. Would prefer the rice to be a tad more vinegary but it was still good. Chawamushi was soft, smooth and flavourful, I highly recommend it.

Upsized Bara Chirashi Don ($18.80) 👌

Their Upsized Bara Chirashi Don was probably the most value for money option here! Good sizeable portion of fresh fish that was nicely seasoned. Personally, I felt that the rice was drowning a little in the sweet soy-esque sauce that was poured over but other than that it was a good meal!

Not pictured:
Asari Garlic Flambé ($18.80)👌

The bowl of clams was delightfully flavourful with deep umami flavours, and the sauce at the bottom-oof! The garlic, chili, and spring onions mixed in the warm, rich sauce made the clams extra special and a delicious appetiser overall. However, the clams were a little sandy so there were a couple of unexpected crOnches oop.

Kurobuta Shogayaki Don ($19.80) ❌❌❌

This was the most expensive AND the most disappointing item of that night. The seasoning was reminiscent of satay (...but lean, dry, and thin...can you imagine) and the texture was almost jerky/bacon-like. Imagine a few slices of dry pork on a bowl of dry rice- yep. For $19.80 before GST and service charge, I would much rather eat a couple of sticks of satay and a ketupat. Honestly, the picture on the menu compared to the actual dish presented was VASTLY different. Stick to their raw stuff or try the beef dons, maybe they’ll fare better.

Omote Chirashi Don at just $12.80! Value for money. The rice is seasoned with soy sauce that enhances the flavor of the sashimi.

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The sashimi is fresh and the proportion of the rice with ingredients is well balanced. Very palatable bowl of chirashi, definitely a quick fix to my sashimi cravings.
Recommend to make reservation because the queue gets a little cray cray during peak hours.

Grilled-Unagi Chirashi Don ($25.80)
Ratings: 🦖🦖🦖🦖

Very pricey place but I think it’s worth a try if you’re in the area cause food is honestly good

Super super tasty mentaiko gyoza! We got it to share and the mentaiko sauce was 😍
However, one of the servers was very rude. We had arrived within our grace period of our reservation and were waiting outside the restaurant for someone to bring us in. A lady (tall, slim, short rebonded hair) came a few minutes later, and berated us for being late. Even though we tried to tell her we were standing outside the whole time, she insisted that no, she "was there all along and didn't see us", and that "next time I really will release your table". Almost walked out if not for the long journey and food. 😩 There were empty tables anyways, so if she had released our table, it wouldn't even be that big of a problem. After seating us, she continued to occasionally glare at us from a distance. Fortunately, the other servers were very very nice and almost made up for her rude behavior. Like...why is there a need to scold a customer for being "late" in the first place??

Anyways had the upsized bara chirashi don and garlic roasted yakiniku! Both were tasty but that lady's service left a bitter taste in my mouth. 😫