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From the Burpple community

Can I just say that this tomyam ytf (dry) is prob one of my favs in nuh!! Get this at ytf stall at nuh main building Kopitiam :-) ok prob idk how much MSG there is in the bowl so the tomyam packs a punch!!! Spicy with a kick and sour enough :”)


Kopitiams are really unassuming, and most serve the same selection. But this stall does a mean dry chilli noodles ($4.50) that I haven’t been able to find elsewhere!! The noodles are bouncy with a great bite. It’s heaped with toppings like minced meat, mushrooms and ikan bilis! Best of all is the chilli paste - spicy enough to prompt tears, but keeps you coming back every time.

ABC soup by Soup Master ($5.30 for soup, $0.60 for white rice)

Soup tasted sweet from ingredients and not from msg. Could have more meat but otherwise the portion is decent.

Xiao wan mian ($5)

Broth tasted healthy and light.. didnt taste msg. Ingredients consisted of minced meat and sliced pork, as well as some crab stick, fishcake, egg, 1 meatball and 1 fishball.

Noodles were cooked quite well and the chilli and dark soy sauce made the noodles tasty, but could be saltier. I added my own light soy sauce.

$4 with yellow card v nice v worth it v popz! sadly no rice cos it was alr so late when i bought, but they gave me a humongous amt of mian xian lolol #burpple #burpplesg

This dry banmian was highly raved by my friends and I think the sauce is what makes it nice. Though I wish i added on an egg, as it wasn't as filling. Felt like a fuss-free kind of banmian.

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