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From the Burpple community

If I were to use one word to summarise it, it would be average. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not not good, it’s good quality, but just something we can find in Singapore. The dish that stood out most was the mango custard mochi rolls. The mochi was soft and chewy. A nice way to end the meal on a sweet note. ✨

Pretty popular among the locals and we queued for around 25-30mins. It’s pretty affordable priced around $40 for a whopping 9 items. Yet, this is not the best we have tried, it’s for those who wanna try non-Timhowan dimsum since they only have one single outlet. Make sure you come to the Prince Edward one bcos there are some imitations going around.

Away with Tim Ho Wan, although just a few streets away, is a hidden Michelin starred restaurant in Prince Edward, if you are not early do embrace an hour worth of queue. But if you are crazy like me arriving at 10am on a weekend, there is still a 15 minutes wait. We all can understand the reasons for the queue, it's so cheap compared to the other dim sum places and the quality is really good at its price point. Even the chili mix they give is kinda interesting. 25 HKD for the big sized dim sum is really not too bad. Maybe I am just too used to the fact the HK food is expensive A*.


This was some disappointing dim sum to start off our trip. Sometimes social media hype is just not reliable and this is a prime example.

There was nothing extraordinary with this place. The liushabao has too much bread as compared to filling and the hargow skin was quite thick. Even the chicken claws were tough and the skin didn’t pull apart when I bit into it (which is the norm at any other random dim sum place).

The place was packed with tourists - which is always a sign that it isn’t authentic dim sum.

A great disappointment.
No one should travel all the way to HK and settle for such subpar quality

The best of them all were probably the hargaos, chiefly due to the sweet, plump and fragrant prawns without the off-putting fishiness. Spent slightly over SGD30 for about 7 superbly executed dishes - worth.
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