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From the Burpple community

These were really crispy but really big too. These was a large amount of prawn and meat in this.

This is quite a unique flavour so we decided to try it. It was really tasty and it has cilantro in it 😋

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This liu sha bao is the custard kind so we didn’t like it much. The bao was nice and soft though 😋

This was humongous from being stuffed with many ingredients such as chicken, fish maw, mushroom and luncheon meat. It tasted good!

It was about 30 mins wait despite we trying to go during the ulu timing. The staff were warm and friendly. This is one of my favorite dim sum which is also their hot item.

Check out the crowd. We queued for slightly over an hour (but we were lame and went on the Fathers' Day Sunday) and queuing is orderly because it's by a number system. Remember to approach the staff to get a queue number once you arrive!! Everything is great~ oh this place doesn't serve liusha buns. That item that sounds like it isn't it - they are custard buns (top rightmost). The 咸水角 here are crisper than the ones at Dim Dim Sum and don't contain wasabi but they are "hollower" (not that it shld matter, unless you think like my pals ~ quality over quantity guys!) the beef balls are very 鲜 (I don't mean fishy) but they are more starchy than those at Dim Dim Sum. The cheong fun (not pictured :() was soooo smooth and soft and slippery 😋 Siu mai (has crab roe!!) and har gao were great as always. Heh. The rightmost photo in the 2nd row features chilled mango wrapped in a glutinous rice skin coated with coconut. Something like a chilled mango ondeh ondeh. The staff recommended this and it was the best palate cleanser!