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Had this when I was exploring new places during lunchtime at work and ended up walking around Aperia Mall. 🤩

- It’s ordinary in taste personally, and barely passable based on the opinions of some bubble tea connoisseurs I personally know
- The wintermelon taste is a little sharp and artificial, but I suppose the dairy aspect of the milk tea helps to somewhat neuter it
- You can’t choose the sweetness level for this one
- They have a rewards program using a physical card, so if you work around the area and often need your fix of bubble teas, HELLO BENEFITS! 🥳

To be honest, I was searching for salad bars, but I’m quite the sucker for uncommon flavours of drinks. 😅 This wasn’t that bad…perhaps something that’s gratifying enough to get by until the next cup of [insert popular chains here] if you’re a casual bubble tea drinker like myself hahaha.


Opened just around mid January, this is probably the first homegrown bubble tea shop opened in Aperia Mall. They have a pretty extensive drinks menu, out of which their sweet potato drink caught my eye 😂. There’s certainly room for improvement in terms of their sweet potato paste to milk ratio. I will prefer it to be less “sandy” too haha.

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There’s a new bubble tea shop in Aperia (“oh no” says my diet), and we couldn’t resist getting some to try. Went for the Brown Sugar Milk Tea which was actually not bad. Not overly sweet and went well with the milky tea. The pearls are soft and chewy, a bit too chewy for me but that’s just a personal preference. Will be back to try their other stuff!


They can't even fill a plastic tumbler without breaking it. It wasn't busy either. Says a lot about how little they care for their customers.