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From the Burpple community

I have this very flavourful prawn noodle with shabu pork. The pork and prawn come in a separate clay pot to keep the broth steaming hot. Also tried their homemade fish cake and Ngor Hiang freshly fried with their tangy chilly sauce. Recommend for anyone who like prawn noodle to check this out.

The soup boasts a remarkable flavor, while the prawns themselves are exquisitely delicious. Undoubtedly, this prawn noodle dish ranks among the finest I have ever had the pleasure of savoring.

tried the supreme bowl which included many ingredients, but special mention to the pork ribs which were fall off the bone tender. the broth in the claypot was rich and tasty, and the ngoh hiang was pretty good especially paired with their sweet chili sauce.

Tried the tobiko prawn ball & prawns - very tender and succulent, especially loved the bouncy texture of the prawn balls and how everything absorbed the prawn broth which was also very rich and flavourful. I had my noodles dry and they were springy, delicious and went really well with the broth. The seafood roll was a great side dish too, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Also really appreciated the friendly and approachable staff. Would definitely be back for more!

Hands down, one of the best omakases I’ve had. For the great service and great food, it feels like such a steal for this price range. Definitely recommend experiencing it for yourself.

Now, on to the main review.

The service was top-notch. We were each presented with an icy towel when we arrived, which really helped with the heat. Water was promptly refilled, and each dish was explained to us in detail.

The place is very well ventilated, with fans placed at all the right places, and they were made to swirl around so gentle wind comes from all directions. For a person who sweats just by existing, I was pleasantly surprised that I did not sweat one drop during the course of the meal

The meal included 7 courses and 1 dessert.

The first course, seafood medley, consists of an oyster, a white shrimp, and a scallop, all served with different sauces and garnishes. The white shrimp is tender and leaves me wanting for more. But my favorite has to be the scallop. The scallop is paired with the best chili I’ve ever tasted, the chili is the highlight of the dish, yet it is less salty compare to the sambal I find elsewhere to the point that I can just eat the chili itself. Apparently all the condiments and sauces were made by their own chefs, I was so happy that the owner was kind enough to give me a refill for the chili.

The second course was barramundi served with lime. As a person who’s not very into sour food, I find the dish surprisingly refreshing. And I can see it’s appeal for those with a taste for the tangy.

The third dish, squid noodles, was served on a generous serving of green pesto sauce. The squid noodles were fresh, chewy, and, to my surprise, has almost no fishy taste. The sauce was savory with a tint of spiciness, it is so good that I considered licking the plate after I managed to scrap whatever I can with my spoon.

The fourth dish is the collar of an amberjack. I’ve always had a thing for fish collars. It contains the most tender of the flesh, but is less fatty compared to the belly. The amberjack was seared to perfection and laid on top of a bed of shredded papaya. The combination of the fish with their miso aioli sauce was simply divine, and the cooling papaya provided. Overall, it is a very well-layered dish.

Up next is a soft-shell crab tempura with red pickled onions. I loved everything about this dish. But perhaps that’s just my own bias towards fried food.

The sixth course consist of 2 of the largest prawns I’ve eaten, with firm flesh and crispy shell from searing. The prawns were served with pumpkin puree, which complimented the tastes surprisingly well, coming from a person who rarely eats pumpkin. The dish was garnished with just the right amount of herb cereal to finish the prawns with.

The final course, lobster poached rice, was very filling. Our waiter considerately asked how full we were feeling before proceeding with the preparations. And being the glutton I am, opting for more was a no brainer. And there were no regrets. The clay pot was abundant with delicious and generous chunks of lobster. The broth, rich with umami goodness, was savory and mildly sweet. The crispy egg floss gave the soup some extra “Omph”, providing an interesting mouthfeel. Once I started on it, I couldn’t stop.

The dessert was milk cubes with vanilla ice cream and honey. It tasted alright, nothing extraordinary like the rest of the meal, but perhaps I was simply too full to appreciate it after eating so much.


Hands down, one of the best omakases I’ve had. For the great service and great food, it feels like such a steal for this price range. Definitely recommend experiencing it for yourself. I know I said it at the start front, but I like this place so much that it’s worth repeating myself.

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Tried their Supreme Prawn Noodles and was amazed by how thick, sweet and flavourful their broth is. Pork rib was very tender, their prawn and prawn balls were fresh and the clam was given generously! Would definitely come back to try new dishes to be wowed again! This is a wonderful place to bring your friends who are crazy prawn noodle fans because they guarantee will love it!

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