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11:00am - 09:00pm

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11:00am - 09:00pm

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From the Burpple community

The dry prawn noodles was light and tasty which is a good pairing with the rich prawn broth that was bursting with flavour ! The prawns were very fresh as well.

Ordered the prawn noodles! Their broth is very rich as they brew it with huge amount of pork broth and prawns.

Not dining alone? Do order the sharing platter of ngoh hiang! And also, pair it with the ngoh hiang sauce. It just goes well together.

My partner and I ordered the claypot hokkien mee, supreme prawn noodles, and ngoh hiang platter. All dishes were such good value since the portion and amount of seafood given were generous. My favorite was the prawn noodles broth - super thick and bursting with flavor and really mouthwatering! Overall, really enjoyed the meal and had a great experience.

Ordered the supreme prawn mee (dry), hokkien mee, and Ngoh Hiang. 10/10 would recommend! Hokkien mee has an intense wok hey taste which I really enjoyed and prawn mee broth was just the right amount of flavour, thickness, and ratio of ingredients. I also liked that we could choose from a variety of noodles for the prawn mee. Each dish has its own chilli sauce which complemented really well. Great service too :)

Ordered: hokkien mee, prawn noodle (soup) and ngoh hiang platter! The portion were all really generous and filling and the staff service was great. Was served three types of sauces (sambal, sweet and sour and chili in soy sauce) which went well with the food! Ambience was wonderful as the location is situated along quieter stretch of shophouses.
Food reviews:
1)The hokkien mee was very unique. Even though it was more on the drier side with less “zhap”, the charred claypot taste (to clarify: it wasn’t chaoda) made the dish flavorful. The ingredients such as the prawns and clams were really fresh too and they were very generous with their clam servings!
2)The broth of the prawn noodle (soup) had a rich n “gao” taste which was really tasty! I could really taste the prawn and pork blend in the soup! the ingredients were really fresh as well and consisted of prawns, clams, handmade prawn balls and pork! The bowl of noodles was also served with fresh vegetables. The highlight of the dish aside from the broth was the prawn balls as they were smooth and delicious, and the prawn taste was definitely present. The dish was also sizzling when served which kept the soup hot/warm throughout the meal!
3)The ngoh hiang platter was super good too! There was fried beancurd, crispy prawn cracker, sotong youtiao, seafood roll, ngoh hiang roll and handmade fishcake! I thoroughly enjoyed the crispy prawn cracker as it was super crispy, wasn’t oily and the prawn taste was present without being mild or overwhelming. The sotong youtiao was also really crispy as well and it tasted very authentic. The fried beancurd was tasty and wasn’t oily too. All the other ingredients served were fresh, not oily and of good quality.

Zhup Zhup is only a few minutes' walk from Tai Seng MRT, and there weren't many people by the time we arrived. Although, the queue started to build up after we began eating.

We got the Supreme Prawn Noodle, Claypot Hokkien Mee, and the Ngoh Hiang tasting platter for 2. The broth was thick and sweet, richer than other prawn noodle places I usually eat at. And if there's one thing I can say about their portion size, it's that it's incredibly big. Soaked in the broth are a wide variety of ingredients that added to the dish: prawns, prawn balls, clams, shabu shabu, and pork ribs. I very much enjoyed the tobiko prawn balls, very clearly handmade but also tastes incredibly unique. The Hokkien Mee was very different from what I anticipated, in a good way! It certainly had the flavour of the broth, setting it apart from other local Hokkien Mee.

The ngoh hiang were very flavourful, very reminiscent of the ngoh hiang that I know and love. The prawn cracker was also crispy and went well with the sauce. I also loved the sotong youtiao and the seafood roll as well!

All in all, would come back when I'm craving prawn mee or hokkien mee. Maybe I could try the paofan next time!